Fun Things To Do For 60th Birthday

Fun Things To Do For 60th Birthday – When it comes to 60th birthday ideas, don’t hesitate to go all out. When you leave your fifties and start a new decade, turning 60 is a big deal! For many people, it means retirement, traveling the world, spending time with grandchildren and starting a new chapter in their lives.

So, when it comes to throwing a 60th birthday party, keep the above links and go for 60th birthday decorations, party food and of course entertainment to make your celebration all you would expect it to be. .

Fun Things To Do For 60th Birthday

Fun Things To Do For 60th Birthday

If you need a little help getting started, we’ve come up with ideas, activities and themes to help you plan the perfect party, inspire 60th birthday gift ideas and prepare you for an unforgettable 60th celebration.

Unique Ideas To Celebrate Your 60th Birthday

For your birthday this year, invite your loved ones to meet you for a day of golf on the fairway. If you have enough for a contest, set up some prizes for closest round, most missed balls, longest drives, etc. Choose a restaurant so that you can enjoy a delicious meal together after nine or eighteen holes. .

Gather your family and close friends and take off to celebrate your 60th birthday. Whether you’re planning a day trip or a week-long trip to the Caribbean, enjoy the sun and have fun.

If you’ve found an outdoor venue or are hosting it in your garden, why not make it fun and play live music for you and your guests? It’s a great way to get everyone in the party mood without having to worry about making a playlist.

Celebrate your special day with a 60th birthday breakfast. Invite a caterer and host at home or reserve a seat at your favorite brunch restaurant.

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Rent a ballroom and celebrate this special occasion with a relaxing evening. Make sure the venue you choose has food or allows you to bring your own food so everyone can eat and have a birthday cake in between.

Find your fondue source and celebrate 60 years with delicious chocolates, cheeses and fresh fruit. It will brighten up your appetizer or dessert table and keep your guests coming back for more.

Whether you’re watching classics or picking up a new movie, enjoy a movie with your closest friends and family this year. Rent out the entire theater so you have the house to yourself.

Fun Things To Do For 60th Birthday

If you have other trips on your bucket list, book a trip for your 60th birthday and get started. Invite some friends or go it alone and meet some strangers to party with!

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Sure, birthday cake is fun and all, but why not take your birthday desserts to the next level with a full dessert table? We’re talking cupcakes, macaroons, chocolate fondue fountains—you name it. When it’s time to sing Happy Birthday, raise the cake and 60 candles to sing. Call a caterer or bakery if you need help putting together a menu.

Create a slideshow featuring photos from each year of your birthday honoree’s life. You can print the photos you choose and place them in an album to give as a 60th birthday present.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to hire a photographer or rent a photo booth to commemorate this milestone birthday!

Celebrate your 60th birthday with a fun and innovative karaoke contest. Whether you go to a karaoke bar or hire a karaoke DJ and host the show from your venue, start thinking about your favorite songs and get ready to have a blast.

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If you really want to party on your 60th birthday, why not book a trip to Vegas and go all out? Invite the team and head to the casino for an unforgettable night.

On your 60th birthday, treat yourself to two of your favorite things: wine and cheese. If you don’t want to worry about making the cheese board yourself, hire a caterer to help. Ask the sommelier if you need help choosing the most suitable wine, and he will guide your guests through the wine list.

Fire up the grill and keep it cool on your 60th birthday by hosting it right in your backyard. As for the menu, simple hotdogs, hamburgers and skewered vegetables will do the trick. Don’t forget the sangria!

Fun Things To Do For 60th Birthday

Pack up the RV and head out for a nature-filled 60th birthday party. Whether you’re going with good friends or hanging out with your grandkids, swim and stargaze into the new decade.

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If you don’t want to go out of town this year, spend the weekend in a guesthouse or hotel in the area. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation without the hassle of traveling.

Celebrate the guest of honor with an epic fiesta! Think dinner parties with tacos, margaritas, palomas, pinatas and a mariachi band. Don’t forget to encourage your guests to bring their dancing shoes!

Follow the dress code and serve two house cocktails at a beautiful 60th birthday party. If you need help coming up with a wine list, hire a bartender to take the pressure off your event schedule. Consider your musical entertainment with the atmosphere and work the party with a string quartet.

The 60-year anniversary ring has a themed 60-day anniversary event. Invite the members of the decade, put on your best clothes, surf or hippie clothes and have fun.

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While you can choose any color(s) for your theme, black and white is a great choice. This year, ask your guests to wear black and/or white and purchase decorations in the color palette. If you love music, hire a jazz band, quartet or pianist and make sheet music a part of the decor to celebrate your 60th birthday in style.

If you’re about to turn 60, you’ll probably do it in your 80s. Go back in time and make your 20s the theme of your 60th birthday party. Add this 80s playlist and ask your guests to dress up in their favorite clothes and styles from back in the day. If you’d rather bring a song, look for one that specializes in 80s music (bonuses if they’re dressed up, too!).

Celebrate your 60th birthday with some rock ‘n’ roll. Decide whether you want to just play an Elvis playlist or hire an Elvis impersonator for entertainment. If you’re a big fan of the guest of honor, tie a knot—especially if you’re throwing a surprise party.

Fun Things To Do For 60th Birthday

Be the guest of honor with delicious southern cuisine and refreshing cocktails. Smoked bacon, peach cobbler, and all things gingham. Try the outdoor space so you and your guests can enjoy the sunshine and really enjoy the midday atmosphere.

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If one of your favorite activities is sailing along the ocean on a boat or yacht, celebrate yourself with a 60th birthday party. Consider boat decorations that include nautical graphics (like these cute DIY collapsible sailboats), metal candle holders, nautical flags, traps, ropes, and anchors. Don’t forget the dark blue, red and white dress code.

If the guest of honor likes golf but wants to get non-golfers involved, try using Ladder Golf to throw a ball (2 golf balls connected by nylon cord). The guests have two to four teams, the guests want to get into one of the three levels of the game level.

Trivia is always a fun party game – especially when you ask all the questions about the birthday party. Be sure to include emotional truths, inside jokes, and memories, but be sure to include some awkward moments and laugh along.

This classic party is a good choice for a 60th birthday celebration. The best part about it? You don’t need any preparation or extra equipment to play. If you want, you

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Grab a notebook and pencil and gather around the dining room table for a drawing game. Whether it’s an official game with flash cards or make your own, this timeless party game is a popular birthday party.

Whether you’re celebrating in the garden or on the beach, this popular lawn game is perfect for celebrating your 60th birthday outdoors. You can often find kits in furniture stores and supermarkets, but if you’re lucky, you can make your own with some plywood, some tools, and a bean bag.

Before you decide on the type of birthday invitations you want to send, draw up your guest list to figure out your number first.

Fun Things To Do For 60th Birthday

If you’re celebrating a big birthday party with a large crowd, you can skip the handwritten birthday invitations this year.

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