Cnn Indonesia Sri Mulyani

Cnn Indonesia Sri Mulyani – What is the current state of Indonesia’s economy under the leadership of Sri Muliani? What are the responsibilities of Mr. Muliani in his current role as Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia? What is Shri Muliani’s explanation of the function of State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN), how it is implemented? Desi Anwar (CNN Indonesia) had the opportunity to interview Mr. Muliani about the Indonesian economy as a whole.

The following description is a transcript of Mr. Muliani’s conversation at the following video source: Posted on November 14, 2016

Cnn Indonesia Sri Mulyani

Cnn Indonesia Sri Mulyani

The writer cannot transcribe all the words, only the conversations the writer thinks are important. Therefore, the following article cannot fully represent what Siru Muliani explains.

Sri Mulyani Berencana Ubah Asumsi Dasar Apbn Dari Spn Ke Sbn

From the President’s intentions, what resources do we have, what are the options. Just because the president wants to make some decisions and achieve something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an impact. My job is to run here at this pace and the implications will be like this. Sometimes the impact/reaction can undermine other goals of parenting. So these so-called ‘trade-offs’ or options must be honestly presented to the President so that the President, as the number one person in the Republic, has full information and can then undoubtedly make better decisions and reflect these various options. .

For example, we want to accelerate poverty alleviation but we find that subsidies are very difficult, how do we balance this? For example, if the president wants to build infrastructure immediately, but in terms of fiscal balance, both state-owned enterprises and the state are limited, how should it be solved by inviting the private sector?

So these various things are necessary for the President to achieve his goals and of course we still provide options, express obstacles that cannot be overcome, if they are political obstacles, of course the President overcomes them through his political power. What can be done if financial problems? So what we are doing in terms of building between the president and presidential aides and helping the president to achieve the objectives of the presidency which is considered prudent because this objective is not only for 5 years but this republic will last forever.

I think that this culture that is being developed now is the main thing if the state finances are like mine, if the state finances are healthy, sustainable, if we can improve the income index, expenditure quality, debt management. Can create employment opportunities. , Quality and Inclusive Economic Growth. What is immediate in nature is the perception, whether the public trusts or not, the business world trusts or not, whether they are comfortable with the Finance Ministry under the leadership of Ms. Ani giving them policy signals that trust them. Then they can conduct their activities and develop the economy. I think the perception index in terms of feedback might be an indicator that the president should be evaluating.

Video: Sri Mulyani Buka Suara Soal Program Andalan Prabowo Gibran

If we are given a public office, the public will certainly pay attention to it and the stakeholders will be diverse, including political, economic, regional, national and international. What reassures me is that I have no other agenda, I have explained my responsibility which is very clear with that institution, I looked at the law when I was the finance minister, what the objective was, then I explained how to achieve it. Like it. Yes, I concentrate, if I can’t I will explain and try. I explained the situation like this, the premise is like this.

If the communication is like this, first I can handle my own burden, then I can design and plan according to what I think and the society can see it that way, hopefully the society can improve by being realistic or set. Unrealistic expectations of Mr. Muliani.

Sometimes your best isn’t good enough, so satisfaction isn’t what you’re looking for in this case, but at least I can say/do my best, so at least I’m responsible for myself.

Cnn Indonesia Sri Mulyani

The global economic situation continues to be very challenging and difficult, so we also have to be careful about the evolution of the global economy, whether the countries that have become the driving force of the global movement, be it Europe, are weakening. China or the United States. Second, if the issue is one of uncertainty, we need to focus on the domestic sector, the people whose consumer activities contribute 55% to our economy. There are investments, there are government activities and there are exports and imports. If the external world is weak, exports will also be weak. Now we have to consider whether consumption, investment and government are driving forces. If consumption and investment can be healthy, then this consumption means that the purchasing power of the people will be high, inflation must be low and the people will have the ability to maintain purchasing power and build confidence to develop the ability to perform activities.

