Desain Meja Ruang Tamu Minimalis

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This modern design minimalist coffee table looks very attractive and elegant using the application

Desain Meja Ruang Tamu Minimalis

Desain Meja Ruang Tamu Minimalis

Beautiful, and is very suitable for a coffee table in the living room at your home, so it makes the guests who come to enjoy it happy, looks good and elegant in the living room, minimalist design to a very classic and sought after by many people, the table is a combination of carving in Each foot arch creates a classic look from everyone who sees it, so there is chatter in the living room looking good and cozy.

Desain Ruang Tamu Minimalis Warna Putih

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Meja Ruang Tamu Minimalis Rumah Modern

In addition, the guest table will be the focal point of the room. Choosing the wrong one can make the room look narrower and worse. So, how do you choose the right type of coffee table?

To answer this question, the first thing we can do is figure out what kind of coffee table first.

In addition, each model of coffee table has its own advantages. That way we can choose what suits our needs. Come on, take a look below.

Desain Meja Ruang Tamu Minimalis

First, coffee tables were created because we needed to serve hot drinks. However, this table can be a place to store magazines, books, flower vases or other accessories.

Desain Ruang Tamu Minimalis Yang Nyaman

What you need to consider before buying a coffee table for the living room is its height. Make sure the coffee table is about 5 cm lower than the sofa.

In addition, add about 40 cm from the edge of the table to the sofa and about 28-30 cm from the table to the TV cabinet or other furniture opposite the table. At the same time, the relative length of the table is 2 thirds of the length of the sofa. Therefore, the room does not seem too small.

So you can use a coffee table like the one below. Just put a tablecloth or flower vase on the table and pair it with a patterned rug to make the room more beautiful.

Nagano coffee table – Chocolate. This customized guest table can create a classic look in the living room.

Meja Tamu Minimalis Ini Bikin Ruang Makin Hidup

This table is like a coffee table. However, this table is more versatile as it has soft cushions so it can be used as an extra chair.

Generally, ottoman tables come in many colors and sizes that can be adjusted according to the atmosphere and size of the living room at home.

Of course, you can also place several ottoman tables in different places so that the room looks even more beautiful. You can also use it as a corner table to decorate the room.

Desain Meja Ruang Tamu Minimalis

It is a coffee table consisting of 2 to 3 tables stacked together. Well, all these tables have the same shape.

Rekomendasi Meja Tamu Minimalis Terbaik

This guest table is a solution for those with a narrow living room. Not only can it add stylish value to the room, but you can also get an extra table without wasting much space.

Isola coffee table – white. This elegantly designed guest table can instantly make your living room stylish.

Widely used to place decorations, such as flower vases, plants or statues. However, you can also use it as a storage space.

As below, which has a storage drawer. So you can put things in it and also display it on the table.

Model Desain Meja Tamu Minimalis Untuk Ruang Tamu Cantik

Rogan Console Table – Dark Walnut Brown. This game table is ready to give a luxurious and classic feel to the living room.

A table with a glass top is definitely the most effective “weapon” to instantly create a stylish living room. Not only beautiful, glass tables are also easy to clean.

In addition, there are now more and more glass table designs suitable for different living room styles and atmospheres, from minimalist to luxurious.

Desain Meja Ruang Tamu Minimalis

In addition, glass tables are also suitable for small living rooms as they can give the impression of a larger room. You just need to combine it with a minimalist sofa in a bright color.

Meja Sofa Tamu Modern Kayu Besi

Like the glass table below which has elegant silver legs that make it the center of attention in the living room. Add a vase of golden flowers to complete the living room.

Cordova coffee table – Silver. A table with this surface will make your ordinary living room more attractive.

So, of all the types of coffee tables, which is your favorite? Don’t worry, you’ll just find all kinds of coffee tables at .

