Meja Kaca Ruang Tamu Minimalis Modern

Meja Kaca Ruang Tamu Minimalis Modern – Furniture 11 Best Glass Tables Neutral furniture to suit every room style, from minimalist to luxurious (updated for 2023).

Among the many types of home furniture, a table is a must have. As for materials, not only wood and plastic, but also glass is often used as a material for making tables.

Meja Kaca Ruang Tamu Minimalis Modern

Meja Kaca Ruang Tamu Minimalis Modern

Using a glass table offers many benefits including making the interior more elegant, easy to maintain, suitable for different room designs and more durable.

Meja Tamu Kaca Minimalis Kayu Jati Seri Star

Interested in owning a glass table? Check out these 11 recommendations and reviews of the best glass tables to choose for yourself!

When it comes to home furniture, of course no list would be complete without mentioning IKEA. Not wanting to be left behind, IKEA has launched the Vittsjo glass table range, which comes in different shapes and functions and can be adapted to the layout of the room according to your needs.

IKEA Vittsjo has a unique, rectangular design with several narrow legs. This minimalist glass table measures just 100 x 36 x 74 cm and is perfect as a desk for a laptop. Don’t forget, there’s also a small storage space at the bottom for writing tools.

Made of a combination of tempered glass and metal, the frame is made of steel, black foil and high-quality chipboard. The table legs are strong and able to stand stably on any surface.

Jual Meja Tamu Stainless Minimalis Top Marmer Murah

Apart from this, the glass on the table is also easy to clean. There is also a cable hole as a gap to plug into the laptop charger, which makes it neater.

You can find this table more commonly in homes that still have a classic interior. Yes, with its beautiful wood and carvings, the Ketapang carved teak wood table can bring a vintage impression to every corner of the room.

Made from solid teak, this wooden glass table is guaranteed to be durable and is considered termite and fungus free. The paint finish has also been polished to a natural brown, thus still retaining the natural feel of the wood.

Meja Kaca Ruang Tamu Minimalis Modern

At the same time, the glass used on the desktop should be transparent and easy to clean. Due to its design, this table is suitable as a glass guest table with short legs.

Model Meja Makan Stainless Steel Top Kaca Minimalis

To further decorate your living room with a classic feel, don’t forget to pair this table with carved wooden chairs.

Tables are used not only to place things but also to beautify the room. One way to do this is with the minimal glass table from the Gina CT 1006 B series. The combination of silver and black color makes this table more lively and luxurious.

Gina CT 1006 B uses a combination of iron and fiber for its construction, which ensures it is durable even after many years of use. The table top is made of tempered glass, which is not easy to scratch.

Unlike some other glass table products, the Gina CT glass table surface is given an additional floral pattern in each corner, so the look is not monotonous. This tiered glass table is affordable at less than Rp. 500,000 only.

Meja Kopi Logam Dan Kaca Persegi Dengan Aksen Marmer Meja Kaca Meja Tempat Penyimpanan Batu Disinter

Glass tables can not only be used as guest tables or dining tables, some can also be used as work surfaces to increase your efficiency. Atria has launched a set of computer desk furniture with an L-shaped design, which gives it plenty of file storage space and a large work area.

The table frame is made of black and silver metal powder coating. Of course, it not only makes the table structurally sound, but it also gives the workspace a more elegant feel. In addition, the glass surface is made of tempered glass, which is 5 times stronger than normal glass and 7 mm thick.

Since it’s designed as a desk, this glass desk comes with functional storage, like a CPU rack on wheels and a keyboard that slides in and out for use. There are no drawers at the bottom of the table, so the legs can move freely.

Meja Kaca Ruang Tamu Minimalis Modern

With the table measuring 170 x 145 x 55 x 75 cm, it’s no surprise that the Atria L Glass Computer Desk is quite expensive. However, its placement is suitable for an office or a slightly larger room.

Meja Tamu Minimalis Jati Kaca Seri Oregon

Glass tables don’t always have to be big, even small glass tables can be a great addition to your home. For example, like this simple glass table from Hagiwara. Despite its small size, the table still feels sturdy and durable, with legs and bases made of rattan.

Because it is made of rattan, the table frame will not rot or be damaged by termites. Another distinctive feature is the thick, removable glass surface. Well, this can help you clean your glass more easily.

Additionally, there is a storage shelf at the bottom of the table that can be used to store books, newspapers or magazines. This modern minimalist glass table will support your living room interior in retro style and look simple and natural.

To make your terrace more beautiful, you can place a glass table as a solution. So, no need to search hard, just choose this product from Ace Hardware. Ace Soleil Terrace Table uses tempered glass, which is very durable and does not break easily.

