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Cnn Indonesia Otomotif – JAKARTA, – The mass media market in Indonesia is apparently still attractive, as evidenced by the arrival of foreign investors entering the business. One of them, Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc. which partnered with PT Trans Media Corpora, a subsidiary of Chairul Tanjung’s CT Corpora.

These two companies announced a strategic partnership to establish CNN Indonesia, a 24-hour news television channel and news portal in Indonesian.

Cnn Indonesia Otomotif

Cnn Indonesia Otomotif

“This channel will be the first CNN News Channel in Southeast Asia as a demonstration of CNN’s power to present high-quality news in an Indonesian version,” CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker said in a press release.

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He said this collaboration will put CNN in a unique position to reach millions of Indonesians, something that has not been possible for CNN alone until now.

“The combination of CNN’s power and the network’s ability to gather news from around the world and the local perspectives and wisdom that Trans Media represents in this partnership will allow us to bring quality news and information to viewers across Indonesia,” he added. . .

Meanwhile, the founder and president of CT Corpora, Chairul Tanjung, believes that this partnership will help the Indonesian people to better understand the situation in the world, and more importantly, it will help the world to understand Indonesia better.

“This is a partnership between two organizations that share the same vision and values ​​in terms of quality, integrity and openness. CNN Indonesia will be the new channel of choice to get trustworthy, interesting and quality news,” he said.

Cnn Indonesia Mengudara September

Later, Trans Media will carry out the operational activities of CNN Indonesia from Jakarta. However, about the exact date for the launch of CNN Indonesia, Trans Media is not yet ready to provide information.

For your information only, Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc. (Turner) is a television and media company that operates pay and premium television channels and Internet services, including 40 channels in 12 languages ​​in 40 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Some of Turner’s major brands include CNN International, CNNj, CNN, HLN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Cartoonito, Boomerang, POGO, Toonami, TCM, Turner Classic Movies, truTV, WB, HBO, HBO Hits HD, HBO Defined HD, Mondo TV and channel TABI. Turner Broadcasting

Cnn Indonesia Otomotif

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Your information is used to verify your account if you need help or if unusual activity is detected in your account. Hong Kong Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific Inc. In addition, CNN’s Indonesian language website will also be launched in Indonesia.

This step also created the first television channel CNN in the Southeast Asian region, which is expected to provide high-quality news in the country.

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“This agreement with one of Indonesia’s largest media companies puts CNN in an attractive position to reach millions of Indonesians in an unprecedented way,” said CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker in a written statement on Saturday (03/01/2014) .

Combining the global media power of CNN with the local perspective and sensitivity of Trans Media makes it possible to deliver the latest news and information. Of course, some important news are broadcast in Indonesian.

“I am confident that this collaboration will help Indonesian people better understand the world and, more importantly, help the world understand Indonesia. The collaboration of these two companies with similar goals is presented with quality, integrity and transparency,” said the founder and CEO of Trans Media Chairul Tanjung.

Cnn Indonesia Otomotif

. In 2016, it is predicted that 100 million Indonesians will be able to access the website due to the importance of building a brand online

Chairul Tanjung Kibarkan Cnn Indonesia

In addition to bringing in skilled journalists to create compelling coverage, the channel will also use talent from CNN International and share content with global partners. Meanwhile, Trans Media will operate CNN Indonesia from Jakarta.

Chairul is known to be adept at building business networks. Since then, he has focused his business career on three main areas, namely multimedia, real estate and finance.

His business success in the media sector began when he founded the company Para Group. The company owns Trans TV, Trans 7, Mahagagaya Perdana, Trans Fashion, Trans Lifestyle and Trans Studio. Then on August 3, 2011, Chairul Tanjung bought 100% of shares for USD 60 million.

On December 1, 2011, Chairul made another breakthrough by changing Para Group to CT Corp. The company, which is taken from its initials, controls three major companies, namely Mega Corp, Trans Corp and CT Global Resources.

Mercy Masuk Sungai Karena Lupa Rem Tangan, Cek Cara Parkir Di Tanjakan

* Fact or hoax? If you want to know the truth of the circulating information, just enter the desired keyword on the WhatsApp fact check number 0811 9787 670. INDEF experts touched on the battery charging infrastructure that the public needs in addition to cheap electric vehicles. (ANTARA/RENO ESNIR)

The state subsidies for electric cars are interesting, although it seems that this incentive cannot be a reference for people to buy directly.

