Dashboard Xl7

Dashboard Xl7 – The 2023 Suzuki XL7 Hybrid has several advantages of a hybrid vehicle; efficient fuel consumption but can be had at an affordable price.

The XL7 is not a new name or version for Suzuki. If you look back a few years, in 2003 Suzuki used the XL7 name or code on the Grand Escudo XL7, which is short for “Xtra Large”, which can accommodate up to 7 people in the cabin.

Dashboard Xl7

Dashboard Xl7

After long disappeared as a three-row Suzuki car, the XL7 name returned to the Indonesian car market on February 15, 2020. Coming as a low SUV, no longer a mid-size SUV that immediately became a competitor to the Xpander Cross, Toyota Rush and Daihatsu Terios.

Beli Mobil 2021 Suzuki Xl7 Alpha 1.5 Bekas

In 2023, the XL7 will come with a mild hybrid model, introduced on June 15, 2023 with several variants such as XL7 Alpha which is the top variant, XL7 Beta which is the most basic variant of the Suzuki XL7 2023 Hybrid. What does this latest generation XL7 offer?

The exterior has not received many changes made by Suzuki. The color game is a change made in this latest XL7. There’s also a two-tone body color option on the top grade, with plenty of black accents on the exterior.

The face of the 2023 Suzuki XL7 looks even tougher and bolder with the use of a more muscular grille, headlight and hood design, and a bumper. On the top type, namely the XL7 Alpha, the front light uses an LED (Light Emitting Diode) with an auto-on function. When you turn the switch to auto, the sensor will detect ambient light. If it is dark, the front light will turn on automatically.

However, there are some surprising parts about this car compared to the conventional version. For example, in the headlight section, the XL7’s rear fog lamp still retains the usual halogen bulb for illumination when driving through dense fog.

Suzuki Xl7 Limited In Silver

Black fenders around the body of the car show the XL7’s prowess as an SUV. The wheels of this latest generation are black, enhancing and emphasizing the strong impression of this car. These black rims are only available on alpha and beta variants in size 195/60 R16. You can also see the roof rails and underbody protection, which are the hallmarks of a true SUV.

There are not many changes in the latest generation XL7 compared to the previous generation. Only a few additional details can decorate the rear view of this car.

Such as adding a chrome detail under the rear wiper, adding a hybrid badge on the alpha and beta variants, and changing the color of the alpha and beta lettering, which was previously red, is now blue because it carries hybrid technology .

Dashboard Xl7

The interior of Suzuki XL7 2023 has changed a lot compared to the previous generation. As you enter the cabin, you will feel a change in the interior color to a darker color with a combination of gray and black. There are also black wood accents on the door panels and dashboard.

Jual Jual Cover Dashboard Suzuki Xl7 Alas Dashboard Dasboard Dasbor Hiasan Dashboard Karpet Dashboard

This latest generation XL7 has a dashboard that is no less cool than the exterior. The dashboard is finished in black and the use of carbon fiber trim in the middle makes the cabin even sportier.

The steering wheel of this car gets a sporty touch, such as the use of leather to wrap the steering wheel. The sporty print is increasingly bold with the flat bottom design often found on expensive sports cars. There are also buttons on the steering wheel to control audio usage so you can stay focused while driving. There is a steering tilt setting, although it cannot be telescopic.

The seats of the latest XL7 are soft and comfortable due to the use of soft and comfortable foam on both the driver and passenger side, as it can support the body well. Wrapped in a combination of synthetic leather and fabric, it gives a luxurious and comfortable impression.

Equipped with a height adjuster, it offers the driver convenience in determining the desired driving position. There are three rows of seats in the cabin to accommodate up to seven passengers.

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This car, which can carry seven passengers, has a very large capacity, offering flexibility in storing luggage when traveling long distances. The standard luggage compartment when all rows of seats are not folded is 153 liters.

