Tiket Masuk Sea World 2020

Tiket Masuk Sea World 2020 – Seaworld Ancol Entrance Ticket and Location – Traveling is really exciting, as you can reduce the fatigue of daily activities. Of course, it would be better to look for tourist destinations that include elements of “educational entertainment.” It is not only fun, but it also provides useful education for you. One of the tourist attractions in question is SeaWorld Ancol. In fact, this resort is very suitable if you visit with family.

Sea World Ancol is a tourist destination located in the same area as Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, in this place you will learn about different interesting things such as freshwater organisms, which contain 22,000 fish of about 126 species, 28 reptiles with 5 species and marine organisms. : 5,180 fish from 26 species, 76 reptiles from 13 species, 30 reptiles from 5 species and 1 mammal.

Tiket Masuk Sea World 2020

Tiket Masuk Sea World 2020

Seaworld Ancol Jakarta also has 3 main goals, which are to entertain visitors, provide education about different types of marine organisms, as well as to protect and protect the animals that are a treat for the eyes. This area also offers 3 water zones, including coastal zone, freshwater zone and seawater zone.

Tiket Sea World Ancol Jakarta (lewati Antrean)

The different animals and areas that can be found at SeaWorld Ancol, especially those that are rarely seen, will truly attract those who see them. Of course, this would be an attraction in itself. Aside from that, the entrance ticket price or HTM Seaworld Ancol is affordable, which is not much different from the entrance ticket price to Trans Studio Bandung or other tourist attractions in the same category of attractions.

SeaWorld Ancol is designed in the form of a long tunnel surrounded by glass to trap water filled with different types of fish. Visitors can walk through the hall like walking underwater while viewing different types of marine wildlife. Apart from being a place that provides a fun atmosphere, this place is also a place of learning. This will definitely improve your knowledge, especially for kids.

The first activity that is very popular with visitors is exploring the underwater tunnel, which exposes thousands of marine creatures through the Antasina Tunnel. This aquarium tunnel is made of thick glass and is 80 meters long and offers beautiful views of marine life and underwater landscape.

Inside this tunnel there is electricity that allows visitors to relax and enjoy the underwater view. Indeed, the collection of this underwater tunnel is very large and diverse, and visitors can view the information on the existing information boards. Visitors can also take selfies in this tunnel.

Foto Sea World Ancol, Lokasi, Harga Tiket Masuk Terbaru

If the visitors to SeaWorld Ancol attraction are a group of students on an educational trip, then of course they should visit this attraction called Glo Theater. The films shown on this site are educational films such as The Sea Turtle Story.

Of course, visitors will enjoy the films shown and can learn about different marine organisms. What makes this place even more exciting is that when the lights are turned off, beautiful colors appear. Apart from students, other visitors who bring their families and children can also enjoy this trip.

When visiting SeaWorld Ancol, the main activity that visitors should do is visit the main aquarium. The main aquarium is the largest aquarium at 38 x 24 meters and can hold up to 5 million liters of seawater.

Tiket Masuk Sea World 2020

In the main aquarium, visitors can find about 35,000 marine fish of 35 species. Visitors will be amazed by thousands of beautiful fish as well as the ugliest fish in the world’s oceans. One of the biggest and ugliest fish here is the giant nurse shark, about 3.5 meters long.

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This time, the Touch Pool Car is a ride that allows visitors to touch the pool or marine life. Seaworld Ancol has 3 outdoor pool areas where visitors can play and touch. The pool’s Pitmana area is an area containing live starfish creatures that visitors can touch or hold on their bodies.

In the second area, visitors can touch rare animals, which are very long, which are sea turtles. Visitors can carefully handle the limbs, dandruff, or head to avoid injury or stress.

For visitors who want to experience the fun of diving while playing with the fish, you can try the fun diving board. The entertainment activities not only improve guests’ diving skills but also provide unforgettable entertainment. Visitors can dive into the Seaworld Ancol Aquarium while enjoying the sensation of live feeding marine animals.

For visitors who want to try, there will be an additional fee for those with a diving license. Diving in this place is not limited to visitors only, as visitors must meet certain conditions to ensure their safety.

Diskon Masuk Sea World Ancol Untuk Guru Dan Tenaga Pengajar

Visitors do not only do the above activities during their visit to Seaworld Ancol, but there are many others.

