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Jenis Berita Digital – Online media as new media etc. was mentioned by Hall in his book Online Journalism (1992: 3). Hall said online media is a powerful source of information.

“The print era has become obsolete with the advent of new media and is irrelevant to the lives of many readers. There are many suggestions that even newspapers and magazines may be completely replaced by online information delivery systems.’

Jenis Berita Digital

Jenis Berita Digital

The word online media consists of two words: media and online. Each of these words has its own meaning. Media means ‘intermediary’ or ‘introduction’. The Association for Education and Communication Technology, or AECT, defines “media” as any form used in the process of disseminating information.

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The Internet also has two words: on and line. Open or ongoing. Lines are lines, sequences, intervals, and themes. Going online refers to the continuous process of receiving information through the Internet (Indonesian Department of English, John M. Echols and Hasan Shadily).

So, in a word, online media is a channel of information that occurs through the Internet. Online media is also called “digital media” because it is accessed or read with a finger. Digital refers to something involving the fingers. Number = finger.

) followed by print media (newspapers, magazines and tabloids) and electronic media (radio, television and films). In general, online media includes email. mail (including mailing lists), websites, WhatsApp, Line, We Chat, Facebook, Twitter, Path, Google Plus and Instagram, as well as social media or social networks (

In addition to being accessible via the Internet, online media is distinguished from general media (print) by its multimedia content, which consists of text (letters), images (images), audio (audio), and video (animation). Also links (links). A truly new element of online media content is the link or hyperlink, which is a link to other information that can be accessed with a single click, “tap” or “touch”.

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Sites that are gateways to the information you want or need, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Websites that become online forums for communication, friends, information sharing, chats or greetings, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Instagram, Linkedin, MySpace, Path, Kaskus, etc. Social networks also include websites of institutions, organizations, organizations, companies, foundations, personal websites, as their main purpose is to “socialize” policies, products, services, activities, projects and (for individual websites) to share ideas. and experience, as well as building networks, customers, business partners, users, acquaintances, etc.

These are software or applications that allow people to communicate online without geographical boundaries, such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, We Chat, etc.

Jenis Berita Digital

An account on a website that allows you to exchange messages or information over the Internet, such as Yahoo Mail and Google Mail (Gmail).

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Places where you can buy and sell online, online business, in the form of distribution, buying, selling, marketing and online transactions of goods and services, including marketplaces such as Kaskus, Berniaga, Bukalapak, OLX.

Characteristics of online media, both in terms of language, general understanding, and specific understanding, that differ from general media:

This online medium (as the name suggests in the network) is an Internet network that connects one computer to another. Online media cannot be accessed without an Internet connection.

Information can be provided as it happens and can be updated or edited anytime, anywhere as long as you are connected to the Internet.

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Interactive, two-way and e-military with various tools such as comment columns, chat rooms, polls and more.

Databases or archives store documents, information that can be found through links, related articles and search sites.

Link to other sources (hyperlinks) related to the information provided, whether the information is on one website or another.

Jenis Berita Digital

In addition to the general types of online media, there is also a classification of online media based on the meaning of online media (media), that is, media that disseminates journalistic work (news, features and opinions), including images and videos.

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It is the understanding of online media and its type that can really be “debatable”. Obviously, online media is media that is presented on the Internet and can only be accessed and controlled through a computer or device connected to an Internet network. Jejulan will continue to share informative articles on online shopping tips and advice to help your business succeed. Apart from that, we also provide online store development services with different packages with different features and prices. Our service is also guaranteed and affordable. Therefore, the news text includes any events that have just happened or events that are hotly discussed by the wider community at the time.

News articles are written by reporters or journalists. News messages can be sent through various media such as radio broadcasts, articles on websites, print media in the form of newspapers, or reading news on television.

After understanding the definition of a news article, you also need to know the types of news articles that exist in the world of journalism. What type of news articles?

Sunday (19/06/2022) evening WIB video from MotoGP Germany 2022 where Fabio Quartararo became champion.

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This type of news is usually found on the front page of a newspaper or newspaper. The types of live news messages fall into two categories:

Is an opinion or opinion piece that presents someone’s perspective on something, creativity, idea or opinion about something important.

This opinion about issues or events is usually given by experts, academics, professors or officials. An example of opinion news is the opinion of economic commentators about the fall in the value of the rupee in the world.

Jenis Berita Digital

(in-depth news) is news created by digging deeper into what’s below. Emphasis on news elements: “why” or “why” (why the event happened), “how” or “how” (the event happened, details of the event) and who (so what is the effect or. Next?).

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The purpose of in-depth news is to go deeper into solving problems. For example: Jakarta is prone to flooding every time the rainy season comes.

Investigative news is news that is created based on an investigation or investigations from various available sources. A key component of investigative management is into suspected violations of public concern.

Investigative journalists sometimes have to disguise themselves as intelligence officers. The code of ethics allows journalists to conceal their identity when preparing investigative reports.

Direct link to 2023 U-17 World Cup Round of 16 Video Tonight: Morocco U-17 vs Iran U-17

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In 2023 U-17 World Cup Round of 16 Live Stream Link on Video Tonight: Argentina U-17 vs Venezuela U-17

Today’s PLN Mobile Proliga 2023 Results: Jakarta Pertamina Fastron Puncak, Bandung BJB Tandamata Libas hosts

Video: Jakarta BNI 46 closes first stage of PLN Mobile Proliga 2023 with victory over Palembang Bank Sumsel Babel

Jenis Berita Digital

Video: Ji Da-bin’s apology and thanks after Indonesia’s U-17 team failed in the recent 2023 U-17 World Cup. To get information, especially news, we need to buy print media such as newspapers or magazines. However, as technology advances, we can easily access them through websites. The first online news site in Indonesia since the 90s, the news site is part of a collaboration with the advancement of Internet technology.

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Every day we are presented with various news and updates. There are politics, economics, sports, social news and even public figures such as artists. Reading the news really keeps us up to date and helps us understand better.

Now the appearance of various Indonesian news sites is attractive and user-friendly. By adding interesting articles, it will surely interest the readers and provide creative information. Now everyone can easily access the internet wherever they are.

“. This site provides the latest local, national, international, economic, sports and breaking news. in 2016 this news site was named the best portal site in Indonesia.

Founded in 1998, Detikcom can be called the pioneer of online media companies in Indonesia. As the name suggests, this portal provides new news every second and is definitely a fast and modern information portal in Indonesia.

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From print media, which is now called Kompas TV, it moved to a news site with a website address of always shares information related to economy, sports, technology and much more.

Starting as a TV show, Liputan6 has moved into an online news site. A site that provides a variety of the sharpest, most relevant and trusted articles on current affairs such as politics, sports, social media, crime and more.

Originally, did not start with media development, but actually was created by a technology company with expertise in PHP and Apache/FreeBSD programming languages. Join and collaborate with it, Merdeka has become one of the best news portals and is well known to the public.

Jenis Berita Digital is an online news portal in Indonesia that focuses on entertainment news. We present various news related to Indonesian music and dangdut.

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Established in 2007, Okezone is the best and most trusted news and entertainment portal targeting Indonesian readers, both local and international.

Tempo is one of the most popular newspapers and magazines in Indonesia before the introduction of online news. was founded by PT Tempo Inti Media, Tbk. was formerly known as and was officially established in 2008. PT Visi Media Asia Tbk. This news website provides daily latest politics and lifestyle news. website is not as good as other news websites. This site is one of the most popular digital news sites in Indonesia. A fairly comprehensive news portal packaged in a good design for readers

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