Cnn Indonesia Streaming

Cnn Indonesia Streaming – , Hong Kong Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc. It is collaborating with PT Trans Media Corpora to launch the 24-hour news TV channel CNN Indonesia. In addition, a CNN Indonesia website will also be launched in Indonesia.

The move also creates CNN’s first television channel in the Southeast Asian region and is expected to deliver high-quality news in the country.

Cnn Indonesia Streaming

Cnn Indonesia Streaming

“This agreement with one of Indonesia’s largest media companies offers CNN a compelling opportunity to reach millions of Indonesians in an unprecedented way,” CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker said in a written statement Saturday (1/3/2014). is in position.”

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The combination of CNN’s global media power and Trans Media’s local perspective and sensitivity enables breaking news and information. Of course, many important news will be broadcast in Indonesian.

“I am sure that this partnership will help Indonesians understand the world better and more importantly, help the world understand Indonesia. With the common goals of these two companies, the partnership is based on quality, integrity and will be presented transparently.” said founder and CEO of Trans Media Chairul Tanjung.

, in 2016, it is estimated that 100 million Indonesians will be able to access the site, given the importance of online brand building.

In addition to attracting talented journalists for engaging coverage, the channel will also use CNN International talent and share content with global partners. Meanwhile, Trans Media will manage CNN Indonesia from Jakarta.

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Chairul is considered adept at building business networks. Since then, he has focused his business career in three main areas, namely multimedia, property and finance.

His journey of business success in the media sector began when he founded a company called Para Group. The company owns Trans TV, Trans 7, Mahagagaya Perdana, Trans Fashion, Trans Lifestyle and Trans Studio. Then, on 3 August 2011, Chairul Tanjung bought 100% of the shares of for USD 60 million.

On December 1, 2011, Chairul achieved a new breakthrough by transforming Para Group into CT Corp. The spin-off company oversees three major companies, namely Mega Corp, Trans Corp and CT Global Resources.

Cnn Indonesia Streaming

* Truth or hoax? To find out the veracity of the information spread, please WhatsApp Fact Check on 0811 9787 670 by entering the desired keyword. It is done to find a more detailed picture of one of the topics covered in the course.

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, During this visit of more than two hours, the students of the third semester had the opportunity to interact with CNN television. The purpose of this trip was originally to observe CNN’s print news, but due to limitations of various factors, many of the initial plans changed.

CNN Indonesia, which is located at the Transmedia Building and Bank Mega Complex, the department welcomed the students, accompanied by Aditya Permana, the teacher who teaches the course.

, the two PRs took turns to provide information on how CNN Indonesia works, which they said is different from other similar media outlets, especially in terms of neutrality and

, CNN Indonesia has a more rigorous and complex method of processing information and news than its competitors. one of them is existence

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News. Through this rule, only news that pass the strict selection can be broadcast. One of the criteria for this selection is the consideration of public order. If any news causes public unrest, that news will be canceled for broadcast. According to the CNN TV editorial, through S&P, CNN is trying to maintain neutrality between political attack and business matters, which is the inspiration of Mr. Chaul Tanjung, the media magnate who controls CNN’s operations in Indonesia. .

In terms of investment and technology, CNN Indonesia says it even surpasses CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta. For example, for the construction of Studio 2 CNN alone, the investment was 15 million dollars. Also, according to the information received by Ms. Dinda and Mr. Dickey, the equipment used in the CNN Indonesia studios is also said to be larger.

The 20 students had the opportunity to tour CNN’s Studio 2 together, as well as see the studio operations panel. During this visit to Studio 2, the students had the opportunity to experience rare moments that others cannot get

Cnn Indonesia Streaming

, After this rare brief moment, the students moved to the smaller Studio 3, usually used by Desi Anwar, for a more intimate discussion with senior journalists from RCTI and MetroTV, MBik Dinda and Is on the Insight with Desi Anwar programme. possible Mass Dicky In this discussion students explore the options

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, and the journalistic idealism of media organizations has a strong influence, where in the study of international relations “Sleman- Entering the beginning of 2021, Indonesia is experiencing natural disasters such as landslides, floods and earthquakes.” Global phenomena such as the La Niña wind cycle and heavy rainfall are also behind the occurrence of natural disasters in many parts of the archipelago. Disaster mitigation is not only done by organizations like BNPB, but all parties need to educate themselves about disaster mitigation to reduce risks and prepare for disaster. On January 18, 2021 at 20:00 WIB, CNN Indonesia hosted a discussion on a news program “Indonesia is alert to the possibility of various disasters”. The program was broadcast on the CNN Indonesia TV channel and online

