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News First Digital – Jagran Prakashan Limited’s Mid-Day turns 41 today. On this occasion, the daily launched its new avatar as India’s first digital tabloid. For the first time, the newspaper will be available for a convenient page-by-page reading experience on a smartphone with additional multimedia features.

Apurba Purohit, President, Jagran Group, said, “Mid-day has been the voice of Mumbai for the last 41 years and continues to share the most comprehensive, authentic and entertaining news with its readers. Due to superior content and credible coverage in these tough times, Mid-Day and Gujarati Mid-Day now reach out to a larger national audience, creating a strong equity with more than 10 crore people accessing the newspaper daily on their phones without interruption.Three months of lockdown.The increase in our website count and engagement rate has confirmed our readers’ love and support for their favorite newspaper. Interactive digital tabloids are a perfect blend of technological convenience and putting readers’ preferences first in the most enjoyable experience. One type of digital tabloid is available at a nominal price of INR 1 per day; Definitely an unprecedented move by old industry standards.”

News First Digital

News First Digital

The new digital format will be free for users till July 16, after which readers can get it for Rs 1 per day. Like its physical format, digital will also feature exclusive news, entertainment features, leisure and city coverage and local sports. Mid-Day’s digital tabloid is a one-stop shop for everything #MadeInMumbai.

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Nodwin Gaming, the gaming and esports subsidiary of Nazara Technologies, has announced that Siddharth Kedia is stepping down from his role as CEO after a distinguished four-year tenure. Kedia, who assumed the position in 2019, played a key role in shaping the company’s direction during his tenure.

Following Kedia’s departure, Nodwin Gaming is undergoing a strategic reshuffle at the helm. Karandeep Singh, the company’s Chief Financial Officer, will now oversee acquisitions and investor relations responsibilities.

At the same time, Gautam Singh Virk, co-CEO of Nodwin Gaming, will take control of the operational aspects of the role, ensuring a seamless transition of responsibilities.

Prior to his role at Nodwin Gaming, he served as Chief Strategy Officer and Deputy Chief Commercial Officer at Viacom18 for two and a half years. During his tenure, he held additional responsibilities in corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and data science. Prior to his tenure at Viacom 18, Kedia held key positions including CEO – Digital (Non-News) and Head – Corporate Strategy at Network 18. He also worked closely with the Board of Directors of Network 18 and the Chairman’s Office of Reliance Industries. In 2007, he co-founded Ambit Pragma Ventures, a private equity firm specializing in providing growth capital to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), where he established the firm’s media and entertainment practice.

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In a post-third-party cookie world, experts are talking about how data analysis using different technologies like AI can boost campaign performance, even as brands need to keep up.

According to experts in the field, data analysis has become a huge catalyst in performance marketing. Whether it’s predictive analytics for consumer patterns or eliminating third-party cookies, data will be the next big thing when it comes to targeting the right customers.

The past few years have seen a significant shift towards the importance of data in marketing, and as technology advances with the help of AI, data mining, analysis and prediction are scoring big for advertisers in building their performance marketing campaigns. .

News First Digital

We spoke with industry experts about how this technology is being integrated into performance marketing, which industries are seeing increased use of it, and what challenges advertisers can overcome when implementing big data work.

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Laxman Gnanapragasam, Senior Vice President, Analytics – Epsilon APAC believes that organizations today use various data assets for their marketing and advertising campaigns.

“With third-party cookies threatening to be devalued, companies are doubling down on building their own data ecosystems consisting of their own first-party data about their customers and prospects, further enriched with highly relevant third-party datasets… loyalty , CRM programs and customer data platforms (CDP ‘s) is the preferred way for organizations to build their own data assets. Machine learning-based decision engines are increasingly emerging as a key component of a marketing and advertising infrastructure.”

Gnanpragasam also added that companies that lead and outperform the competition in marketing sophistication run campaigns that think across both their owned media and paid media channels to achieve exceptional return on investment (ROI) on their marketing spend.

Rajeev Dingra, founder and CEO of Rebid, says performance has grown significantly in ad data analysis and adoption of AI capabilities.

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“This trend is driven by clients’ need for more specific, measurable results in advertising. Our journey at Rebid also points in this direction as we interact every day with companies looking to use data and better tailored data insights for better ad ROI. The rise of platforms like ReBid and the rise of generative AI that combines data analysis with advertising strategies exemplify this growth.

These platforms reveal insights across the customer journey from advertising to acquisition, making performance advertising campaigns more relevant and actionable. The top 3 types of features that will grow in the last 2-3 years will be real-time analytics: The desire for real-time feedback has fueled the adoption of analytics, allowing advertisers to adjust campaigns on the fly based on live data; Advanced attribution modeling: To tackle the attribution maze, more companies are turning to sophisticated analytics to track conversion paths across multiple touchpoints and AI and machine learning: These technologies have moved from buzzwords to core analytics tools, driving automated decision making in advertising.

Vishnu Sharma, founder and CEO, Efficiency Worldwide, says e-commerce and technology companies are doing a better job of converting data into campaigns. For example, e-commerce companies like Amazon and Myntra use data extensively for personalized product recommendations.

News First Digital

On the other hand, Santosh R, co-founder and CMO, Eliva believes that industries that have traditionally suffered the most from data-blind models tend to adopt data analytics first. “For example, the banking/BFSI industry has high requirements for fraud detection, risk mitigation, credit assessment, etc. A notable industry that has innovatively applied data analytics is insurance. Here, some companies, especially new ones, have started using behavioral data to design their products both in India and abroad. For example, linking your car’s driving data can lower premiums if you are a safe driver or if you drive much less than average (which Digit Insurance is trying to do in India).

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Ramash Bhowmik, Co-Founder, AdBuffs gave examples of how retail brands are using data analytics in their marketing strategies in various ways. “For example, Sephora uses customer data to personalize the experience, deliver tailored product recommendations, promotions and exclusive offers. Pantene uses data analytics to understand consumers’ hair care needs and reach them through personalized email campaigns and targeted advertising. Scentbird, a subscription-based fragrance service, curates personalized perfume recommendations based on personal fragrance preferences and responses.”

Despite the growing demand, experts agree that there needs to be a method to use such data and list some of the challenges that arise from it.

“The global market for marketing analytics software, which will grow from $32.5 billion in 2022 to an estimated $56.2 billion in 2027, underlines the growing demand for data-driven marketing and advertising campaigns. However, data abuse such as data collection or sharing without consent is associated with It is important to handle data responsibly while respecting privacy and ethical considerations to avoid problems. AI, such as that used by Netflix for personalized content recommendations, plays a key role in this by helping with privacy compliance , data security and ethical ad targeting,” said Amit. Dhawan, Partner and Managing Director, Art-E.

Gnanpragasam highlights examples where companies are either struggling or making mistakes with their customer data. “‘Identity’ is not often talked about and doesn’t get the attention it deserves when it comes to creating and using customer data. We’ve often seen companies struggle to resolve their customers’ ‘identities’ and waste a lot of publicity and media investment An ‘ identity’ ‘ The solution confirms that we are extremely sure that it is a person and a family that we know.

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Another is customer privacy. Businesses should ensure that they obtain customer consent before collecting customers’ personally identifiable information (PII). Customers should be informed in advance of how their data will be used in the future and provision should be made for customers to decide how and where to access it. Another point is to combine PII and non-PII customer data. As more customer data is increasingly captured and made available, organizations should ensure that they do not mistakenly combine PII data and ID-based non-PII data.”

Dingra adds that “AI acts as a double-edged sword here. On the one hand, it improves data management, provides automated, smart solutions for data analysis and campaign optimization. On the other hand

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