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JAKARTA – After the decision of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia on October 16, 2023, the judicial review of Law No. 7 given…

Mata Viral Cnn Indonesia

Mata Viral Cnn Indonesia

M Anwarul Fitro has been elected as the General Leader of South Sumatra Islamic Youth PW 2023-2027, order from his predecessor Harda Belli.

Celeb Bio] Ayu Pratiwi

The Regional Leadership (PW) of Indonesian Muslim Youth (MUSLIM YOUTH) in South Sumatra Province for the period 2023-2027 has changed management from Harda Belli…

Palembang – On Friday, 03 October 2023, around 75 mass organizations gathered in front of the Grand Mosque to activate the action to defend Palestine…

Jakarta. A group of young people arrived at the office of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in Jalan Mega Persada Kuningan, South Jakarta on Thursday (2/11/2023). They…

JAKARTA – Yasser Hatim, the candidate for the General Secretary of the Islamic Student Association (PBHMI) criticized the Chief of Police’s statement regarding the war.

Fitnah Uah? Eko Kuntadhi Diminta Klarifikasi, Uah Beri Warning

JAKARTA – Coordinator of South Sumatra-Jakarta Activists, Harda Belli, questioned the firmness of Interior Minister Tito Karnavian in the alleged immoral act…

PT Tangerang Smart City (TSC) requests the Financial Services Authority (OJK) to supervise and detect alleged misappropriation of customer funds…

Advocate Indra Jaya Moolia from partner office, IJM, representing 13 housing users, issued a second summons because…

Mata Viral Cnn Indonesia

A young man from the Banga Belitung Islands (Babel), Ahmad Rama Afrizal, expressed his disappointment with the acting governor of Babel. Because the young Babylonian Muhammad…

Misteri Project S Tiktok

Hasyim Khafani (Legal Director of Gagas Nusantara) highlighted the legal problems in Palankaraya as a general concern about the rule of law here… The residents of Pari island can no longer grow various plants in their yard because of the high tide. Lack of water haunts their lives. (Photo: Special Archives)

For the past five years, Arief Pujianto has not been able to plant trees directly on the ground. He had to plant trees in pots on Pari Island, Seribu Islands and DKI Jakarta because they were often washed away by waves.

“You can’t plant it directly in the ground anymore, you have to put it in a pot,” said Arif, pointing to a papaya tree planted in a medium-sized black pot. Diameter about 30 cm.

If it’s not in a pot like that, you’ll die, said Arif as he stood in front of his wife who was smoking a cucumber.

Sosok Taufik Imansyah Di Mata Keluarga, Curhat Pilu Ibunda Soal Permintaan Terakhir Sang Putra

Arif’s wife had to uproot the tree, which had no hope of survival. The plant died after getting wet a few days ago.

As Rob frequented his house without hesitation, none of the plants grew healthy. More and more sea water rises to the land.

Agriculture is important to the Arif family. As a small island resident, shopping is not as easy as starting a motorcycle and going to the market.

Mata Viral Cnn Indonesia

The area of ​​Parry Island is about 41.3 hectares. Based on BKKBN 2022 data, Parry Island has 1,109 residents with a population density of 3,736.

Polisi Usut Dugaan Penamparan Oleh Istri Pejabat

The majority of the population lives as fishermen. However, following frequent tidal flooding, residents began to earn a living from tourism, such as renting rooms, becoming tour guides, and doing business.

Traders must cross the sea to Tangerang or North Jakarta – as the islanders call it ‘mainland’ – to store their goods.

Not that there are no vegetables and fruits, growing your own is the most effective option. Arif does not have to wait to take stock from the mainland. Apart from that, spending on basic daily needs is not excessive.

In addition to farming in their backyards, Parry Islanders also have gardens that are maintained jointly. Communal gardens are a form of resistance to corporations that not only meet daily needs but also want to control the land they have lived on since colonialism.

Fakta Fakta Jessica Wongso Sudah Ke Kafe Olivier 3 Hari Sebelum Mirna Datang

The communal garden is located at RT 01 RW 01 near Renge Beach. The garden has a wide variety of plants and trees, from bok choy to kale to banana trees.

Asmania, a resident of Pulau Pari who is active in gardening, said that many residents in the DKI Jakarta regional government office have tried various methods including demonstrations and hearings, but to no avail. His voice was never heard.

In fact, to get there, Parry Islanders have to cross the ocean and spend money. Ace and the other residents of Parry Island are looking for alternatives to continue their war with the company.

Mata Viral Cnn Indonesia

According to him, gardening is an effective way to avoid companies easily controlling their land.

Rambut Putih, Rk Ikut

“We are tired of demonstrations in Jakarta. Demonstrations require a lot of money. We rent boats, we rent cars to get there. As a way to fight us, the women here are also gardening now,” said As.

Of the total area of ​​Pulau Pari of approximately 41.3 hectares, 39.7 hectares have been transferred to other parties since 1989.

According to the records of the Environment and Forestry Forum (WALHI), there are 61 certificates and 14 Building Use Rights Certificates (SHGB) with a total area of ​​14.4 hectares in the name of individuals.