In this one, you will also find various other decorations and furniture from famous brands belonging to the Kawan Lama Group, such as ACE, Selma, Informa and many more. In addition to sofas, a coffee table or an armchair is a very important part of your minimalist living room. A minimalist coffee table will not only be a place to serve drinks and snacks to guests, but will also function as a table

Jual Meja Ruang Tamu Minimalis Sederhana Warna Putih

In addition to changing the style according to the overall interior, you also need to take into account the size of the guest table and the lowest chairs that will be placed in the living room or family of rooms. Check out some of the tips below!

The most common material used to make a coffee table is wood. In addition to being able to integrate with different interior styles, wooden tables are easy to find and prices vary. One example you can see is the minimalist coffee table design above.

This chart shows the original color of the lacquered wood. At the same time, the designer used iron on the legs. ​​​​​​​has been arranged in a way that would resemble a cube frame. Leaving the base empty not only makes the table stand out, but also prevents it from being scarce in the room.

Desain Meja Ruang Tamu Minimalis

If you are bored with the box shape of the table that just looks like this, you can choose another shape. One of them is this special round table. Made of wood, on the legs you can see a special pattern that looks like a brick arrangement at first glance. In addition, the coffee table’s unique color that contrasts with its surroundings makes it the perfect focal point of the room.

Desain Ruang Tamu Minimalis Yang Nyaman Dan Elegan

A coffee table does not always have to be a table. You have the freedom to turn anything in your home into a coffee table. Of course, as long as the shape is appropriate and has aesthetic value.

Like a table in the middle of the room. Details in the form of stripes and chest lock, make it even more beautiful when placed in the family room or living room.

Placing two coffee tables at the same time in the middle of the room is a unique style that you can add to your living room. You can even choose two tables of different sizes, or two tables of the same size as shown in the design above.

Glass also makes the table more luxurious and elegant. Both concepts of this minimalist guest list are effective

Sofa Tamu Minimalis 3 Seater Simple Elegant Design Hd 0115

Room More practical, its compact shape allows you to store one of the tables when you don’t need it. So that the room feels more spacious.

Japanese style interior design is always interesting to look at. In addition to being simple, Japanese interiors are based on natural materials and nuances. The term lesehan is also one of the characteristics closely related to the culture of this cherry blossom country.

If you don’t want a living room that is too busy and full of furniture, then using the Japanese concept of a cross-legged coffee table is not so interesting, you know!

Desain Meja Ruang Tamu Minimalis

These are some inspirations for minimalist coffee table designs that you can use at home. Do you know which one to choose?

Jual Meja Console Minimalis Jari Jari

This freelance writer with 5 years of experience is very passionate about the world of writing. His life motto is “Holiness is doing the right thing when no one is watching.” Each living room has a sofa and table. However, when choosing the size of the guest table, you should not be careless. If not, the room will feel cramped.

In addition to being a decoration, the guest table is also often used to place snacks and serve drinks to visiting relatives.

For this reason, we must choose the right coffee table model. As a result, the room feels even more spacious and looks attractive.

So, this time we have some guest table size guide according to the model that you can use as a reference, as follows.

Sofa Minimalis Untuk Ruang Tamu Kecil Dan Harganya

This round guest table is 40 cm in diameter. Besides the minimalist model, this table is also multi-purpose because it has storage space to put things, such as books, sofa cushions and so on.

This table is rectangular with an attached storage shelf. The dimensions of this guest table are approximately 100 × 40, 3 × 55 cm. Therefore is suitable to be located in the middle of a minimalist living room. You can choose brown to make it more beautiful.

To save more space, we can choose a table set with 4 small chairs as below. The size of this guest table is very compact, which is about 70x70x45 cm. At the same time, the chair is 32 × 32 cm.

Desain Meja Ruang Tamu Minimalis

This two-tier guest table measures 120x40x46 cm. We can use the table top to set up table decorations and entertain guests. At the same time, the foundation can be used as a place to put it on

Meja Tamu Minimalis Terbaru Untuk Rumah Modern Masa Kini

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