Contoh Desain Ruang Tamu Minimalis

Contoh Desain Ruang Tamu Minimalis – The living room is an important part of the house. Because this room is a room that will be seen by many people who visit our house.

It is not surprising that the host will organize the stay in such a way that the guests who come will be impressed and feel at home in the house they are visiting.

Contoh Desain Ruang Tamu Minimalis

Contoh Desain Ruang Tamu Minimalis

1. For those of you who have a house with limited land, the minimalist design of the living room is usually combined with the family room. In order not to look cramped, simply place a large sofa in the living room

Rekomendasi Desain Ruang Tamu Apartemen Mewah

2. Monochrome gives the room a simple and spacious impression. Iron or wooden furniture that is not too thick makes the room not seem bulky

4. The combination of yellow and dark green actually makes the minimalist living room design attractive and aesthetic. Don’t forget to use patterned wooden floors to give the room a warm atmosphere

5. Want to try an anti-mainstream design? Use wooden parrots on the walls. To make it more pleasant, place some decorative plants in the corner of the living room

6. One way to get around a minimalist space is to smartly use the space as storage. This is an example of using a storage shelf and guest table

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7. Tired of iron living room furniture? You can try rattan furniture like this minimalist living room design

9. A limited living room does not prevent you from installing many screens. You can get around this problem with hanging screens so you can still save space

10. In addition to plants, frames can also beautify a small living room. Don’t forget to add a rug in the same color as the divider between the living room and dining room as in the next photo

Contoh Desain Ruang Tamu Minimalis

11. Leaving a luxurious impression, you can choose this minimalist gray living room design. Don’t forget to add color-coordinated pendant lights and rugs

Contoh Model Partisi Penyekat Ruang Tamu Minimallis Modern |kediri

12. Even if you’re indoors, you can give the living room a natural touch with plants in pots and windows looking out of the house

13. Your living room will look cozier if you use vinyl flooring like the one below. So, to maintain the aesthetic look, you can add screens with photo frames and decorative pendant lights

14. Minimalist living room design will look very aesthetic with a large picture behind the sofa. So choose furniture colors in earth tones, such as gray and mustard

15. Rattan rugs are the right choice to give the impression of a comfortable room. If you want to make the room more unique, you can use wooden furniture as a combination

Gaya Interior Ruang Tamu Terfavorit Keluarga

16. Pink can rarely be used for a minimalist design. In fact, you can combine it with neutral colors like white to make it simple and elegant

17. If you have a white room, a gray sofa will create an elegant minimalist living room. Don’t forget to add tables and other furniture such as mirrors

18. A narrow room is not an obstacle to creating a beautiful living room. You can include a sofa, table and minimalist lamps so they don’t fill the room

Contoh Desain Ruang Tamu Minimalis

19. In addition to being a place to receive guests, the living room is also a place to relax. So adding a large window to the edge of the room like this is a good idea

Desain Ruang Tamu Minimalis Elegan Archives

20. The minimalist design of the living room will be even more attractive with additional decorations. In addition to the paintings, the room is also embellished with ceramic decorations such as vases or glasses on the walls

21. This is a minimalist living room design that you can try next. To maximize incoming light, you can create brightness by placing windows higher

22. If you have an apartment with limited space, you can solve this problem by installing partitions. Wooden partitions can give a classic touch, you know!

23. In addition to rattan, bamboo furniture can also create a unique atmosphere in the living room. This inspiration is suitable for those of you who want to create a natural concept room with natural materials. Nice, isn’t it?

Kursi Sofa Tamu Minimalis Modern Terbaru Jepara Harga Murah Df 0054

24. You can imitate the design of European Scandinavian style houses, you know. Neutral colors are the best choice. Geometric accents can also give an impression of sophistication

25. Finally, you can give the impression of joy with a striking yellow color. Also, you can combine it with black and white. The key to designing a minimalist living room is less is more or prioritizing function. However, by choosing the right furniture and a good color palette, the minimalist living room will look beautiful.

This minimalist living room is not only a place for guests and family to socialize, but it can also be a space for gathering, relaxing, or watching TV. And to achieve a minimalist, functional and beautiful living room design, you only need a few key elements.

Contoh Desain Ruang Tamu Minimalis

The minimalist approach favors the function of each element used. Minimalist rooms tend to focus on the use of space, lighting, materials and form. According to The Spruce, the characteristics of a minimalist living room design are as follows:

Desain Ruang Tv Bp. Aminanto Tulungagung

What is minimalist living room design? Are you looking for inspiration to renovate your living room in a minimalist style? Check out the next portrait series!

A soft brown sofa with wooden elements on the bottom manages to make the room warm. Plus solid wood furniture that underlines the character of the room. The brown color also shapes window, door and wall frames.

