Rustic French Country Home Decor

Rustic French Country Home Decor – Do you crave the rustic elegance of a chic French cottage? Recent clients wanted this look for their new home. They dreamed of giving their home an instant facelift with a bright, chic twist on traditional French country interior design. Thanks to the vision of their designer, the results were successful. Read on as we reveal this classic transformation!

Customers were very excited to buy a new home. They already had a clear idea of ​​the style in which they wanted to dress her. They also bought a wide selection of furniture in advance. However, they needed help adopting the French country style of decorating. So, what did they expect from the designer:

Rustic French Country Home Decor

Rustic French Country Home Decor

Do you love French country style interiors, but don’t know how to incorporate this look into your home? Then, schedule a free interior design consultation to get started with a top designer today! French country decorating style inspiration

Before & After: French Country Interior Design

The client’s inspiration gallery was consistent and clear. It features airy, bright and inviting spaces filled with gorgeous fabrics and natural materials. They liked the idea of ​​a rustic yet refined look that would make their home feel like a true refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Considering the client’s inspiration photos and the results of an interior design style quiz, the team suggested two designers who were promising partners for the project. Both had the right artistic flow and a keen eye for elaborate detail. And although both mood boards featured comparable furniture and layouts, the clients ultimately chose to continue with the concepts suggested by Drew F.

Drew’s vision was based on a basic level of furniture that customers had already purchased. He developed a design concept featuring distressed wood tones, elegant shades of white and cream, and a touch of blue. As a result, it compensates for the lack of natural light, making the space warm, classy and welcoming.

In the main living area, Drew kept the existing sectional sofas for comfortable lounging. A majestic chair reminiscent of the Louis XV style was placed in front of him. Coffee tables and end tables are finished in the aged whitewash typically found in French country decorating styles. Sheer curtains kept the room bright and airy during the day. Meanwhile, a pair of matching table lamps were added to the lighting scheme, giving the room a relaxing glow in the evening.

Slow Living Style: Visit A French Country Home In Normandy — Decor8

A secondary, more formal seating area was comfortably arranged around the fireplace for intimate gatherings. The area was anchored with stunning rugs adorned with vintage-inspired floral patterns. The blue pattern makes the perfect companion to a pair of accent chairs purchased earlier. In addition to the overall French country style living room, the fireplace has been given a facelift, including whitewashing and a new mantle. A piece of wood complements the other wooden elements of the space and hosts a pair of candle holders and an antique mirror for the finishing touch.

The dining table set was another feature the client wanted to maintain. By choosing to extend his white color palette throughout the room, the designer managed to make the room exceptionally bright and airy. To add visual interest, he used pops of blue in several elements, from the faded rug to the whimsical cornflower wallpaper on the accent wall.

The striking white composition was continued with matching display cabinets and a pair of upholstered accent chairs. Although inherently contemporary, the interior still conveys the classic look of a French country dining room through details such as spindle legs and a distinctive chair back design.

Rustic French Country Home Decor

A rustic console table adds an extra touch of country charm. This beautiful piece of reclaimed wood houses a few choice items: a classy lamp and the obligatory bouquet of fresh flowers. Above, a beveled mirror completes the focal point of the French country dining room. The chandelier, a simple metal element with delicate crystal accents, was the icing on the cake.

Rooms That Will Make You Rethink French Country Decor

For the master bedroom, the goal was to create a calm and welcoming space that transports the occupants straight into the countryside. The harmonious flow of the space included a clean, simple, white French country bedroom design that was elegant and comfortable at the same time.

The soft white walls match the satin finish of the dressers and nightstands. At the same time, the elegant profile of the four-poster bed offers the right mix of classic and contemporary. The addition of delicate curtains provides privacy without compromising the flow of light or disturbing the overall harmony.

Faded stone with its vintage-inspired pattern enhances the room’s dreamy, rustic character. Moreover, the sofa bed with its curved lines and sculpted legs follows the same story. A robin’s egg blue lamp on the dresser and a delicate floral arrangement were the only accents of color in the room. The end result is a truly romantic bedroom with a sophisticated ambiance.

Before the online transformation of interior design, rooms received very little sunlight and needed smart design choices to illuminate them. Other design flaws include a lack of decor and a splash of color. The client wanted a consistent, well-connected flow, with a rather feminine vibe – and the designer certainly delivered on his promises.

French Country Decor Ideas To Give Your Home Provencal Flair

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Sometimes we just want a fresh piece or two to breathe new life into an interior. For this reason, we’ve put together a collection of top picks for you to consider.

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Rustic French Country Home Decor

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Gustavian-style furniture combines with original paintings, antiques, luxurious linens and rustic architectural details to create a timeless expression of elegance.

Since Sophie owns the antique store Autemps des Cerises near Paris, the decor and furniture in her old-world home changes frequently.

I wonder if it’s bittersweet to see pictures with things that have found their way into other homes? do you think Aren’t chandeliers amazing? I thought I could sense the beauty of these old fixtures from pictures online and in magazines, but when I recently saw examples up close in Franklin (City Farmhouse store), I was speechless!

Isn’t the story of colors magical? There’s warmth in the stone floors, stone fireplaces, painted beams and sun-drenched walls, as well as the pale, chalky blues and greens that Scandinavians love so much.

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There are a lot of sacrifices to be made when you choose to live in an older property, but I think adapting is very good for the soul.

Isn’t it refreshing to see a room open to the outdoors with beautiful French doors instead of the disappearing trendy modern accordion glass doors? I love the minimalist look and understand its simplicity, but here’s an old-fashioned way to maintain a relationship with the garden…

Along with all the rusticity, there are also plenty of soft touches like the fabric gathered in the cabinet doors with chicken wire.

Rustic French Country Home Decor

There are so many charming moments in this French house that doesn’t look decorated at all but is layered with beloved objects.

Simple & Natural French Country Christmas Decor Ideas

The bed skirt details above! Her sweet, beautiful Bechette is now resting in heaven, and what a gift to all of us that she photographed her so often.

Keep checking the My Petite Maison Etsy store for what’s new – you never know what you’ll find!

Does anyone else want to paint an old suitcase white? (I always do what I can to stimulate the economy for vintage sellers and thrift stores!)

I have independently selected the products in this article. If you make a purchase from one of my links, I may earn a commission.

French Country Décor Ideas

Living with white has been the most natural thing to do since I was a teenager and decorated my first home. Dorms were scarce my freshman year of college, so my best friend and I moved into an off-campus apartment, furnishing it with junk. (Being poor will deeply shape your beauty and character!)

White wooden cross back dining chairs…absolutely beautiful. 38 beautiful decorating ideas for a white french farmhouse plus interior design inspiration for decorating with white.

Most of the white decor pieces you see here don’t scream “French farmhouse” or “Gustavian style,” and I think that’s what I love about personalizing a home space. Mix whatever you want

Rustic French Country Home Decor

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