Mendagri Sebut Selain Takut Pada Kpk, Pemda Juga Ngeri Ke Sri Mulyani

Economic actors do not rely on product diversification, which is why we have opened up several economic policy packages to facilitate the licensing of private sectors or open sectors not open to foreigners to form a new area. Economy banking should be maintained, capital market should also be developed as it is able to create intermediaries between those who have funds and those who need funds for productive economic activities. Indonesia still has tremendous development potential in the banking sector and financial and capital markets.

So, to achieve better growth of our economy (and other objectives) it does not only depend on budget budget instrument, budget budget is only an instrument, and that instrument will be effective and if the quality is good, it will last for a long time. . So overusing a machine can damage the machine and also cause loss of economy. This is what happened in Greece and the countries that are going through the crisis, so we must maintain the budget budget so that it is strong, credible, so that it is effective in the long term, especially in areas that are not of great interest. To the private sector, poverty alleviation, building basic infrastructure, our security and defense which is the responsibility of the government. We must be able and create sufficient resources. So that this country has foundations and pillars that are respectable, credible and effectively protect its interests. This is the most important function of APBN.

Meanwhile, for other tasks of private sector interest, corporations want to enter the country, thinking they can do it themselves. The Indonesian government has many state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises must be healthy, they must be a driving force, they must be managed professionally, because they have special privileges/positions that the public also expects a lot from.

So the thing about Indonesia’s economy is that its base is quite diverse, we have a very diverse population, big enough to create a very attractive market. Indonesia can become very good and then it can lead itself and the region and lead the world. From my 6 years of experience visiting different countries, I can see that Indonesia has strengths that definitely need our expertise to manage well.

Sri Mulyani Soal Ketegangan As China: Ri Harus Waspada :: Ekonomi Pembangunan Unnes

The task of the Ministry of Finance is to increase the competitiveness of the financial instruments of local governments, there is training, technical assistance, etc., but in the end it is their capacity, to formulate good policies, whether they discipline their instruments, do not disrupt their economic efforts, and education, Improve health, so that the people of the area become a productive area and good economic activity.

In society, it is also about creating close and direct accountability of political leaders in the region. I think generally in terms of outlook and policy, I don’t see any region as being quite different from the national level; They usually have high economic growth, low inflation, good employment opportunities, poverty alleviation, very little infrastructure needed, especially in areas where resources are very limited.

So I don’t see the difference very challenging. Abroad, relations between the center and the regions are often not harmonious, but in Indonesia they are relatively harmonious.

Cnn Indonesia Sri Mulyani

2016 Budget Regarding the shortfall in the budget, I communicated the 2016 situation with the Regional Heads. When our APBD was prepared in 2014, the collection was 100 T below in terms of state revenue, in 2015 it was below 248 T per what was planned, so what was done in 2014, 2015 and 2016 we assume that our state revenue continues to grow. would be when the range was quite deep. So I told regional leaders that in terms of state revenue, the target established in the law is very high and we see that by the end of this year we will be 218 below what the law established. So we have taken several measures including cost reduction at both central and regional levels. We have borrowed money from the region in the form of DAU, we will try to return it in December or January so that the region is not disturbed too much. And the regions we borrow from are regions that have the capacity to lend because regional cash conditions are sufficient. By the end of the year your needs have been met and we can see that there may be funds left over to borrow.

Sri Mulyani: Uu P2sk Ubah Nama Bpr Jadi Bank Perekonomian Rakyat

If we cut DAK, it will be from activities that will not be done this year, so it will not have any effect because it will not be absorbed, since yesterday there were many databases, the budget was too big so it will not be. So we hope that in case of delays and budget cuts, it will not disrupt the pace of activities and regional activities. We will continue to monitor, I think many regional governments have said that the central government can pay in December and January, which will be a great help for their 2017 budget planning.

It is actually 134 T in the center, 73 T in the regions, a part of which actually comes from DBH, so if the tax received is less, the revenue share will also be less.

(*) When this interview transcript was written in April 2017, the author was a State Civil Apparatus (ASN), author of 4 motivational/personal development books, 3 series of mystery novels titled ‘Keepo’ and a master’s degree student in the state. financing. Address of STIA-LAN Jakarta. News has circulated on Facebook social media claiming that the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine contains the virus that causes monkeypox. what a great

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