Ruang Kerja Individual

Ruang Kerja Individual – The design of the office will really change the work of its employees. It is said that beautiful office design improves employee productivity and performance.

A study published in the Journal of Research in Personality found that office design affects job satisfaction and performance.

Ruang Kerja Individual

Ruang Kerja Individual

In the study, reported by Medical Daily earlier this month, researchers evaluated the relationship between personality and workplace preferences to see if the differences in personalization of employees in office planning.

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For the purpose of the study, they asked 270 office workers to wear medical masks and answer questions about their feelings about their workplace.

Esther Sternberg, study author and director of research at the University of Arizona’s Andrew Weill Center for Integrative Medicine, says it’s better to work in different clinics than to work in one office. single room.

“The message here is to provide multiple options and personal space so that people can choose what is best for them,” explained Sternberg, as reported by Antara from Inverse.

He and his team found that extroverts are happier and more focused in offices with open desk plans. On the other hand, introverts and introverts prefer private spaces. Other characteristics, such as friendliness, thoughtfulness, and openness, have little influence on office location choices. Creativity and innovation permeate office design. Office design can improve performance, build corporate culture and retain employees.

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In addition, today’s young people expect to work in a proactive and proactive manner. Research by HR recruiting agencies shows that millennials consider the office or interview setting a deciding factor in accepting or rejecting a job offer.

There is no doubting the good intentions of the office. Modern workers spend 40 to 50 hours a week at work, and the younger generation is more concerned about work-life balance.

Therefore, employees want employers to meet their needs and desires. Office designs that promote mental and physical well-being, flexible workspaces that accommodate different personalities, and sustainable buildings that protect the environment are high on the mind of this period.

Ruang Kerja Individual

There is no single solution. There is no program. We are in the middle of a design revolution – a very exciting time for offices and industrial designers to dare to leave old paradigms and create ideas for the future.

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One might question the rebellion as anger, perhaps it would be more accurate to say. Look at Red Bull’s office in London for example. Employees have the option to move floors via chutes/slides instead of climbing stairs.

There is a miniature golf course on the roof of a Walmart in Brazil, a TBWA basketball court in Dubai, a gym at the GSN Games in Bangalore and a ‘circus’ design at the Angel Solutions office in Liverpool.

While fun activities may appeal to the imagination of the younger generation, quirky ideas are not the answer for every business. However, there is a general framework that office designers can use.

The new workplace should reflect your company’s culture and values, but it should be tailored around the needs of your employees.

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It is widely accepted that sitting at a desk for long hours is not good for the mental or physical health of your employees. While ergonomic equipment goes a long way toward supporting musculoskeletal behavior, ergonomics is not the end result.

Health is a lifestyle. Research has shown that when people are given the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle, they are more likely to follow through.

Office designs that encourage mobility and corporate cultures that encourage healthy eating and lifestyles lend credence to new thinking.

Ruang Kerja Individual

For example, you can replace elevators, parking garages, bathrooms, and locker rooms with stairs to encourage employees to walk or drive to work. Little things like providing good food and nutrition will help make a difference.

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Various studies show that employee quality has a direct impact on the success of a business. A 2017 study showed that companies that improve employee productivity are 10% better than their competitors.

It is not a coincidence that 93% of employees in the technology industry confirm that they want to stay loyal to companies that create healthy workplaces. However, this does not mean that you have to enter sports fields and games.

The main factors of workplace quality among employees are air quality, comfortable lighting, water quality and temperature control. Only 16% said they care about exercise rooms, a lower number than those about style and acoustic comfort.

It has been shown that poor air quality in the workplace during sick leave and open windows can allow outdoor pollutants to enter. Business owners should consider installing air conditioning to remove toxins from the air and recycle the air.

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Inadequate lighting can cause eye injuries, headaches, blurred vision, and possible mental disorders. Large windows allow natural light to enter the room, for good health and single table lamps improve visibility as the day slowly spreads.

Adding biophilic elements such as plants, water, stone, wood, and other natural materials will bring the outdoors indoors. Studies show that nature-based office designs lead to better health and improved performance.

Creating community spaces where employees can relax will increase productivity. People need regular breaks to help clear their mind and focus.

Ruang Kerja Individual

There is a change in ideas about how businesses use workplaces. Since the 1990s, there has been a shift from hierarchical structures to community-based structures.

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The concept of flexible workstations and desks that are not designated for specific people takes the ‘collaboration’ concept to a new level. Flexible office design – combined with smart building technology – dictates where people work based on their schedules and desk availability.

The younger generation of employees hopes to create a culture of networking with colleagues from other departments, sharing ideas and growing as a company.

Dedicated classes and offices are changing the office in a big way. The CEO and other members do not have their own desks.

That’s not to say employees who want a fixed desk shouldn’t be allowed to sit in the same place every day. For some people, knowing their environment is better than their products.

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In general, people need different environments at different times of the day. A quiet room for deep thinking and writing stories. Meeting spaces are ideal for reflection, and social spaces allow employees to relax and make informal connections.

Today’s workplaces are designed to fit what employees use them for. Office space is limited but the office layout needs to be balanced.

Some companies are taking advantage of flexible office design by moving to smart buildings – smart offices that rely on advanced technology to create new ways of working that support modern ideas and needs. .

Ruang Kerja Individual

Businesses are relying on next-generation platforms. As baby boomers retire and make way for Gen Z workers, the office will become a “smarter” space that appeals to younger, more flexible and creative minds.

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Gen Z is the first generation to be digitally engaged. Connected buildings are designed to reduce energy bills and increase accessibility, productivity and efficiency.

The first smart office was built. Good examples include Deloitte’s ‘The Edge’ office building in Amsterdam and Cisco’s smart offices at RBC Waterpark Place in Toronto, Canada.

Smart offices don’t just challenge modern ideas, they reshape the way we see work life. Employees use apps that allow them to find coworkers, find an empty desk, request IT help, adjust the temperature, adjust the lighting, and order food and beverages. .

Various control systems measure and record through digital sensors. A central computer collects data on unused lift, lighting and air conditioning to maximize energy and efficiency. human-centric housework.

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Smart buildings can know where to park when employees arrive for work, know when and how they like their coffee, and understand how you’re doing your job. very good at some jobs. The app also has a convenient workspace or meeting room.

Younger generations are more likely to switch to smart homes than older generations. They will be very happy with all kinds of technology. Gen Z and Millennials appreciate the convenience and organizational benefits offered by digital tools.

No other place in the world has influenced modern design ideas like Scandinavia. The Northern European region was important and it inspired a post-American exhibition movement in the mid-1950s.

Ruang Kerja Individual

This movement started as a response to expensive furniture that most homeowners were unfamiliar with. The idea is to create modern and attractive household items that everyone can afford.

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Attention-grabbing design is an important feature. But more than that, Scandinavian design aims to convey a simple and functional lifestyle. A key feature is the minimalist design that promotes functionality and functionality.

The main ideas of Scandinavian design reduce clutter, increase productivity and improve work-life balance. There are some mental nuances in every detail.

For example, colors are neutral and earthy. Cool shades like white, cream, gray, and light blue create a calm atmosphere, which helps people relax in a high-pressure environment. When your employees are less stressed, their brains work more efficiently and they produce better results.

However, employers need employees to be creative, engaged and full of energy. If they are always resting, motivation will decrease, and so will productivity

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