Daftar Penyiar Cnn Indonesia

Daftar Penyiar Cnn Indonesia – . Start by getting financing from your parents. Having a big name from your parents Or at least have “insider” connections.

The provision does not apply to Risky Harisnanda, an alumnus of the Communication Studies program at the Faculty of Social and Political Science at Mohammediyah University (FISIP) Jakarta, who currently has a successful career as a news anchor for CNN Indonesia, although he does not have one.

Daftar Penyiar Cnn Indonesia

Daftar Penyiar Cnn Indonesia

Risky never thought he could pursue a career in journalism as a news anchor. But he realized that he was really interested in this field.

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Risky Harisnanda now appears on CNN Indonesia’s TV screens through Good Morning, which airs every day at 7:30 a.m. WIB.

When we met on Tuesday (10/02/2023) after the FISIP Communication Science Study Program, the alumnus, who started his studies in 2009, shared his life story.

Risky realized that his parents didn’t have the money to pay his tuition. And he didn’t have an extensive network to help him later in his career. This made Risky determined to try harder than anyone else.

He admits that he has had a busy time with no days off due to juggling studies while working and improving his skills by studying English. He finances all this with his salary which is only equal to UMR.

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“After graduating from high school I was also unemployed for a year. Being at my lowest point made me not only quiet, but also quieter. But also think and reflect on yourself. After getting the job I decided to enter university. “I chose a major that I thought was easy and fun. and when entering university It turned out not to be easy,” Riske said.

Feeling that studying alone was not enough, Risky felt that he needed to improve his language skills by taking private English lessons. Even though it is an English subject in middle school and high school. But he was quite scared.

“I am passionate about learning. Time to study or learn English I would always sit in the front seat, so excited,” he recalls.

Daftar Penyiar Cnn Indonesia

Studying theory was not enough, in 2011 Risky decided to attend the prestigious Abang None Jakarta event. The goal is to gain experience and improve.

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To build a career, the West Sumatra native initially faced a crisis of confidence as he joined the event. He felt that his background was not as bright as the other Abang Non contestants. from a famous university both at home and abroad. However, he overcame that inferiority complex and eventually made it to the finals.

According to Risky, Risky’s passage to the finals was a blessing from Allah SWT as he was previously declared ineligible.

“But a few days before the competition The organizers contacted me and said that I had qualified because one of the contestants had dropped out. “It is considered extraordinary luck. I believe Allah will never give that luck to someone he doesn’t want,” Riski said with a beaming face.

The Abang None incident was the gateway to Risky’s career. With the knowledge gained during Abang None, Risky continued to hone his skills.

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“If you haven’t worked with Abang None before, maybe right now you don’t know what you want to be. Because that’s where your career begins (Abang None). Then I started accumulating flight hours, and Abang None started advertising outside of work. “Then the network expanded. So there are more jobs coming in,” he said.

When Risky started his career He uses his bitter experiences as a vehicle for evaluation and inspiration to study hard. The experience of being called an MC that wasn’t fun enough motivated Risky to actively learn to be a professional MC with a focus on other MCs.

“In principle I know I have limitations. But don’t let that deter you. I will try to learn as much as possible. He said that he used to complain that the MCs were not good. He has also been the MC for 3 to 4 day events, evaluating the first day as being less busy. I quit but learned from other presenters. “The way I learned was when there was an event at the JCC, I went to every booth to pay attention to the other presenters,” the man born on April 27, 1990 concluded.

Daftar Penyiar Cnn Indonesia

Aside from being a host, Risky also tries his luck in other ways. A travel program on Kompas TV, TVRI DKI Jakarta, a news anchor on Jawapostv, and currently an anchor for CNN Indonesia, Risky’s experience and acumen as a journalist spans a career from one medium to another.

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Risky expressed his pride as an alumnus of Ilkom FISIP. According to him, education is very good because it is based on Islamic values.

“The world of communications is close to dar dar dar, ‘that’ kind of thing, and there’s one advantage that makes the difference, which is al-Islam and the value of Muhammadiyah. “That’s the shield for your career.” He said the TV program Risky Harisnanda on Jawapostv Indonesia and CNN while airing.

He did not hesitate to participate as a thank you for being a part of his profession.