Through channel, Eko Teguh Paripurno (UPN “veteran” Yogyakarta disaster expert), Abdul Muhari (PLT BNPB Disaster Mapping and Risk Director) and Dwikorita Karnawati (BMKG Head) were introduced by Eva Unizar. He was operated on. ,

Dr. As a speaker, Ako Teguh Paripurno said that the events of the recent natural disaster are not the sole responsibility of the government or institutions like BNPB. In this case, the community should first participate in disaster reduction by educating themselves so that they are prepared to face natural disasters in the future. There are always risks, so we have to analyze the risks because we are focused on development (extraction). If any disaster occurs, it is sure to be due to poor development management. For example, flood disasters occurred when a building was being constructed because of a lack of good construction management and risk analysis. Also, when the buildings are built, they are located in water areas (river water areas), which causes flood disasters. What BNPB has done is optimal, but it will not be optimal without adequate mitigation for all residents.

“Disasters are not the sole responsibility of the government or BNPB. Citizens are obligated to educate themselves about disaster reduction. “Let’s move forward with this disaster mitigation process to reduce future risks,” concluded Ako Teguh Paripurno, concluding the discussion on CNN Indonesia news.

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Dwikorita Karnawati as a speaker gave information about the West Sulawesi earthquake disaster. There have been tremors in Mamuju. He called on the public to stay calm and stay away from damaged buildings and beaches to avoid a tsunami. BMKG is continuing surveillance and monitoring

To avoid fake news. Citizens should also increase their level of disaster awareness by continuing to monitor weather forecasts and disaster early warnings through the “BMKG Info” app. However, early warning of earthquake disasters is not yet available. A tsunami disaster can be identified as early as 5 minutes after an earthquake with tsunami potential. Therefore, citizens are asked to be alert if they are in an area with extreme weather, an area prone to landslides, and the probability is even higher if they are in converted land.

“Conditions from late 2020 to early 2021 were influenced by global events such as the La Niña wind cycle and heavy rainfall. It should also be noted that there are other factors that contribute to the increase of the disaster. As in South Kalimantan, landslides can occur there, which increases the rate of disaster. Continuing, as Mr. Eko Teguh Paripurno said, all parties should contribute to mitigating the disaster. Residents can get information about possible disasters and risk levels through the BNPB app. Disasters are not our daily lives, although we live and live in them

Cnn Indonesia Streaming

(The most active volcanic area in the world). As a caring society, we should continue our efforts to prepare for disasters and this can be done in our daily activities. BNPB itself has done education and outreach for disaster prevention measures. “So BNPB is not only at the forefront of disasters, but also shares risk level information with the community,” explained Dwikorita Karnavati. Humas/Vera Indratimi Cable News Network Indonesia (known as CNN Indonesia and abbreviated as CNN ID) is an Indonesian 24-hour free-to-air television channel owned by Trans Media, jointly with Warner Bros., in the area. Search CNN under license.

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Broadcast from the Trans Media studios in South Jakarta, the local franchise emphasizes national and international connections, focusing on general news, business, sports and technology.

Programs are broadcast 24 hours a day nationwide via digital terrestrial TV networks, pay TV providers Transvision and IndiHome; and live streaming services for overseas viewers.

Businessman Chairul Tanjung announced the formation of a strategic partnership between CNN brand owner Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting System unit (Both Turner and Warner Bros. are now part of Discovery) and Trans Media to launch a CNN-branded channel in Indonesia. ,

CNN Indonesia was launched on 20 October 2014 as an online portal,, with Yusof Ariffin as Editor-in-Chief. It had its soft launch as a news channel on 17 August 2015, coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the country’s declaration of independence; The official launch of the local franchise took place on December 15, 2015 in conjunction with Trans Media’s 14th anniversary. CNN Indonesia was exclusive to Transvision until TVRI DKI Jakarta was doing a limited free-to-air test and moved to the 40 UHF Transmedia Jakarta multiplex.

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As of 2023, most of CNN Indonesia’s programming is produced locally.

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