If it is necessary to increase the capacity at the expense of the rear seat, the luggage capacity will be 550 liters. Boot capacity increases to 803 liters if both rear seats are folded down.

The entertainment system is supported by SmartPlay Studio infotainment which has a 7.0-inch touchscreen and can be connected to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Entertainment features can be accessed from buttons on the steering wheel, so that operation is more concise and does not interfere with concentration while driving.

Dashboard Xl7

What sets this car apart from its competitors is the E Mirror touchscreen in the center rearview mirror that can be used multi-functionally as a Dash Cam that can record the journey status until you reach your destination. The second feature is a reversing camera, which provides better visibility when backing up in heavy rain.

Suzuki Xl7 Non Hybrid

There are several standard driving safety features on the latest XL7. With ABS, EBD and ESP, this car is capable of providing safety while driving on urban roads.

Coming in two hybrid variants, it turns out that this car carries mild hybrid technology for the Alpha and Beta variants, which uses a 1.5L K15B 4-cylinder petrol engine capable of producing 104.7bhp at 6000rpm and 138Nm of torque spinning at 4,400 rpm from the Suzuki Smart Hybrid Vehicle (SHVS) combined motor with 10 Ah battery.

Power is sent to both front wheels (FWD) with a 5-speed manual (MT) and 4-speed automatic (AT) transmission. There is also a regenerative braking feature that can charge this car’s lithium-ion battery.

The team that gained experience driving the Alpha Suzuki XL7 Hybrid in Yogyakarta recorded that the fuel consumption over 2 days with a distance of about 120 km using the full-to-full method reached 19 km/l.

Potret Suzuki Xl7 Dari Berbagai Sudut

These results prove that the SHVS technology that Suzuki has incorporated into the XL7 Hybrid reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. This is also supported by the use of a larger capacity battery so that the automatic engine start and stop function works more optimally. It outperforms its competitors in the mid-size SUV segment, such as Rush, Terios and Xpander Cross.

With the various features associated with this car, the price set to redeem it ranges from IDR 283,900,000 for the base hybrid variant to IDR 304,900,000 for the top hybrid variant. The price offered is quite affordable compared to other hybrid cars.

The Suzuki XL7 appears as a fuel-efficient electrification option backed by typical Suzuki features. The more affordable price compared to other hybrid cars also makes its appeal even greater. But otherwise, the XL7 Hybrid doesn’t differ much from the standard variant.

Dashboard Xl7

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Suzuki New XL-7 is a medium-sized SUV, which has a luxurious, stylish, sporty design and is more comfortable for family use.

Novosibirsk Russia October 2019 Suzuki Xl7 Black Car Interior Dashboard

One of Suzuki’s new SUVs is the already popular XL7. Because it has many new features and designs, it is more comfortable and looks modern.

From the outside (exterior) it looks strong and elegant. This makes it an SUV that stands out from other cars. Using a grille equipped with a combination of black patterns and the presence of fog lights, the XL7 appears bolder and longer.

On the side, with a dynamic and fluid shoulder line, with a lower roof at the rear. This makes the look more aerodynamic and reflects power.

Dashboard Xl7

On the inside (interior) it becomes more comfortable, elegant and spacious, one of them because the XL7 is 130 mm longer and has a luggage capacity of 199 liters. The interior air conditioning feels cooler and is evenly distributed across all rows of seats, plus there’s a cooler in the cup holder so the drinks or food you bring stays cool.

Intip Spion Suzuki Xl7, Tercanggih Di Kelasnya

The elegant impression is clearly visible in the design of the instrument panel, equipped with black accents that wrap the interior panels, steering wheel and door trims. Fuller steering wheel features with entertainment and phone buttons for easier audio, music and phone use. And it has Bluetooth

No less important is the ESP (Electronic Stability Program) technology, which is an advanced technology that maximizes car control with a system that detects and minimizes skidding. This also minimizes the symptoms of understeer and oversteer while driving.

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