Gedung Cnn Indonesia

Gedung Cnn Indonesia – CNN Indonesia is a free and paid digital news channel (on Transvision and IndiHome TV) as well as a news website owned by Trans Media, licensed to use CNN by Warner Bros. Discovery (via Warner Bros. Discovery Asia-Pacific).

This channel first aired on Monday 17 August 2015. The main launch took place on 15 December 2015 to celebrate Trans Media’s 14th anniversary.

Gedung Cnn Indonesia

Gedung Cnn Indonesia

Broadcast in Indonesia by Trans Media Studios CNN Indonesia includes local and international content focused on general news, business, sports, technology and entertainment. Meanwhile, was launched on October 20, 2014 with Yusuf Arifin as editor.

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CNN Indonesia currently broadcasts 24 hours a day on Transvision, IndiHome TV, live, terrestrial digital channels in many regions of Indonesia and on Trans TV and Trans7, analog and digital.

According to a report released by Reuters for Journalism Studies and the University of Oxford in 2021, CNN Indonesia is the most trusted media outlet in Indonesia with a score of 69%.

CNN Indonesia’s presence, according to Ishadi SK, dates back to 2009, when Trans Media sought a partnership with CNN (then it remained under the control of Time Warner / WarnerMedia, a subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting System for years). 2019. Both Turner and WarnerMedia are known as Warner Bros. Discovery) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. In the cooperation plan, it was agreed that CNN Indonesia will broadcast digitally later. However, due to the deadlock of digital television in Indonesia, the project could not be realized at that time.

Only in 2014-2015 can the plan be implemented, starting with the agreement signed on February 28, 2014 by Chairul Tanjung and Jeff Zucker, representing Trans Media and CNN International. CT expressed the hope that CNN Indonesia would be a new channel of choice for reliable, exciting and quality news 24 hours a day, provided by professional journalists and CNN itself, and could be a tool for Indonesia and the world to understand each other.

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CNN will provide broadcast plans and broadcasts while other needs (such as staff, facilities, etc.) will be covered by Trans Media (the same happened later with CNBC Indonesia). The first plan is that CNN Indonesia will start airing in September 2014 and will be more accessible through

However, as of the scheduled time, CNN Indonesia has not yet started, probably because it is processing the broadcasting license from KPI and KPI for its parent and network.

Initially, Trans Media also planned to establish a television station called Detik TV. Detik TV started as a video content division of (later acquired by Trans Media in 2011) on March 1, 2007 and was initially inspired by Internet TV and television. Mobile.

Gedung Cnn Indonesia

Content varies from news to entertainment and recently broadcast news programs on Trans TV and Trans7 (such as reports and editorials) as well as many live online events.

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Detik TV was originally planned by Trans Media to be a digital terrestrial television with news concepts (via MetroTV and tvOne).

However, after Trans Media successfully signed a partnership agreement with CNN, e was dropped and Detik TV merged with CNN Indonesia. In one instance, Ishadi revealed that the merger was based on Trans Media’s desire to improve the quality of its broadcasts.

However, the remnants of Detik TV can be seen from the entities of CNN Indonesia, which still uses the PT Detik TV + number format (for example, in DIY it is called PT Detik Tivi Satu, while in East Kalimantan it is called PT Detik Tivi Empat ).

Finally, CNN Indonesia was officially launched from a single news website,, on October 20, 2014, led by experienced online journalists such as Budiono Darsono, Yusuf Arifin and Nezar Patria.

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It launched on August 17, 2015 and was officially released on Trans Media’s 14th anniversary on December 15, 2015.

Initially, the channel could only be enjoyed on pay TVs like Transvision and IndiHome, but later it was broadcast on the mainland as well. Here, CNN Indonesia initially “shared a channel” with Trans TV to broadcast the program instead of reporting there (which continues today and was later added to the program with Trans7 Editorial, whose production is controlled by CNN). Indonesia)

However, since late August 2015, the shows can be enjoyed independently on Trans Media digital television (mux) in various regions.

Gedung Cnn Indonesia

(In some areas, such as Jabodetabek, Bandung and Surabaya, it was also broadcast on the TVRI mux from 2016 to about 2019 after the completion of the digital TV test).