A total of 14 SHGBs are in the name of two companies namely PT Bumi Pari Azri and PT Bumi Gria Nusa. Both are subsidiaries of PT Bhumi Raya Utama.

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As said the problem is caused by a certificate obtained by an unknown company and party. Because he and hundreds of other Parry Islanders don’t seem to be selling their land to anyone.

He felt Parry was lying and deceiving the islanders. In 1985, the residents of Parry Island were offered bleaching. Residents are also asked to submit documents for laundry and a copy of their identification.

However, the residents did not get land ownership rights. A few years later, the residents were surprised by the appearance of a company claiming to be the owner of Parry Island’s land control permit.

Mata Viral Cnn Indonesia

As it was agreed that he would not stop protecting his land. Because his ancestors lived on Parry Island earlier than the Company.

Empat Dari Foto Foto Itu Adalah Hasil Suntingan Dan Satu Adalah Lukisan Seniman Indonesia

“Why are we still fighting, why are we hesitating to fight even though we don’t have documents? Even though we don’t have land documents, we are holding them with our parents’ permission,” said As.

“Well, Giri was taken by the village official. He said he wanted to do bleaching. It’s called a island, so I gave it to him, but it’s fake,” he continued.

Based on the results of the investigation by the Indonesian Ombudsman, alleged irregularities were found in the payment of 62 SHM and 14 SHGB in the name of PT Bumi Pari Azri and PT Bumi Gria Nusa.

This is stated in the Final Report of Examination Results (LAHP) dated 9 April 2018, No. 0314/LM/IV/2017/JKT Representative of the Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia (Jakarta Ombudsman) Jabodetabek.

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Residents have lived on this coral island for more than 100 years, if we trace the track record of the venerable Mustaghfirin Bobi family on Pari Island.

Bobby said most of the people on Pulau Pari are Bantis. The same goes for his grandmother and grandfather.

At that time, Bobby, his grandparents and many other residents of Banten fled from the Dutch occupation to the Thousand Islands. At first, they lived on Pulau Tidung.

Mata Viral Cnn Indonesia

However, some moved to Parry Island, including his grandparents. Now, seven generations of his grandparents were born and live on Parry Island.

Sederet Potret Luluk Nuril Istri Polisi Yang Viral Bentak Murid Magang

Bobby himself was born in 1972. While his mother was born in 1942. Amma was the last of eight children. All my mother’s siblings were born and raised on Parry Island.

“We are the survivors of Banten during the Dutch era. There are only a handful of people left here, you can count them on your fingers,” said Bobby.

So, when the company came to claim their land, Bobby Parry also created the Island Care Forum (FPPP). Now, he also shares gardening with Ace.

On Parry Island, men tend to prefer plants grown directly in the soil, while women tend to prefer plants grown hydroponically.

Rizky Harisnanda On Linkedin: Cnn Indonesia Today

For example, gardening requires a lot of water. Meanwhile, Parry Island has limited water. To irrigate the garden, residents depend on underground water from several wells.

The problem persists, if the well water mixes with the sea water that comes in due to the flood, it cannot be used to irrigate crops.

Meanwhile, desalinated water is available by purchase. The price is quite reasonable. However, if you buy it in bulk and use it every day, the cost you pay is also huge.

Mata Viral Cnn Indonesia

Residents’ income from fishing averages Rp. 2 million. While the price of a water jug ​​(30 liters) is IDR 2000. On average, each household fills 20 jugs every week. Therefore, residents have to spend Rp. 160 thousand per month to buy water.

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Many residents also buy water in gallon bottles to drink. A gallon costs IDR 20,000. In a month, residents fill the gallon at least twice. In total, at least, residents spend Rp200,000 to buy clean water and drinking water. National Political Indicators (IPN) has released the results of its latest survey. There is something interesting about the decline in the selection of presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto compared to Gibran Rakabuming Raka.

IPN Research Director Vahyu Sanjaya explained that comparing Prabowo with Eric Tohir or Khofifa Indar Parawanza is inversely proportional.

Prabowo, paired with Khofifa, will get 62.4 percent of the voters. Then, Prabowo and Eric at 16.3 percent. Meanwhile, the Prabowo-Gibran pairing received 5.1 percent of the vote.

However, there are still those who did not make a choice or did not answer, namely 13.4 percent. This means that 67.7 percent of Prabowo’s votes do not support his pairing with the eldest son of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), said Sanjaya.

Kenapa Indonesia Jago Banget Di Nomor Speed Panjat Tebing?

“Only 10.3 percent of those who chose Prabowo Subianto and Gibran were there, and 29.6 percent of those who chose not to answer did not know,” he said.

The Public Survey of National Political Indicators will be conducted from 12-26 September 2023, based on the population of Indonesian citizens who are entitled to vote in elections in 34 regions of Indonesia. From this population, 1,500 respondents were randomly selected with a margin of error of 3.05 percent at the 95 percent confidence level.

Sound collection methods use sampling methods using multi-level random sampling or 2 (two) or more different sampling methods. Respondents were interviewed

Mata Viral Cnn Indonesia

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