Download Aplikasi Kasir Laundry Gratis

Download Aplikasi Kasir Laundry Gratis – The most complete and reliable washing program has been installed in various types of laundries in Indonesia. All versions of the program can be used for Kilos Laundry as well as for Dry & Wet Cleaning, CARPET Laundry and COIN Laundry

In addition to having many improvements compared to the previous version (ADV-1/ADV-2), Programlaundry can also solve the challenges that exist in many laundries on a small or large scale. Suitable for dry cleaning units with large quantities of items and can also be easily used for weight washing, carpets, bags and shoes. The Laundry program is ready to use for local networks (LAN ready). The database uses a MySQL database, the reports are more complete and comprehensive. If necessary, Reports and Master Data can be saved in Excel format. Equipped with a flexible Accounting Module that can be adjusted to suit the needs of any business, able to provide profit and loss reports and balance sheets at the touch of a button.

Download Aplikasi Kasir Laundry Gratis

Download Aplikasi Kasir Laundry Gratis

1 3 . It supports Dot Matrix Printers, Thermal Pos Printers (56mm or 80mm) and dot matrix printers (75mm) and InkJet Printers (regular printers).

Keunggulan Pakai Kasir Laundry Terbaik

1 4 . Flexible items can be used for UNIT, AREA (Carpet), Lot, Batch or Cycle and KILOAN or a combination of all.

1 5 . It supports Cashier Drawer connected directly to PC  (via USB or serial mail on PC)   or via POS Printer  (Cashier Printer, such as Epson  TMU-220,   ).

The Member feature in ProgramLaundry supports customers using Barcode equipped Member Cards. The use of barcodes will speed up the process of tracking transactions and locating customers.

All versions of support mini printers/dot matrix pos printers and thermal printers (58mm-80mm)  This app also supports auto-cut feature and cash drawer connected to a POS printer. Using a mini printer, the cost of printing notes can be reduced to a minimum, making printing more practical and flexible. There are currently 2-ply or 3-ply receipt papers available on the market for dotmatrix printers.

Aplikasi Laundry Berbasis Dekstop Menggunakan Java Netbeans Gratis’s laundry app also supports cash drawers. Directly connected to PC via USB or serial port or cash register drawer connected to a mini/pos/cash register printer (Epson TMU-220, SAM4S Thermal Printer [ELLIX35] or standalone equivalent). Increase the security of your laundry shop

Some major laundromats implement laundry package systems. For example: laundry package 50kg per month 250,000 Rp, -. The Laundry Program gives laundry business managers the freedom to define different types of laundry packages.

Customers or members who have purchased a laundry package or package membership will automatically be detected when they do laundry and if their laundry quota is still full or has not expired, the quota amount of -laundry is deducted automatically. The package request history can also be displayed at any time.

Download Aplikasi Kasir Laundry Gratis

In some areas, many customers prefer to entrust their laundry money to the laundry shop manager so that when washing clothes, the customer does not have to pay the money back but is immediately debited for the amount given.

Usaha Laundry Kiloan, Modal 10 Juta Untung 3 Juta, Tertarik?

Customers can be set up to earn points every time they make a purchase. You can also choose which service items and items give points to customers.

The agent system includes, agent database, agent commission rate. Commissions can be differentiated between sales in kilograms, units and carpet cleaning. Invoices can be issued to each merchant for a certain period of time for all pending transactions. Agent Invoice Pay automatically pays all transactions connected to the invoice.

Checklist or laundry details function to record laundry details/items in kilo laundry services. can register checklists with details including color and brand if required. The checklist can also be printed whenever needed.

The laundry app from is equipped with various types of reports, including sales reports, laundry complete/incomplete reports, laundry sent reports, laundry delivered reports, and laundry reports, receipt, expenses and cashier’s income, etc.

Aplikasi Web Laundry Laravel & Jquery Ajax

The accounting module, in addition to providing Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports, also provides flexibility to the laundry manager in determining accounting account entries. So, this accounting module can be used by both beginner and advanced level accounting users.

