How To Set Up Analog Tv

How To Set Up Analog Tv – How to watch COMPLETELY Digital TV on a TV that’s still analogue Tips for using your Set Top Box correctly. Box Set Top Box (STB).

How to watch digital TV on a TV that is still analog, understand the correct use of a Set Top Box (STB).

How To Set Up Analog Tv

How To Set Up Analog Tv

TRIBUN.COM – Below is a detailed explanation of how to watch digital TV from an analog TV, understanding the proper use of a Set Top Box (STB).

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The Director of Broadband Development, Directorate General of Posts and Information, Ministry of Communications and Information (Kominfo) Marvels Situmorang unveiled Analog Abolition (ASO).

“According to the law 11 and PP 46, analog transmissions should be stopped on November 2, 2022 at midnight,” he said.

As it is known, there are 514 districts and cities that conduct ASO in Indonesia. Of these, 222 regions will switch to digital television from November 2, 2022.

“Jabodetabek, which has 9 districts and cities, will implement ASO on November 2, 2022, and 173 districts and cities have non-universal services or no universal television service. Therefore, there are a total of 222 urban districts with ASO (November 2).” – said Minister of Communications and Information (Menkominfo) Johnny G Plate

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, you can watch digital TV programs via direct digital TV or by installing a Set Top Box (STB) on an analog TV.

An STB is a device that converts digital signals into images and sound displayed on analog television or tube television.

Individuals registered in the Integrated Social Security Data (DTKS) of the Ministry of Social Protection can also obtain STB from the government free of charge.

How To Set Up Analog Tv

On March 15, 2022, the free distribution of ULCO began, as 6.7 million poor households with analog televisions will be targeted by the government for distribution of free Receivers.

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A resident shows a sample DVBT2 Set Top Box (STB) device that can be used to watch digital TV broadcasts, Thursday, September 23, 2021. Important things to consider when buying any electronic device, TV or STB, for replacement. for digital television, i.e. choose a product approved by Kominfo such as DVBT2 with the “Digital Ready” mark or a picture without MODI on the box. Check the steps to install STB on analog TV to enjoy digital broadcasts. It contains advice on choosing an STB. (Digital TV Public Relations and Education Group, Ministry of Communications and Information)

The public can check the broadcast on the “Digital TV Signal” app on Android and iOS to find out the signal of the TV antenna in their area.

This is information on whether to get rid of analog TV, how to convert analog TV to digital, or how to transfer analog TV to digital.

(Source: Naufal Dzulfaroh, Rendika Ferri Kurniawan, Inten Esti Pratiwi | Editor: Inten Esti Pratiwi, Rendika Ferri Kurniawan)

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How To Set Up Analog Tv

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Indonesia’s analog TV broadcasts will be replaced by digital TV broadcasts, which will take effect by November 2, 2022. The advantage of digital television is that it is equipped with clear picture, clear sound and advanced technology. ⇛Read the full guide to digital TV migration or analog switch-off (ASO) at

Until then, people should first check whether their existing TV set is ready to receive digital broadcasts or not. If enabled, live broadcasts will be received automatically. But if not, you just need to buy an additional device called Set Top Box (STB).

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The word STB seems to be unfamiliar to some Indonesians. STB is also called decoder, some people also call it receiver and converter.

The use of STB is as a means of converting digital signals into images and sound that can be displayed on standard analog televisions. A special satellite antenna is not needed to receive digital signals, but only a UHF-VHF television antenna is sufficient.

Currently, STB is widely available in the market in both offline and online stores. The offered STB has a choice of specifications, body and attachments to suit your needs. Before you buy, be aware of the following tips:

How To Set Up Analog Tv

The assertion is said to be an attempt to protect the government from the public. The certificate also guarantees the use of STB and the correct operation of all components of digital transmission.

How To Set Up Iqstream Tv Streamer With An Analog Connection

According to Geryanthika Kurnia, director of broadcasting at PPI Directorate General of the Ministry of Communications and Information, when choosing a TV set, always look for DVB-T2 on the package or look for Digital Ready. And the easiest step is to check the installation to see if there is an additional MODI image. If this text exists, it is guaranteed to be safe.

Each brand of STB has a price range that corresponds to its advantages and additional functions. It would be best to tailor your requirements to the specifications of each STB.

Before buying an STB, it’s a good idea to learn about the model being evaluated to understand its pros and cons, including features. As of May 1, 2022, Kominfo is phasing out access to analog TV in several regions. This is the implementation of the Kominfo policy, which calls for the conversion of analog TV broadcasts to digital TV broadcasts.

As reported by Cominfo’s official website, digital television is advertising using digital signal modulation and compression systems of the highest and most modern picture and quality. Digital television is a Free-to-Air or FTA service that differs from streaming using networks and Internet devices. This means you can still watch digital TV for free.

How To Set Up And Connect A Digital Antenna To Your Tv

Through this concept, one can conclude that digital TV subscriptions are different from cable TV services, or TV boxes, or even smart TVs that need to be connected to the Internet. Instead, they use regular TV broadcasts but digital signal capture.

Of course, there are many advantages to using digital television, including clearer pictures. And how to convert analog TV to digital TV? In this event, on Wednesday (4/5), we’ll walk you through the steps to convert your broadcasts to digital TV.

There are two options for switching to digital TV. First, an analog television can use a set-top box (STB) or set-top box. Second, digital television can use DVB-T2 receivers. How to convert analog TV to digital TV:

How To Set Up Analog Tv

9. Analog TV broadcasts automatically digital TV broadcasts. Note, for STB devices, users must enter their local zip code.

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