This was said by Esa Suryaningrum, research director of the Institute for the Development of Economy and Finance (INDEF). He said that consumers should think twice before buying an electric vehicle because the support system, namely the battery charging infrastructure, is still limited.

Cnn Indonesia Otomotif

Where? There is not much infrastructure yet. “If you want to go somewhere, you’re confused,” said Esa when contacted on Tuesday (03/21).

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For electric motorcycles, the government provided a purchase aid of 7 million IDR, which started on March 20. There are 13 models of electric motors from eight manufacturers in this category.

This year the subsidy only applies to 200,000 units of electric motors, but in 2024 it will reach 600,000 units. In total, the subsidies that the state has paid out in the last two years are 800,000 units.

The form of the subsidy for electric cars is different, namely in the form of a tax incentive, namely a discount of 10% on the value added (VAT). Thus, the VAT payable is only 1 percent.

Subsidies for electric cars only apply to locally produced models with at least 40% domestic use (TKDN). Unlike electric motors, which are aimed at the lower middle class, the government does not limit the profile of electric car buyers.

Sekretariat Kabinet Republik Indonesia

So far, only two electric car models are eligible for this incentive, namely the Wuling Air EV and the Hyundai Ioniq 5.

Meanwhile, the electric buses also have a VAT reduction, which however amounts to 5 percent, so only 6 percent is paid. This applies to electric buses with TKDN over 20-40 percent.

Esa added that the municipality not only needs subsidies, but also a supporting infrastructure in the form of SPKLU, so that electric vehicles can be used carefully. Illustration. Owners need to know how to maintain vehicles, especially cars, so they pass emissions tests and don’t get PKB fines. (Photo: ANTARA PHOTO/M RISYAL HIDAYAT)

Cnn Indonesia Otomotif

Every motor vehicle in Jakarta that is over 3 years old must pass an emission test every year. The reason is that the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government applies fines when paying the car tax (PKB) for vehicles that have not passed the emission test.

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Therefore, owners need to know how to maintain vehicles, especially cars, so that they can pass emission tests and not be subject to PKB fines.

“Complete combustion can reduce emission test values ​​due to minimal carbon deposits in the combustion chamber from problematic combustion residues. Equally important, maintaining efficiency allows the engine to use fuel efficiently and perform optimally at all times,” said Nur Imansyah Tara, head by the Aftermarket Company of the Auto2000 division, according to the official website, Friday (7/7).

Make sure the air filter is clean as it affects the hydrocarbon/HC count. Insufficient air intake due to a dirty air filter can prevent air from entering the engine’s combustion chamber, increasing the HC number.

As part of an engine’s ignition system, spark plugs and coils that are in top condition ensure that the combustion process in the combustion chamber runs smoothly. The air/gasoline mixture will burn completely and leave no trace of residue that will prevent the car from passing an emissions test.

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Every engine has an operating temperature to perform the combustion process optimally. The operating temperature of the engine should not be too low or higher than normal for the fuel mixture to meet the needs of the engine. For this reason, the engine’s cooling system, or radiator, must function properly.

Damaged oil can enter the combustion chamber, causing combustion and increasing combustion residues, including engine overload, making exhaust emissions difficult to control. A good lubricant can also aid in the engine’s cooling process to maintain its operating temperature.

Some people modify engine parts to make the car more responsive. You can usually change it by making the mixture more fuel and air. However, the problem is that this method results in dirtier exhaust gases, making them fail the emissions test.

Cnn Indonesia Otomotif

Fuel that does not meet the manufacturer’s recommendations, especially with a low octane rating, will also make it more difficult for the engine to process combustion properly. As a result, the remaining combustion gases become dirtier and engine performance is reduced.

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The oxygen sensor must also be clean and undamaged, as its function is very important to create complete combustion. Also pay attention to the conditions

Injector cleaner is used to clean and prevent residues from burning in the injector holes, so that the fuel system is always clean. The performance of the car increases, because the combustion process becomes more complete and prevents the engine from burning

How to maintain a car to pass the emission test, emission test, exhaust emission test, emission test in Jakarta, emission test penalties. According to the vice president, director of PT Toyota

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