Hindi Meaning In English Word

Hindi Meaning In English Word – Here in this post we are sharing with you, 20 difficult new English words with Hindi meanings that will improve your word power. As you know, as many Latin words as you know will help you.

4. Anachronistic [अनैक्रनिस्तिक] – / chronic person, event, thing or routine

Hindi Meaning In English Word

Hindi Meaning In English Word

6. Asceticism [असेतिक ] – / – not allowing yourself the pleasures of the body, especially for the sake of religion

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7. Beuile [بیگایل ] – / – To do something to someone, especially when it is nice.

8. Flatteries [बलैंदिश्मन्त] – / to do something to them or to do something to them.

9. Cajole [कजोल ] – / – To do something to someone by talking to them and being very nice to them.


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11. Camaraderie [कामराडरी ] – / – A feeling of friendship and trust between people who work together or spend a lot of time together

12. Circumlocution [सर्कमलोकुष्ण] – to use बात, for writing more clearly than it is necessary to write or to write.

15. Construct [कन्स्ट्रू] – / – To the sense of other people, especially the meaning, meaning and meaning of other people.

Hindi Meaning In English Word

17. Demagogue [देमगवग ] – – A political leader who tries to be supported by emotional arguments rather than reason.

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18. Denigrate [دنگرت] – – To say that someone or something is not good or important

19. Didactic [दिदाकतिक ] – / पुपरसस्च Everyday Use English Words with Hindi Meaning के Vocabulary Part 1 post में. Muthickkkkkkkookkoot . English words with Hindi meaning

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English Words With Meaning In Hindi Pdf

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