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CNN Indonesia digital broadcasts can generally be received as a package in areas that receive digital broadcasts from Trans TV, Trans7 and CNBC Indonesia.

CNN Indonesia · CNBC Indonesia · Okezone · Tirto · Liputan 6 · Vemale · VIVA · BeritaSatu · KapanLagi · Detik · Kumparan · Merdeka · Antara · Medcom. · N TimesJAKARTA, – CNN Indonesia plans to air it next September. Trans Corp is currently preparing all the requirements, including the construction of the building.

Trans TV and Trans 7 commissioner Ishadi SK said all broadcast content will be provided by Trans Corp. CNN just gave

And the outline of the show. “We will supply all the shows,” he said. We are also preparing a building for CNN Indonesia.

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He said all preparations were made after signing a temporary cooperation agreement in the past. However, he did not say which channels would be filmed, either on pay TV or online.

It was previously reported that Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc. partnered with PT Trans Media Corpora, a subsidiary of Chairul Tanjung’s CT Corpora, to launch CNN Indonesia.

Jeff Zucker, President of CNN Worldwide, recently stated that “This will be CNN’s first news channel in Southeast Asia, demonstrating CNN’s strength in delivering high-quality news to the Indonesian edition.”

Gedung Cnn Indonesia

He said the partnership would put CNN in a unique position to reach millions of Indonesians, something that has so far not been possible for CNN on its own.

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He added: “The combination of CNN’s strength and network in gathering information from around the world and the local vision and wisdom that Trans Media brings to this partnership will allow us to share information and “Quality information to visitors throughout Indonesia ». .

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Staff say Bedhol Village is the answer for Trans Corp. The acquisition of Telkomvision Trans Corp. will provide broadcast content in partnership with Chairul Tanjung, Turner launches CNN Indonesia

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Peserta Rakor Mkp Studi Tiru Ke Dinas Kominfotik Jakarta Dan Cnn Indonesia

Your data will be used to verify your account when you need help or when unusual activity is detected on your account. On Thursday (21/11/19), the STIE Sutaatmadja team visited the CNN West Java Bureau. The team consists of fifth- and seventh-semester management students, accompanied by Bismantara, professor of the Business Relations course, and Itje Sjamsiar, president of the Sutaatmadja Foundation.

The CNN West Java Bureau trip started around 07.30 WIB, where the STIE Sutaatmadja team left Pineapple City to visit the destination city, Flower City, called Bandung. CNN West Java is located at Trans Studio Mall Building, Batununggal, Bandung City. The journey was safe and comfortable, then the STIE Sutaatmadja team arrived at their destination at 10.00 WIB.

CNN is a cable news channel from the United States and CNN is the first 24-hour news channel as well as the first news channel in the United States. Then in 2015, Trans Media partnered with WarnerMedia to launch CNN Indonesia, thus CNN Indonesia officially launched as part of the news media in Indonesia. CNN Indonesia is also present in provincial circles such as CNN West Java Bureau and CNN Surabaya Bureau, where the news or information they present is an event that falls within the scope of the branch. Then there is something different from CNN’s West Java Bureau, whose official office is located in Trans Studio, in fact, it brings the team a unique and unique experience.

Gedung Cnn Indonesia

The visit of the STIE Sutaatmadja group aims to investigate the issue of “trade relations” directly in the field. During the ongoing activities, STIE Sutaamadja warmly welcomed the CNN West Java office staff. Especially from the head of CNN West Java, Muhammad Asri Rasma. He was then accompanied by two other staff members, Ufit, CEO of CNN Bio West Java and Dadan, Technical Coordinator at CNN West Java Bureau.

Cnn Indonesia Mengudara September

After the welcome, Sutaatmadja Foundation President Itje Sjamsiar thanked CNN West Java for hosting STIE Sutaatmadja. Belia also explained that the visit is related to the “Business Communication” course, and CNN’s West Java office was deemed the right place to learn about the matter in person.

Business Relations course co-presenter Bismantara thanked CNN West Java and hoped the visit would add to the students’ experience.

Then there was a light discussion between the CNN West Java Bureau Chief and the students present on the main points of the discussion to keep them on the same page. And followed by M. Asri Rasma, he fully explained the ins and outs of CNN, especially the CNN West Java Bureau. Enjoy the crowd.

The head of CNN West Java also explained the relationship between the media and business.

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