Designing a minimalist room means making the most of every space. For example, instead of a large table in the living room, use a light and aesthetic arrangement, and when the room is used for watching TV, you can move the table to the other side.

The walls of the room are painted white to give an impression of spaciousness, while the cream-colored sofa looks clean in combination with the warm wooden floor and furniture.

Kreasikan 5 Inspirasi Berikut Untuk Desain Ruang Tamu Minimalis

For a minimalist and simple impression, you can use soft wooden chairs instead of bulky sofas. The room’s simple palette and minimalist design make us focus on the beauty of the house as a whole.

The modern impression is underlined by the use of a marble and iron living room table, as well as a minimalist white wooden TV table. The white element not only reflects light, but also gives a shine that gives a modern and luxurious impression.

In the minimalist living room design, the ottoman is a good choice to replace the sofa. Poufs are more comfortable, they do not require much space. So it’s really suitable for a narrow living room.

Contoh Desain Ruang Tamu Minimalis

Benbag is also more affordable than other furniture options. With simple maintenance, poufs can last for years as there are no springs or other metal materials that can become damaged over time.

Desain Ruang Tamu Yang Mewah Dan Elegan Dengan Gaya Interior Klasik Yang Memesona

Cleanly designed wooden chairs add warmth, minimalist style and comfort to the living room. The warm cream tones of the rest of the furniture give an impression of comfort, making the room spacious and bright.

If you only have a narrow room for multipurpose functions, the minimalist living room design above offers it all.

Place a comfortable sofa with a minimalist wooden frame next to a minimalist dining table. This dining table can also serve as a place to entertain guests, right?

In the minimalist design of the living room, each element must make a strong contribution. Well, this living room is a perfect example.

Desain Ruang Tamu Minimalis 3×3 Kekinian Lengkap

Even if there are only three pieces of furniture, that is, two chairs and a coffee table, they still leave a strong impression of warmth and can convey the owner’s taste.

This minimalist living room uses a limited palette of black and white. The room is painted white to give a sense of spaciousness, while the glossy white shelves and tables will add to the light coming in from the large window at the side of the room.

Furniture with cheerful blue and yellow details evokes the atmosphere of this white living room. Of course you can use other colors depending on your preferences, for example red for a trendy look or dark green for a natural look.

Contoh Desain Ruang Tamu Minimalis

A large white room is an attractive start to a minimalist design. Add a simple sofa with small legs, add a warm feeling by choosing wooden furniture on two tables. Although it is simple, the room will look elegant. Finally, embellish it with broad-leaved green plants.

Desain Ruang Tamu Minimalis Sederhana Dan Cantik

Who says minimalism only includes natural colors? Liven up the atmosphere of your living room with cheerful sofa cushions. The key to the above minimalist design lies in the sofa pattern and its thin wooden frame.

To keep the feel light and airy, use a light rug over a warm wood floor. A neutral gray sofa with a thin supporting frame continues to be a mainstay for showcasing minimalist design.

With the same sofa model, the colorful room will still have a minimalist and trendy look. But try to continue using the minimum number of colors! For example, a green sofa combined with green decorative plants to freshen up the room.

You don’t need a new sofa to renovate your living room. A curved sofa with cushions typical of previous models can create a room with minimalist characteristics.

Contoh Inspirasi Ruang Tamu Untuk Ukuran Area 3×3

A thick, soft L-shaped sofa can still create a minimalist living room. Combine neutral furniture colors with the walls and ceiling of the room. Place decorations in soft colors to make the room more lively.

By using your favorite abstract patterns you can still keep your living room design minimalist. Balance it out by choosing simple furniture, such as a wood-framed sofa and a glass table.

The next minimalist living room design is in a spacious white room, with a gray sofa and soft brown wooden chairs. The decorative accessories are located on a small shelf at the side of the wall so as not to reduce movement space.

Contoh Desain Ruang Tamu Minimalis

Who says the minimalist design of a living room can’t be filled with lots of photos on the walls? In the next minimalist living room design, a cactus tree was chosen and the wall became an art gallery.

Gambar Sofa Tamu Minimalis Jati Desain Modern Kayu Perhutani Jepara Ttj 0602

Photographs with similar color accents are displayed on the blue sofa. To increase the attractiveness of the room, a tall cactus plant was chosen.

Living room design with a dominant white color is a good idea for those of you who want the room to appear clean and spacious. The use of white color for living rooms is very common, because in addition to appearing simple, it is easy to arrange the decorations that will be used.

By adding gold-colored iron furniture inside the room and good lighting, the living room looks luxurious and elegant. Even if it doesn’t have a large room

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