Regarding the location of Seaworld Ancol, it is located in the same area as Taman Impian Jaya Ancol Jakarta, at Jalan Lodan Timur No.7, RW.10, Ancol, Kec. Padmangan, North Jakarta City, Jakarta Special Capital Region 14430. For more details, you can see Google Maps from the following link (GoogleMaps). Regarding opening hours, Seaworld Ancol operates from 09.00 to 17.00 from Monday to Friday and from 09.00 to 18.00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Below are the support facilities available at SeaWorld Ancol, including a prayer room, bathroom, first aid room, car park and a photo shop where you can have your photos printed on t-shirts or glasses.

Tiket Masuk Sea World 2020

Before enjoying the excitement of SeaWorld Ancol Jakarta, visitors must first purchase an entrance ticket. The entrance tickets offered are affordable and have a wide range of facilities. Entrance ticket prices to Seaworld Ancol or HTM are as follows:

Cara Beli Tiket Seaworld Ancol Online Dan Daftar Wahananya

The price of entry tickets or HTM Seaworld Ancol Jakarta above is subject to change at any time. If there is a change in price, we will update the information immediately.

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So, this is about the attractions in Seaworld Ancol Jakarta, we hope this article is useful and don’t forget to share this article so that it is useful to everyone. Visit regularly to learn about the latest tourist attractions and culinary destinations in Indonesia. Thank you. Ocean Dream – Ancol, J. East Lodan, rw.10, Ancol, North Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia, North Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

2. The maximum limit of the e-card is activated according to the specified visit date (the e-card cannot be activated after the specified visit date).

Ancol Bebaskan Tiket Masuk Pengunjung Tanpa Kendaraan Pada 21 Maret

3. If you do not activate your e-card (maximum on the day of the visit), the e-card will work as usual (one visit).

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Ocean Dream Samudra is a water fun place in Jakarta that you should not miss if you want to have a good time with your family! Here you can watch a huge aquarium, underwater theatrical performances, and interact with beautiful marine animals.

Tiket Masuk Sea World 2020

Ali Sadikin, who was the president, opened this tourist attraction in North Jakarta in 1974. At that time, the purpose of building Ocean Dream was to be a tourist attraction that still had an educational component. Ankole tourist attraction is also a place for dolphin conservation studies outside their natural habitat as it has complete facilities and management. Ocean Dream Samudra in Ancol remains popular with visitors of all ages to this day.

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After walking, playing and exploring the underwater world, you can relax in this place by taking advantage of the full facilities of Ocean Dream Ancol, such as souvenir shop, restaurant, lactation room and prayer room. For the little ones who want to play, Ocean Dream has playgrounds you can visit.

Friends, you may still be confused between Ocean Dream Samudra Ancol and Seaworld. Both places focus on marine animals and offer fun experiences for visitors to interact with marine animals. However, it turns out that there are many differences that you need to understand. Here are the differences between Ocean Dream Ancol and Seaworld.

Although they focus on marine animals, Ocean Dream Ancol and Seaworld have different areas of focus. SeaWorld offers a variety of attractions and focuses on education and nature conservation. Dream Ocean, on the other hand, is part of a larger entertainment complex, Ancol Dreamland, which offers a variety of rides and other attractions apart from marine animal shows.

Dream Ocean and Seaworld are part of the Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (Ancol Dreamland) entertainment complex located in the coastal area of ​​North Jakarta, Indonesia. However, both are located in different places in Ancol district.

N Journal: Our Sea World

Ocean Dream focuses on exhibits and attractions featuring marine animals, such as dolphins, whales, sea lions and other sea creatures. SeaWorld focuses on the aspects of education and nature conservation by displaying marine organisms. SeaWorld Ancol has nearly thousands of freshwater and marine creatures.

While vacationing in Jakarta, many tourists are confused about where to go. It is understood that there are many tourist attractions in the capital that are very interesting and must be visited during your vacation in the capital of Indonesia. If you are looking for an educational tour on the topic of marine animals, you should not miss this recommendation! Yes, this is Ocean Dream Samudra Ancol in North Jakarta.

For friends who are planning to spend their vacation in Ocean Dream Ancol, you should buy Samudra Ancol at IDR 65,520 on weekdays. On the other hand, the highest price for Ocean Dream starts at IDR 290,160, which is a package deal with access to Sea World Ancol. The full entry price to Ocean Dream Samudra Ancol is as follows:

Tiket Masuk Sea World 2020

“So, what’s up with Ocean Dream Samudra Ancol?” Maybe that’s the question

Liburan Ke Seaworld Dan Ocean Dream Samudra

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