Seagate External Hard Drive Recovery

Seagate External Hard Drive Recovery – A customer recently hired us to diagnose a Seagate 2.5″ 1TB portable hard drive when she tried to use executable files on the hard drive. The operating system freezes and becomes a blue screen. She restarted the PC and this external hard drive no longer detected. Tried it on several PCs. But they all seem the same. The drive still spins when plugged into the PC but not detected. She has never lost a hard drive before. and when you plug in the drive It was no abnormal sound from the drive. She had more than 3 years of work files and emails from work in the drive and it was very important to her.

Data recovery experts in Singapore perform hard disk diagnostics It was not detected, but the motor of the drive was rotating normally. There is a very slight clicking sound from the drive when it is connected to the recovery machine. The hard drive’s read/write head is not working properly. As a result, the drive cannot access and read data sectors from the drive. Data recovery is still possible if the dish is in good condition. After receiving confirmation from our customers. We start the extraction and have to process it in a clean room.

Seagate External Hard Drive Recovery

Seagate External Hard Drive Recovery

We were able to recover data from the hard drive. The extracted data includes the original name and file structure as the LP is carefully curated. Our customer verified the data and informed us that all files were recovered.

Seagate 5tb One Touch Portable Hard Drive

When it comes to storage devices It doesn’t matter what type of drive you choose. There is always a chance that equipment will fail. Be sure to back up your data properly, as you never know when a drive will fail. As a data recovery center in Singapore Our data recovery experts are experienced in recovering data from all makes and models. Feel free to ask for advice if you have any questions. Seagate has been around for a long time. Manufactures and sells reliable external hard drives. But some Seagate external drives are more prone to failure than others. For example, studies have found that the Seagate ST4000DM000 has an annual failure rate of 2.30%. If you have one of these less reliable models and are facing hard drive errors We will explain how to fix the drive, but first you need to secure your data. So we will start with Seagate data recovery first.

Your Seagate hard drive can fail due to various reasons. The problem can be logical or physical. The following is a comprehensive list of possible things that can lead to data loss from a Seagate hard drive:

If you accidentally delete your files or accidentally format your hard drive. You may lose all data on your Seagate hard drive.

Failure of hardware components or system crash can damage the hard drive. Resulting in data loss.

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A virus or malware can steal data from the hard drive and delete it. Resulting in data loss.

Physical injury can occur from a variety of events. For example, suddenly increasing power supply can burn out hard drive components. can cause errors If you recently lost your hard drive The disk may not be seated correctly. As a result, the drive cannot be used.

There are several ways to repair the hard drive. But you should prioritize data recovery from your Seagate external hard drive to avoid overwriting.

Seagate External Hard Drive Recovery

There are two ways to restore a Seagate hard drive. A data recovery tool like Disk Drill should be your first line of defense. In most cases, you can easily recover your data with Disk Drill. But if the damage to the hard drive is more serious, such as serious physical damage, You need the help of a technician.

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Start by checking if your Seagate hard drive is visible in the Disk Management console The reason is that you can only scan the hard drive if it is detected by the Disk Management tool. You can open the Disk Management console by searching for Disk Management in the Start menu. and select the item called Create and format hard disk partitions.

If you see your hard drive in the Disk Management console listed with the correct size. You will be able to scan the drive using Disk Drill.

Download Disk Drill and install it on your PC. The free version allows you to recover up to 500 MB of data.

Run Disk Drill after the installation is complete. Select your Seagate hard drive from the list and click the Find Lost Data button.

Seagate Data Recovery By The Experts

If you think your hard drive may fail Hard drives should not be scanned. The scan is related to disk activity. and may cause the hard drive to fail during the scanning process.

In such a case, you should create a disk image using Disk Drill’s byte-by-byte backup feature, which involves a much lower level of disk activity than scanning.

When the scan is finished Click the button. Review the items found at the top. Select the files you want to restore by checking the box next to the file name and pressing the Restore button.

Seagate External Hard Drive Recovery

Next, you need to select the location where you want to restore the files. Make sure you don’t select damaged Seagate hard drive as the location. Otherwise, you risk overwriting your data. Select OK when you have selected a location. And you’re done.

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Seagate offers data recovery services as part of its limited warranty. In the event that the hard drive is seriously damaged You can use Seagate’s Rescue Data Recovery Service.

Seagate will collect the drive from your location to take to one of their labs. Seagate data recovery experts will attempt to retrieve data from the hard drive and repair it. When everything is fixed they will send the hard drive back to you.

After you complete Seagate hard drive recovery You can start repairing the drive to make it usable again. There are four methods you can use to repair your Seagate hard drive.

SeaTools is Seagate’s drive health testing and repair tool. It comes with a graphical interface and bootable programs that are more powerful. In any case, this tool will help you test your Seagate hard drive.

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If you plan to run the Fix All test or other tests It will take longer than that. You need to set up the right environment. Or you can use the bootable version of the tool for more efficient diagnostic testing.

Chkdsk (or Check Disk) is a built-in command-line utility on Windows that checks a disk for file system errors and bad sectors. If something is causing your hard drive to behave, Chkdsk can fix it.

If Chkdsk finds an error, it tries to fix the error automatically. after done See if you can access the hard drive.

Seagate External Hard Drive Recovery

Drivers are what help hardware components interact with your computer’s operating system. In most cases, you want the latest drivers because Windows updates them automatically, but sometimes drivers can become corrupt or out of date. and cause hardware components, such as your hard drive, to malfunction. Updating or reinstalling the drivers may resolve problems caused by such drivers.

Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8tb Desktop Hard Drive With Rescue Data Recovery Service

Your last resort is to format the hard drive. Once you’ve recovered your data Formatting shouldn’t be too much of a problem. You can format the hard drive from the Disk Management console as follows:

When you have finished formatting You will be able to access the disk. unless it is physically damaged More iOS data recovery tips More iOS data recovery tips More iOS data recovery tips More iOS data recovery tips More iOS data recovery tips

“My old files on my Seagate external hard drive suddenly disappeared. I don’t know if I accidentally deleted it or some other reason led to the loss. Can I recover data from an external hard drive? So how can Seagate data recovery be done?”

Seagate has quickly risen to become the world’s largest digital storage supplier. People choose and deploy Seagate external hard drives to store photos, movies, documents, etc. But Seagate hard drive data loss is sometimes unavoidable.

Seagate Data Recovery

In case you have a similar problem above. This article will recommend the most effective Seagate hard drive recovery solutions.

If your Seagate external hard drive is not physically or mechanically damaged, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on data recovery services. Data recovery from your Seagate external drive can be very easy with the right tools. The recommended tool for you is a professional data recovery tool.

It is a powerful data recovery software that helps you recover lost, deleted or formatted data from your Seagate external hard drive. You can complete the data recovery process yourself in just 3 steps. And your privacy is safe. Also, AnyReocver ​​is compatible with Windows 11/10/8/8.1/7/XP as well as macOS 13 –

Seagate External Hard Drive Recovery

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