“How can I help? I want to help, so that’s part of my professional journey. S1 certificate that I use for my career I am very proud of the ever-improving campus. This building has never existed before. I have learned at the entrance ((Perentis Building) in the front building “Snacks and food were always in Umi’s hut,” he says with amazement, recalling his university days.

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In addition to the memories of the desserts at Umi Shop, which still stands near the Islamic Religious Building, Risky also remembers the generosity of the FISIP executive officer who now heads TU FISIP. Elangsari, also known as Wulandar or Familiar Wulan, contacted Risky when he was unable to complete his dissertation.

“At one point I disappeared from campus and contacted Mbak Wulan to return to college. Don’t waste it and finish it. “Finally, I finished my thesis with the same supervisor, Mr. Sofiandi. Until being put on probation and graduating,” he said.

Risky, who used to be jealous because he couldn’t be like his friends who could go on vacation or buy the latest cell phone and enjoy the fruits of their labor. At least now he can enjoy the results of the process he performed all those years ago.

Daftar Penyiar Cnn Indonesia

“For students going to college with their parents’ funds, you’re in luck, enjoy it and learn as much as you can. Participate in organizations, activities and make the most of your university. Look for opportunities outside of university to gain other insights. Perhaps insights from outside the campus can add value to the campus. Don’t agree yet. Do everything you can to add value and experience. “It’s great to have a lot of experience after graduating from university.”

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“I am proud to be a journalist. It’s great to be able to express your opinions through the platform. Useful work for many people Work isn’t just for money. But there is also worship in it. This is possible if we have a good personality according to norms, religion and morality.” CNN Indonesia is a free and paid digital news television network (on Transvision and IndiHome TV) as well as a news website owned by Trans Media called CNN from Warner. Bros. by Discovery (via Warner Bros. Discovery Asia-Pacific)

The channel first broadcast on Monday 17 August 2015. The main launch took place on 15 December 2015 to celebrate Transmedia’s 14th anniversary.

CNN Indonesia broadcasts in Indonesian from Trans Media studios, offering local and international content with a focus on general news, business, sports, technology and entertainment. Meanwhile, the news website CNNndonesia.com It launched on 20 October 2014 with Yusuf Arifin as editor-in-chief.

CNN Indonesia currently broadcasts 24 hours a day and can be viewed on pay TV channels Transvision, IndiHome TV, live streaming, digital terrestrial channels in many regions in Indonesia, and Trans TV and Trans7 analog and digital.

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According to a report published by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and Oxford University in 2021, CNN Indonesia is the most trusted media by Indonesians. which increased to 69%

According to Ishadi SK, CNN Indonesia’s presence dates back to 2009, when Transmedia explored a partnership with CNN (which at the time was controlled by Turner Broadcasting System, a subsidiary of Time Warner/Werner Media, until 2019). Based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, Turner and Warner Media, now known as Warner Bros. Discovery, agreed to broadcast CNN Indonesia digitally later in the planned partnership. However, due to stagnant digital television in Indonesia, Therefore, this project could not be carried out at that time.

An agreement signed on February 28, 2014 by Chirul Tanjung and Jeff Zucker, representing TransMedia and CNN International, respectively, makes the plan active only in 2014-2015. CT expressed hope that CNN Indonesia will become A new alternative channel for reliable, interesting and quality news 24 hours a day, produced by professional journalists and CNN itself, and has become a tool for Indonesia and the world to understand each other.

Daftar Penyiar Cnn Indonesia

CNN will provide broadcast plans and broadcast software. While other requirements (staff, building, equipment, etc.) will be provided by Trans Media (as well as CNBC Indonesia at a later date), the initial plan is for CNN Indonesia to begin broadcasting in September 2014 and will be accessible on multiple platforms via website CNNndonesia.com

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However, until the planned time, CNN Indonesia has not started operations. This may be due to the processing of broadcast operating licenses for parent companies and networks from KPIs and regional KPIs.

Trans Media initially planned to establish a television station called Detik TV. Detik TV started as the news video content division of detik.com (which was later acquired by Trans Media in 2011). It has been in existence since March 1, 2011. It was launched in 2007 and was initially thought of as Internet TV and mobile TV.

Content varies from news to entertainment. and news programs recently broadcast on Trans TV and Trans7 (such as reporting and editorial), as well as some live broadcasts online.

Initially, Detik TV was also planned as digital terrestrial television by Trans Media.

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