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News On Digital Marketing – JAKARTA, BSI – The rapid development of the Internet has forced people around the world to adopt quick and practical habits. For example, now we don’t have to worry about making transactions, making sales or sending money directly. However, it can only be done with the internet through mobile phones.

The presence of various digital platforms also affects the lifestyle of people in this millennium era. People also tend to consume more, with practicality demonstrated in shopping through markets.

News On Digital Marketing

News On Digital Marketing

One of the most popular digital platforms with people around the world is Social Media. Nowadays, social networks have become the most frequent place for interaction and every day, people never stop using social networks.

Simak Pentingnya Digital Marketing Dalam Mengembangkan Startup

Due to its widespread use, social media can be used to carry out digital marketing. Digital Marketing is the practice of marketing or promoting a brand or product using digital media or the internet. The goal is to engage potential users widely, quickly and accurately.

During the Community Service activity held at Karang Taruna RW 01 Ragunan, South Jakarta, a group of BSI University (Bina Sarana Informatika) lecturers chaired by Amien Nur Rais organized a useful training course on Media Use Social Media for Digital Marketing.

According to Amien, social networks are a place to participate, interact and share quickly. So, he continued, if you market a product on social media, it’s not impossible that the product will go viral.

“Advertising with digital marketing allows our business to grow faster because we can reach a large number of potential customers. “Furthermore, if we can pay a little, our ability to reach customers can be determined by them,” Amien said.

Digital Marketing 101, A Comprehensive Overview Of The Field

Meanwhile, the average Indonesian spends 5 hours a day playing social networks. This is also a strategic opportunity to promote on social networks. However, to practice digital marketing on social networks, you must also apply some basic principles.

“There are also some things you need to pay attention to if you want to post products on social networks, especially Instagram. First, pay attention to the illustration, it must match the theme of the product we are marketing. “Titles, captions and hashtags are also very influential in providing a broader reach to users,” he explains.

Digital marketing has become one of the most effective marketing efforts today, with the advancement of technology.

News On Digital Marketing

Adela, one of the participants in the training course, said that after participating in this training course, she became passionate about content creation. The reason is that he also loves creating content, and sometimes participates in marketing his brother’s products on his Instagram account.

Digital Marketing Strategist

“The digital marketing aspect seems very broad. Just from a discussion, it was very complicated, like now just from social media. Not to mention there are other blogs, other blogs. Amazing, this exercise is very good. “The BSI University lecturer also seems to be an expert, his presentation was also good,” he said when interviewed via WhatsApp, Sunday (October 31).

For information, this community service activity is the duty of lecturers as teaching staff, in addition to teaching and research work. This is also the basis for deploying PM for lecturers, especially BSI University lecturers. (RDX) JAKARTA, Nusamandiri–Nusa Mandiri Entrepreneurship Center (NEC) successfully organized a Digital Marketing Workshop with the theme “The Role of Digital Marketing in Business Optimization”. This workshop activity was successfully held online with the participation of speaker M Islahudin (Mas Islah) as Founder of Pawon Digital, with moderator Maruloh as Director of Entrepreneurship Center Nusa Mandiri (NEC).

Maruloh as Head of NEC said, this activity aims to provide business support to students who win Student Entrepreneurship Development Program (P2MW) funding and students of the Entrepreneurial Community Nusa Mandiri (NUNERS). A total of 22 participants were recorded to have participated in this Digital Marketing Workshop activity.

The conference event was opened with a speech by Vice-Chancellor II for Non-Academic Affairs of the University of Nusa Mandiri (UNM), Arif Hidayat. In his speech, he said UNM as a Digital Business Campus always nurtures and guides students, including regularly organizing seminars and workshops like this. The purpose is for participants to be able to participate well in the activities and be able to absorb the presented knowledge well so that they can immediately apply it in practice in their business activities.

Sicepat Ekspres Raih Penghargaan Digital Marketing Champion In Services 2021

The event continued with a presentation by Mas Islah, head of Digital Marketing. In the document presented by Mas Islah, he talked about the importance of Digital Marketing in today’s business.

He also mentioned several platforms that can be used in digital marketing, including websites/blogs, social media, email marketing, traffic/paid advertising money and markets.

“Hopefully after participating in the Digital Marketing Workshop, the business activities of Nusa Mandiri University (UNM) students can develop and become more known to the wider community,” he concluded. (UMF) Rahmansyah Benefid explains digital marketing in a webinar titled “Generation Z and Millennial Entrepreneurs Achieving Indonesia 4.0” on Sunday (October 17) via Zoom Meet platform .

