Live Streaming Of Fox News Channel

Live Streaming Of Fox News Channel – Fox News’ $787.5 million settlement with Dominion Sound Systems continued Friday as the network disbanded its investigative division.

“Rang and file reporters are dispatched. “At the same time, the upper management is sitting very well, they are responsible for the failure of Dominion,” says the Fox employee.

Live Streaming Of Fox News Channel

Live Streaming Of Fox News Channel

In 2021, Dominion filed a defamation suit against Fox for spreading lies about the results of the 2020 presidential election. The misinformation in the lawsuit was pushed by the network’s opinion leaders, who operate independently of the news department and are not bound by normal journalistic standards.

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“Anger, Suzanne Scott and Maria Bartiromo are continuing to do their jobs,” the employee said of the network’s CEO and her minder, the lawsuit said. “At the same time, send the reporters. We were confused. “

“I think the producers, management, etc. “They’re trying to get money off the books by June 30. They [Dominion] have to raise money because of the lawsuit.”

A Fox source with knowledge of the situation denied any connection between the layoffs and the Dominion settlement. Sources said some people from the investigation department have been deputed.

Fox settled last month after a lengthy rights battle with Dominion over the network’s manipulation of President Biden and its promotion of the idea that Donald Trump was kidnapped. Court filings revealed that everyone from Rupert Murdoch to Tucker Carlson could not support the idea, but the network went ahead with it, confident that its ratings would help. Scott also wrote that post-election email fact-checking scams are “bad for business.”

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“I can’t stand up for these reporters who don’t understand how to handle our audience and our stories,” he told network president Jay Wallace after reporter Christine Fisher investigated Rudy Giuliani’s fake news conference. “We have to manage this […] we the audience have let them down and violated their faith and trust.”

The relationship between Fox’s newsroom and its anchors has long been strained. In March, the media reported that Tucker Carlson had edited a Capitol surveillance video to make the Jan. 6 uprising appear peaceful, but the news department refused to release it.

“Pure joy,” said one journalist, describing his reaction to the split. “No one is touched. It’s a great day for America and for the real journalists who work every day to deliver the news at Fox. “

Live Streaming Of Fox News Channel

“Real journalists” don’t apply either, especially since the network rarely shows factual accuracy these days, making it feel financially viable. The pain won’t go away anytime soon. Fox is also suing Smartmatic, another voting system company, for allegedly spreading lies about the 2020 election. The company said it wants the network to pay three-quarters of the $1 billion Dominion is sending.

The Dominion Settlement Is Just The Beginning Of Fox’s Nightmare

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