Ruang Kerja Google Indonesia

Ruang Kerja Google Indonesia – The Google office is a place where typical office rules and conventions don’t apply, and places like slides and beds are commonplace. The innovative office environment focuses on increasing productivity through non-traditional tactics, which is what Google does in its San Francisco office. Check out the comment below to learn more about the atmosphere at Google’s San Francisco office!

Although Google’s headquarters are located in Mountain View, an hour’s bus ride from the city, there are three buildings in San Francisco that house thousands of Googlers working in business operations, sales, and marketing.

Ruang Kerja Google Indonesia

Ruang Kerja Google Indonesia

This Google office in San Francisco is an ordinary building that looks like it was built in the seventies. However, no one knew that Google’s first office in San Francisco was just a few floors up. However, after other companies moved in, Google took the opportunity to own all 7 floors.

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There has been talk that Google should open an office in San Francisco because Google is losing potential employees to companies like Uber and Twitter that have offices downtown rather than in Mountain View.

1. Big lunches To ensure productivity, Google provides all its employees with breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as snacks in between. Employees can help themselves from any canteen located throughout the building. In addition, the company also makes sure that the food served in large quantities is healthy. Unhealthy options exist, but they are not as readily available as healthy options. One way Google encourages its employees to make healthy choices is to serve water, coconut water, and unsweetened iced tea in a visible area when soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Sprite are available. but they put it on the bottom. the refrigerator behind frosted glass. 2. Working area

All employees are provided with their own desk in the usual open environment. However, they are encouraged to spend as much time as possible at their desks so they don’t feel stuck. There are various locations where Googlers can work away from their assigned desks. Along the corridor, comfortable sofas and other inventions, e.g

All conference rooms are equipped with screens connected to Google Meet. With this in mind, there are meeting rooms of various sizes and themes around the building. Each room has a webcam screen that allows employees to connect instantly with other employees in offices around the world. 5. Inspection room

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, and shows that Google is increasingly relying on technology. 6. Game room. There is always an outdoor game room that employees can use for rest or relaxation at any time. There are also

Fully equipped (except for the pool), which Googlers can use to exercise during the workday. 7. Others

This is the atmosphere at Google’s office in San Francisco. The idea behind these Google offices is that by offering a “luxury” feel, employees spend more time in the office and therefore work more. It also reduces stress levels. as? It’s interesting, isn’t it? So, for those who want to become a Google employee, you can study abroad in San Francisco. The way is simple, you can consider the program offered by Indonesia Business Institute (). Of course, everyone dreams of working freely without pressure from superiors. However, even if they are relaxed, employees can still be productive. Wow, how can you be relaxed and productive at the same time? Of course I will! We can learn from Google’s work culture.

Ruang Kerja Google Indonesia

Google makes sure that there is no gap or chasm between bosses and employees. If we look at the Google headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia, we recognize the TGIF (Thank God Friday) event.

Kementerian Komunikasi Dan Informatika

At this event, Googlers had the opportunity to speak directly with the CEO, who freely discussed bright ideas. This means that managers are very open to ideas presented by their employees.

You should be aware that not all products produced by Goggle are successful. When Google Reader is discontinued, we see that almost all of its users are upset by the shutdown.

But since Google has evaluated and found that this product is not suitable for maximum usage, they had to remove the service.

If the service you created fails and you try to develop it, there is no way out, it is good to fail because you will gain new knowledge that can later make a better product.

Tips Menciptakan Suasana Kelas Yang Kondusif Dan Menyenangkan

Can you be serious without a suit? Typically, a company’s work culture requires employees to wear a certain dress code to work, which is different from working at Google.

Because working at Google requires results and process. At this time, the appearance of the jacket is numbered. In addition to clothing, Google offers many fun activities that employees can do to stay away from their desks.

It’s unfortunate if you work in a company, but the work culture can really make you stressed and depressed.

Ruang Kerja Google Indonesia

Instead of being productive and growing, you become increasingly lazy and even decide to leave the company immediately. However, what if the work culture means you need to keep having fun and learning?

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Of course, this will help you feel comfortable in the company. Google is very open with employees in terms of work, they are happy to work and have fun with technology, there are many projects that seem just fun, but when they succeed, they become something big.

According to Google employees, according to’s sources, there is a rule at Google that 80% of working time should be spent in the office, and 20% can be spent working on projects according to their passions.

Relaxing but being productive by learning a Google work culture like the one mentioned above can bring positive results to the company and its employees.

There will be no employee fatigue, which will affect employee productivity. On the contrary, thanks to the aforementioned work culture, the company does not seek to pamper its employees, but encourages them to continue growing with the company.

Inspirasi Desain Ruang Kerja Minimalis Yang Nyaman

Because a great company naturally has great employees. Let’s create a free yet productive work culture like Google!

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Ruang Kerja Google Indonesia

The government passed legislation known as the Job Creation Regulations or the Omnibus Act. All rights and obligations of employees are governed by this provision. One of the things that attracts the attention of many is the leave order of individual employees. This is because there are several rights that are not covered by the Jobs Act. So, how… The work environment plays an important role in the success of the company. The better the environment, the more comfortable and productive the employees will work.

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Not only that, they can show themselves as best as possible. Not only for the salary, they do it for the long-term development of the company.

If you don’t know how to create a good work environment in your company right now, don’t worry. Believe it or not, the method is not as difficult as most people think.

The people you hire to work for your company will contribute to the work environment. So make sure you hire people who are professionals, able to work in a team or individually and contribute to a positive work environment.

There is a saying that “a grain of indigo spoils a whole pot of milk”, which means that a small grain of evil can affect and harm the whole environment. he is.

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Therefore, if you believe that there is a potential employee who is talented but has a “toxic” personality or who reduces the productivity of other employees in various ways, avoid hiring him as much as possible.

A third way to create a good work environment is to encourage collaboration and discussion among employees. Place tables across from each other in the same room. Or provide it if the office is in the form of cubicles

A good company is one that helps its employees work together, not separately. Cooperation takes place by discussing and supporting each other’s work.

Ruang Kerja Google Indonesia

By encouraging frequent employee interaction, you will indirectly have employees who are more focused on their productivity and always want to have a great career.

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After a big project is finished, or when employees are doing really good work, invite them to eat together. This is one of the easiest ways to increase employee satisfaction.

Treating employees shows that you value their work. People who feel valued work harder and keep their achievements.

You don’t have to go far, and special planning, even ordering pizza or other food delivery to eat together in the office, is sure to create a positive energy in the work environment.

Is there a large whiteboard in the staff room? Otherwise, you can start offering boards to support a productive work environment.

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Use an erasable marker to write a list of tasks that need to be completed by a certain date, so employees always know what work is due when they look at the board.

Although it may seem trivial, good lighting can create atmosphere

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