Dunia Dalam Berita Tempo Dulu

Dunia Dalam Berita Tempo Dulu – JAKARTA – The role of Islam is very important in the lives of Betawi people. Actually since the Dutch colonial period. Betawi people prefer religious schools over formal schools every day. That is why many Betawi children understand letters better

All religious orders have priority. Hajj especially. This seriousness is reflected in the way they save. Bamboo, commonly used as wall fencing, is a means of raising money. They are not afraid of termites. There is magic. What is it?

Dunia Dalam Berita Tempo Dulu

Dunia Dalam Berita Tempo Dulu

The steadfastness of the Betawi people in accepting Islam is unparalleled. Life practices prescribed by religion are carried out. Although this does not necessarily mean that you have to abandon the faith of your ancestors. Furthermore, the Betawi’s religious flexibility often disrupted the survival of the Dutch colonialists.

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Those in power were unable to spread the Protestant religion in the Betawi country. No matter how hard you try. The Betawi people will not give up their position. Because Islam is a way of life. In fact, all kinds of Islamic knowledge and traditions were inherited from generation to generation by the Betawi people.

For them, Islam is a place where they can learn. They provide religious education to children at home, in the langgar and even in the mosque. The situation did not change much when the colonial government of the Dutch East Indies enforced the ethics policy in 1901. At that time, formal schools for the natives began to grow.

However, the most important thing remains religious education. Morning formal school day. Afternoon study of religion. Thanks to this routine, most Betawi people understand the letters better

“It really surprises us to see how firmly the Betawis have embraced Islam. For 350 years, the colonialists (Dutch) and the natives (Betawi) have remained like ‘oil and water’. Even though they met in a bottle, they were never The blow the Betawi people received from the Dutch as a colonized nation was very serious.”

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“Their houses consist of woven bamboo walls or thatched roofs. Live in muddy places. But when the time came, dawn broke, the faint sound of the call to prayer could be heard in the streets of the village.

. And so the villagers emerged from the muddy streets of Betawi village to pray together. Then they read the ratib:

The close connection between the Betawi people and Islam is not always considered sufficient for religious schools. Every Betawi Muslim certainly has in his heart the desire to fulfill the fifth pillar of Islam: performing Hajj.

Dunia Dalam Berita Tempo Dulu

For the Betawi people, the pilgrimage is considered prestigious. The costs are not cheap and the long journey is a problem. Moreover, the pilgrimage in ancient times took a long time. When the Suez Canal did not yet exist, the pilgrimage could take six months.

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This dynamic makes those who perform the Hajj pilgrimage feel that their social status and religious status have increased. This passion creates a desire in some people around them to do the same.

The problem of spending a lot of money often becomes a problem. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be worked around. A Betawi cultural observer, Masykur Isnan, said he would not be a Betawi person if he could not find the way out. Savings activities are seen as the solution.

Instead of going to the bank, the Betawi people, who lived mainly in villages during the Dutch era, relied on a unique way of saving. Generally, they gradually store their wealth in the bamboo that forms the walls of their house.

Controlled by colonialists. The tenacity and hard work of the people of Betawi to make the implementation of the fifth pillar of Islam one step more realistic. Sell ​​the land if necessary.

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Betawi people understand that hanging from bamboo carries the risk of termites eating the money. The Betawi people also prepared their protective charm. Masykur Isnan revealed that they have a trick against termites – one of them – is to rub cooking oil on the outside of the bamboo. The trick turned out to be successful. The proof is that many potential pilgrims leave Betawi every year.

Previously this was done using bamboo media. Bamboo is actually used as part of the construction of Betawi houses. The goal is to keep your saved money safe. Usually this is done so that the bamboo is in good condition and not damp. “In addition, the selected bamboo is one that stands quite high.

“In addition, there is information that prevents the development of termites in Betawi people, there is bamboo that is greased on the outside with cooking oil or coconut, so that termites Yasir Den Has, former TVRI prima donna, is an exemplary broadcaster with rich experience Broadcaster Yasir Born in Silungkang 1944, Den Has is one of the living legends of TVRI (Televisi Republik Indonesia).

Dunia Dalam Berita Tempo Dulu

A collage of Yasir Den Has when he served in the 1980s and appeared on TVRI’s Birthday in 2009. Yasir Den Has Instagram Photo, YouTube

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Broadcaster Yasir Den Has, born in Silungkang 1944, is one of the living legends of TVRI (Televisi Republik Indonesia). This graduate of the University of Indonesia Law School is known for presenting the World in the News broadcasts in the 80s and 90s. The program premiered on December 22, 1978 from 9:00 PM to 9:30 PM WIB every day.

By the grace of Almighty Allah, Yasir acquired a baritone voice. In the past, it was originally selected to read advertisements. After selecting thousands of advertisements starring Yasir. More than 60 percent of the advertisements circulating in Indonesia at the time, on radio, television and in cinemas, featured Yasir’s voice.

“First test among many broadcasters whose voice is suitable for reading certain advertisements. If you ever saw “Cathay Pacific” and “PAN AM” on the TVRI screen, it might have been my voice. There were a lot of them, especially cigarette ads,” he said.