News On Digital Marketing

Campus, News – It’s interesting to say that digital marketing has recently become a hot topic. In fact, many strategies exist for one to master fighting in this world. Additionally, digital marketing has various interesting benefits. As Director of PT Rekan Creative Indonesia, Rahmansyah Benefid expressed in his seminar, Sunday (October 17).

Top Digital Marketing Tools: Seo, Ppc, Social Media & Content Marketing

Rahmansyah explains that digital marketing is the effort to market products through digital media such as websites, e-mail, social networks, etc. He adheres to the principle of obtaining maximum profit with minimum capital. “Getting maximum profit with the lowest possible capital is an important principle in the world of digital marketing.” he say.

Digital marketing has become more popular than conventional marketing because of the advantages it offers. Furthermore, the advantage of this marketing activity is that there is two-way communication between buyers and sellers. By uploading content to social networks, everyone who sees that content has the opportunity to comment and share. Then information will spread faster.

The next advantage is that it is more specific. Clients can specifically target specific markets with ease. Additionally, the capital required to start digital marketing is also smaller and more measurable. “The main capital in digital marketing is just the internet package and advertising costs,” he said.

On the other hand, when engaging in digital marketing, one needs to implement an optimal and targeted marketing strategy. When marketing through social media, Rahmansyah believes that the content uploaded must be visually appealing, entertaining and following local trends. If marketing via e-mail, the content must be more specific and powerful in attracting the target market to accept the marketing offer.

Digital Marketing News & Events

Furthermore, according to Rahmansyah, marketing activities through the LinkedIn platform must be designed in a personal, formal and professional style. This is adapted to the characteristics of the media used in marketing. Ultimately, website marketing must be handled as best as possible, using keywords and appropriate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) formulas.

More deeply, to attract the market, Rahmansyah said, the title of the product or the title of the advertisement needs to attract the reader’s attention. So, it is important to treat the title with trending and wording that is catchy yet meaningful. Not only that, a digital marketer also needs to understand his or her goals as clearly as possible. “To reach potential target markets through strong branding and regular analytical reviews,” he said. (*) With internet access becoming easier and easier, the number of internet users is increasing. People spend more time on the internet. Shopping activities are now mainly done online

Digital marketing helps businesses reach a larger audience than conventional methods. In addition to being able to reach a larger audience, digital marketing is also more cost-effective and scalable.

News On Digital Marketing

Realizing that, the Management Research Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, BSI University (Bina Sarana Informatika) organized an online discussion for 5th semester students with the topic “Digital Marketing Digital Marketing to support businesses). The activity took place online, via zoom, last Wednesday (December 15).

Digital Marketing News

Almost our entire lives are inseparable from technology, says Nurvi Oktiani, as Head of the Management Studies Program (S1) at BSI University. One technology that can be used in the present and future times is digital marketing, which is growing very quickly, especially in this pandemic era.

“With digital marketing, business people can be more creative and sustainable. Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic has a great impact on the development of business people and the young generation of startups, we must find the right strategy to survive Nurvi said: “One of the strategies during the pandemic is digital marketing, which allows entrepreneurs and businesses to market their products without being constrained by policies during the pandemic”.

Nurvi also said that the goal of this webinar is for students to gain a new perspective on Digital Marketing, which can support the Management Knowledge they have acquired in college, to be ready to compete. future paintings.

Nurvi continued: “Students also need to understand other things besides Management science that will definitely be related like Digital Marketing in Management has a huge role to play.”

Benefits Of Digital Marketing For Business

Says digitalization efforts are seen as just a style or following a trend without any connection to the business context or marketing strategy. However, it is actually very important for companies to understand the overall goals that can be achieved with digital marketing. Additionally, digital marketing has been around long before the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Business strategy, management of all aspects from finance, resources to customer service. Digital marketing is included in one part of the business strategy which is the marketing strategy. The main function is how to distribute the company’s products to consumers. “Product here can mean product or education, communication, etc.,” explains Radius.

In optimizing digital marketing, it truly helps businesses in the digital era and helps employees do their work very easily as it is backed by a concept that meets their expectations UNAIR NEWS – Digital marketing is a product marketing step that takes advantage of digital technology. Currently, the Digital Marketing profession is in the middle stage

News On Digital Marketing

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