Review English Academy Ruang Guru

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I was one of the participants in the English class conducted by Ruangguru, his program called English Academy. After going through some procedures, such as tests and payment, I received the first instructions from the instructor about this course.

Review English Academy Ruang Guru

Review English Academy Ruang Guru

To get into the classroom, CS is there to solve problems. However, after paying in full, the fun begins. For some, communicating with CS is difficult. The answer took a long time, and there was no answer at all.

Review Text: Definisi, Struktur, Tujuan, Dan Contohnya

Enter, because I have not done it before, there is no answer. Also, when the page is completely empty, there is no information about your status and so on. for example

Even when it comes to starting classes, it’s not clear. Support said July 31 2023, CS said August 8 2023, although after questioning, it is not a notification that the course has been postponed. I am confused as to why the course was late, or whether the counselor wrote it on the first day so it could be given sooner.

15.00, without notification by e-mail or notifying the school counselor in advance. Since I opened the internet, I know. But when the class started, the class disappeared. So I told him

As seen above, CS says to just drop the board. Well, leave it alone. Yes, it has changed, there is a course, and most importantly, a course on technical implementation in the English Academy.

Jual English Academy Premium

Therefore, we did not have the opportunity to ask questions about the technical implementation, because the class was lost, and CS did not know the existence of the class. Very funny. But we are commanded to join together

Changed quickly. The educational advisor said it was 14.00, but the site was not down until the day. So, if on that day I only open the internet at 14.00 as instructed by the academic advisor, then I will leave two classes at the same time. Finally that day I passed 2.

After protesting that I was late, I was told there was a WhatsApp group. So when I first joined, I wasn’t told there was a WhatsApp group. Although asked about the WALBA project, CS took 24 hours to respond to the WhatsApp group, which did not happen. The school counselor did not respond.

Review English Academy Ruang Guru

On the other hand in the WhatsApp group, the first post was only on August 3 2023. At first there was no post, but it turned out that on August 2 there was a program ALL. So I feel sorry for him again. I really like it

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The WhatsApp group. However, because it is confidential in terms of people’s names and mobile phone numbers, we will not post pictures in this section.

? There are people who cannot join the class due to the system, they can join on the day. Well, if we can’t go, that’s fine. Well, if we can get in, but we can’t get in, the participants get hurt!

With this letter, I hope that the British Academy will be clear about its agenda. Especially for the first show, don’t act like that. CS services should be fixed, I don’t understand the features themselves, just not the answers. The participants pay in full, but the benefits they receive are not complete, which is very bad.

Learning Paid Tips Global Customer Service Customer Service English Language Learning by Ruangguru Online Course Tips and lessons are free.

Upt Bahasa Gelar Kursus English Conversation Club (ecc) Untuk Mahasiswa

The reader’s letter did not receive any response from the relevant business operators. If you are an employer regarding the above question/request/complaint, please provide an official response via the link below:

The right of consumers to have their opinions and complaints heard about the products and/or services they use is guaranteed by Article 4 d of the Law Shopping.

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Review English Academy Ruang Guru

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Baru! English Academy By Ruangguru, Belajar Bahasa Inggris Dengan Kurikulum Cambridge

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