Every day Yasir often records in Sanggar Prathivi Jakarta. Coincidentally, one of TVRI’s broadcasters, Rini Soetomo (wife of actor Deddy Soetomo), called him at the time to read about one of Unilever’s products. Rini was a radio producer at Unilever at the time.

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Yasir came to the studio, met Rini and then read the advertisement. Then Rini said, “TVRI is looking for news broadcasters. Do you want that or not?’ Yasir immediately agreed, thinking this was an opportunity for him. But he wasn’t sure what he was saying, he thought, Rini was just joking.

“I was curious. Coincidentally from Pasar Baru Timur to Gunung Sahari near Ahmad Syarief’s house (TVRI announcer). I stopped at Syarief’s house and said, ‘Is it true, TVRI is looking for an announcer for news anchors?’ “That’s right,” he replied, Yasir said.

Syarif suggested that he submit a proposal. The next day he took Yasir to TVRI. At the office, Yasir was introduced to sub-news head Adi Kasno. Syarief even called Yasir his teacher. Syarief actually studied broadcasting with Yasir when Yasir was still broadcasting at Radio Antar Nusa Djaja.

Dunia Dalam Berita Tempo Dulu

It was then confirmed that Yasir had to come to TVRI for the test at some point that day. The testers were Victor Huwae, Edwin Saleh Indrapraja, a former Radio Australia broadcaster, and Toeti Adhitama. 60 interested parties have registered. It turned out that only two people got through: Yasir himself and Didi Yudha Prawira. But Yasir was given the opportunity to choose whether he wanted to be a news anchor or a continuity announcer (for entertainment anchors). You chose, announcer.

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“Because it’s better, we finish work at that hour until that hour and go home. If you were a continuous broadcaster, I didn’t know from the morning on call what time it was broadcast. So I made sure chosen,” he said.

He eventually left to work at TVRI. Before Yasir, Idrus was the most famous broadcaster. A month, two months later, Idrus said: “Almost every day there are letters from fans for Yasir Den Has. Now I have lost. You are now the fans’ favorite,” he said. TVRI Primadonna, Yasir expressed his gratitude. His friendship with Idrus remains good.

In addition to broadcasting, Yasir Den Has has also written the book ‘Success tips for becoming a professional presenter: education behind the biography – Yasir Den Has, an exemplary broadcaster with rich experience’, with an introduction by cultural observer Taufik Ismail.

Claiming to be an exemplary broadcaster, rich in experience, is not the merit of Yasir himself. In 1978, DKI Jakarta held an election for the best private commercial radio announcer. And Yasir won first place and became the first exemplary broadcaster. That is why he calls himself: “An exemplary broadcaster rich in experience.”

Potret Tanah Abang Tempo Dulu Tahun 1900 An, Bikin Nostalgia

Yasir has been broadcasting on air force radio since 1964. His broadcast room is in Poland, where he still broadcasts. 9FM aviation information flourishes on Airmen Radio 107. Yasir’s distinctive baritone voice can still be heard on Good Morning Jakarta, Good Morning Indonesia and Good Morning World on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7am to 10am. Saturday morning at 7:00-10:00 am Let’s Remember program.

“I sing old songs like Titiek Sandhora, Lilies Suryani, Ernie Djohan. I used to broadcast it with my wife. Then on Sunday evening I went back to nostalgia with Yasir Den Has and Rina Den Has,” he said.

If you listen to the footage of the TVRI broadcast, Yasir speaks word for word in a very clear baritone voice. Word for word it rang in my ears, there was no mistake.

Dunia Dalam Berita Tempo Dulu

“For example, the abbreviation DPR. People read it: ‘De Pe Er’, which is incorrect. The correct one is (pronounced letter by letter according to the sound) DPR. (The letter ‘e’ is (sounds) sharp.) The same goes for : DKI. “Many broadcasters don’t know that these days. We used to learn letter by letter,” he exclaimed. – Surabaya is not only known as the City of Heroes, but also as the City of INDAH MARDI (Maritime Trade and Education).

Podcast: Yuk Kenal Jakarta Tempo Doeloe

As a trading city, there are of course several trading places that are legendary and become references for merchants to meet their needs. They are not only traders from Surabaya, but also from outside the island, such as Papua, Maluku, Sulawesi, Kalimantan and others. This is because Surabaya is located near the port of Tanjung Perak, which makes it easy for traders to transport their goods in large quantities.

In this second edition, the author will now point out the legendary markets in Surabaya, hoping that the people of Surabaya and the Indonesian people in particular will be aware of the actions of the markets in Surabaya in moving the economy . . The following is a complete profile of the legendary market.

When we hear the name “Pasar Bong”, our image imagines a market near a Chinese village. There is no error in this image. Because Pasar Bong’s location on Jl. Slompretan (Chinese Bree Street) near Jl. Japanese flowers have been part of the business community from the past to the present. Moreover, it is also close to the Ampel area where Raden Rahmatullah, known as Sunan Ampel, first spread Islam.


Soerabaia Tempo Doeloe “hotel Legendaris“

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