Model Meja Tamu Minimalis (kayu Jati, Unik, Kaca) & Harga!

Not only that, the legs of the Ace Soleil round glass table are made of iron and powder-coated, making it rust-proof and light when moving. Height 72 cm, diameter 60 cm. The glass surface is 5 mm thick, you can add a vase on it to make it more beautiful.

This round glass table also has a modern design, making it suitable for a variety of home styles. The structure is strong, stable and durable, suitable for indoor or outdoor placement.

A dining table needs a material that is strong enough to hold large amounts of food, which is why wood is the material of choice. However, you know that glass is just as good for a dining table. Especially if you use a glass dining table from Offo Living.

Meja Kaca Ruang Tamu Minimalis Modern

This glass table is large in size at 130 x 80 x 76 cm and combines tempered glass and steel as the base of the table, making it strong enough to bear a lot of weight. In addition, the color of the table leaves is not clear, but mint green, which is a special feature of this product.

Meja Tamu Marvel Stainless

Buy Offo Living Kio’s Millennium Dining Table Set and you’ll get four chairs made of PVC plastic with a minimalist design. Regarding the price, it is sold for Rp. Decorate your kitchen with just 2 million.

Do you have an empty space in the corner of your room? Try filling it with a glass table! Informa’s compact and round product is ideal as a base for a sofa or diffuser to spread fragrance throughout the room.

The Informa glass table is different from normal glass tables because it has only three legs, which are placed in the middle. The tabletop is made of tempered glass, and the design and color palette are simple and neutral. This makes the Informa Triplicate look artistic and minimalist at the same time.

The Infoma round glass table also has a chrome finish so the legs will not rust and look shiny. Apart from your living room, you can also place Informa triplicate side table in your family room or living room.

Meja Ruang Tamu Minimalis Estetis Dan Anti Makan Tempat!

Industrial style is becoming a trend lately. Along with the concept of buying a semi-finished or unfinished building, it cannot be denied that many people start applying industrial themes to their home interiors due to this uniqueness.

So, to complete the industrial style in your home, don’t forget to add the right elements like a glass table. You can choose XIONCO Recta Industrial Coffee Table. The Recta series is designed with a slim iron frame and adds a polished glass top as a tabletop.

The choice of iron and glass frame gives the XIONCO Luxury Glass Coffee Table an impression of innovation, elegance and timelessness at the same time.

Meja Kaca Ruang Tamu Minimalis Modern

This product is not only durable, it can be flexibly mixed and matched with different sofas. The price is not expensive, it would be a pity to miss it.

Meja Tamu Minimalis Top Kaca Seri Elegant

Scandinavian style is dominated by the choice of neutral-colored interiors. It gives a feeling of lightness and the wooden trim on the furniture gives a natural feel to the whole room. You can find this Scandinavian twist in iFURNHOLIC’s minimalist glass table offering.

This wood and glass table is designed in the shape of a box and includes a storage shelf. By using the best quality clear glass, the books or magazines you store in your pantry will have a see-through effect. Apart from that, the glass is also easy to clean, just wipe it with a soft cloth.

The table top is supported by MDF wood and again painted with Duco paint. Table legs also use adhesive pads so they don’t move easily. Although the frame is made of wood, the wood is waterproof and termite resistant. This glass table is interesting, isn’t it?

Want a counter-mainstream dining table? Now is the time for you to try browsing the Sapporo furniture collection. This glass dining table measures 120 x 80 x 74 cm and is ideal for matching four chairs of any design.

Jual Meja Tamu Kaca Minimalis Harga Terbaik & Termurah November 2023

The glass is 1 cm thick, so you don’t have to doubt its strength to withstand the load. Sapporo Horton table products are modern and elegant in design, supported by legs made of beech wood. The table legs also have balance controls, making them more stable when in use.

Sapporo 4-seat glass dining table is not too decorative, so it blends more seamlessly into any interior. The price also won’t strain your wallet, as prices start from Rp. Only 1 million.

Glass tables are a popular choice in modern interior design. Not only do they add a touch of elegance to a room, but they also have many other benefits. Here are some of the benefits of using a glass table.

Meja Kaca Ruang Tamu Minimalis Modern

One of the main advantages of a glass table is its elegant, transparent appearance. Glass tables have a minimalist look and give the room a more open and spacious feel. With the right lighting, glass tables can reflect light and create interesting visual effects.

Meja Makan Modern Minimalis Mewah New Arrival Furniture Vanya Bt 1984

There is a glass table

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