The email feature is a convenience that helps laundromat managers easily receive reports (report module output) via email. Whenever a report is needed, it can be sent directly via email with just one click. The report contains a summary and annexes as an Excel file. The time period in which the report data is sent can be adjusted when the report is sent via email. Email reports are also sent automatically when the cashier makes a daily report. Normally, every day the cashier makes a minimum of 3 reports: when the store opens, noon or afternoon, and finally when the store closes shop.door, all the cashier has to do is show the amount of sales and income in money, then compare the actual amount (count money) and save the report. Please see the demo video at

The photo and video feature is a useful means of capturing images of customer laundry and videos of customer laundry, both photos and videos can be captured when entering a transaction or added after a completed transaction (notes). For some conditions, customers do not have to wait for the laundry registration/counting process to be completed. This module will make laundry management easier in tracking lost or mixed up laundry. There is no need to move files or rename files, everything is done automatically by the washing program. This feature is included in the Ultimate edition but can be added to other editions for an additional fee.

Download Aplikasi Kasir Laundry Gratis

FEATURES WhatsApp is a WhatsApp sending software that is integrated with the laundry program so that customers can receive laundry notifications when the laundry is done. Notes are also sent automatically via WhatsApp (no need to copy/paste). This program requires a WhatsApp web connection on the PC to be used to send WA, so there is no special subscription fee to be able to send WhatsApp messages automatically.

Call / Wa

WhatsApp : 081905082008 This email address is protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The development of the world in this millennium is very fast, especially in the field of information technology. The speed and accuracy of information is a big issue, so it must be supported by adequate information technology.

The laundry business is a commercial activity related to laundry services using automatic washer dryers and special cleaning solutions and perfumes. This business is popping up like mushrooms in the big cities, where there are many boarding houses and rented houses, where the boarders or renters do not have time or cannot do their own washing and ironing because of their busy lives. The busy schedule theirs is the students and workers.

About the App Laundry Service Management Cashier App is an application used to help cashiers in laundry services easily perform transaction activities and generate revenue reports. Therefore, this application can support the process of preparing income reports quickly, accurately and precisely, providing professional services to clients and minimizing possible errors.

App download package If you download the laundry service management cashier app, the app package includes several files, specifically:

Download Aplikasi Kasir Laundry Gratis: Solusi Modern Untuk Pengelolaan Usaha Anda

Download Application By downloading the source code of the laundry service management cashier application, it means that you have accepted our service policy. Please download the laundry service management cashier application in the button below.

To buy, order, create and inquire about app pricing, please contact us via WhatsApp on 0897-4650-548 or click the button below. Live Chat By clicking any link on this page, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

Cleanlab POS Laundry Cashier App: Number 1 Best Laundry Management Software. 1 in Indonesia! FREE FOREVER! Use this laundry app to make your laundry job easier!

Download Aplikasi Kasir Laundry Gratis

Now everything can be done with the Cleanlab POS Laundry Cashier App! This free Android based laundry app is ready to use right on your Android!

Aplikasi Kasir Gratis Untuk Android

From the winner of the Startup World Cup international competition and the founder of the successful high-tech laundry company Cleanlab Laundry. The free Cleanlab POS Laundry Cashier application is designed by laundry business people for other laundry business people in Indonesia.

Cashier Feature (POS) – You can use this Android laundry app as a cashier to record, manage and monitor all transactions done in your laundry shop

Payment and Debit/Cash Features: This Android laundry app can also be used to learn more about all transactions with your customers and manage customer payment batches more more accurate and safer for your laundry business.

Accounting features: No need to learn financial and accounting theory, now the Cleanlab POS laundry app can automatically record the finances for your laundry business. Everything is stored online and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Aplikasi Kasir Wirausaha Majoo

Employee monitoring features: You can track the attendance and performance of workers with Cleanlab POS laundry software to ensure that your laundry business runs smoothly even without staff supervision. direct.

Customer contact and note sending feature: Contact your customers via phone, SMS and Whatsapp directly with Cleanlab POS laundry software! Provide more services to your customers with more sophisticated and modern services.

You can use laundry cashier app mode offline (without internet) or laundry cashier app mode online (with internet) so that this laundry software can it continues to work well, in every situation and everywhere.

Download Aplikasi Kasir Laundry Gratis

Use this free laundry software to get the best benefits, like having an accountant and a personal assistant with just one Android laundry app. All in one laundry management system!

Laundry Pos App Apk Untuk Unduhan Android

Come join the community of laundromat owners who have experienced the ease and sophistication of this free laundry software!

Our Customer Service Department is always ready to assist you, for your convenience and comfort when using our services. For any information or support you need about our services,

Or contact us through the website for a demo tour and special pricing for the Cleanlab POS laundry cashier application and laundry management software at:

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