Cnn Indonesia Internasional

Cnn Indonesia Internasional – . Starting from providing capital from parents, bringing big names from parents or at least “inside” contacts.

This does not apply to Rizky Harisnanda, a graduate of the Communication Studies Program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Muhammadiyah University, Jakarta (FISIP) who is now successfully working as a news anchor for CNN Indonesia. Even though he didn’t have one

Cnn Indonesia Internasional

Cnn Indonesia Internasional

Rizky never imagined he could have a career in journalism as a news anchor. However, he realized that he was very interested in this field

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. Rizky Harisnanda now appears every day on the CNN Indonesia television screen in the “Good Morning” program which airs every day at 07.30 WIB.

Tuesday (10/02/2023), after the FISIP Communication Science study program event, this alumnus who started his studies in 2009 told his life story.

Rizky realized that his parents could not afford his studies, and he also did not have a wide network to help him in his future career. This made Rizky determined to try harder and more than other people.

He admitted that he had gone through stressful times and didn’t get holidays because he had to study while working, and improved his skills by taking English classes. He financed all this himself from his salary, which was only UMR.

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“I was unemployed for a year after graduating from high school. Being at my lowest made me think and think about myself rather than just sitting there. After I got the job, I was determined to go to college. “I chose a major that I thought was easy and fun, but after college it turned out it wasn’t that easy,” said Rizky.

Feeling that studying alone was not enough, Rizky felt he had to improve his language skills by taking private English lessons. Even though English was a subject he really feared in middle and high school.

“I am passionate about learning. When I study or take English classes, I always sit in the front seat. Very enthusiastic,” he recalled.

Cnn Indonesia Internasional

Studying theory alone is not enough – in 2011, Rizky decided to take part in the prestigious “Abang None” event in Jakarta. The goal is to gain experience and improve

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Have a career. Initially, this man from West Sumatra experienced a crisis of confidence when taking part in this event. He considered that his education was not as good as other Abang None contestants who came from well-known universities in the country and abroad. However, he managed to overcome this feeling of inferiority and finally made it to the final round.

According to Rizky, Rizky’s qualifying for the final round was the fate of Allah SWT because it was previously announced that he had not passed.

“But a few days before the final, I was contacted by the organizers and told that I was a finalist because one participant had withdrawn. “This is extraordinary luck, and I’m sure Allah will not give such luck to people he doesn’t want,” said Rizky with a beaming face.

The Abang None event became the gateway to Rizky’s career journey. Armed with the knowledge gained through Abang None, Rizky continues to hone his skills

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“If you have never joined Abang None, maybe you don’t know what you want to be now because that’s where your career (Abang None) opens. From then on I started to accumulate flying hours and dared to advertise outside of the Abang None program. “Then the network becomes wider, resulting in more jobs,” he said.

Rizky made his bitter experience the starting point of his career as an assessment tool and incentive to learn further. The unpleasant experience of being called an MC further increased Rizky’s enthusiasm to continue learning to become a professional MC by paying attention to other MCs.

“Basically, I know I have limitations, but don’t let that stop you. I try and learn by doing as much as possible. He once complained that the MC was bad, he said. He also serves as MC for 3-4 day events. The first day of assessment was said to be less busy. I quit, but ended up learning from other MCs. “As far as I know, when the JCC has an event, I go to each booth to show the other MCs,” he concluded in 1990. On April 27, a boy was born.

Cnn Indonesia Internasional

Apart from being an MC, Rizky has also tried his luck in other fields: being a traveling show host on Kompas TV, news anchor for TVRI DKI in Jakarta, Jawapostv, and now CNN Indonesia. Career from one media to another adds to Rizky’s experience and sharpness as a journalist.

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Rizky expressed his pride in being an Ilkom FISIP graduate. According to him, the provision of education is very good because it is based on Islamic religious values.

“The world of communication is still close, yes, there is one distinct advantage, namely the values ​​of Al Islam and Muhammadiyah. “That’s what becomes a shield in your career,” he said. Rizky Harisnanda when appearing on the Jawapostv and CNN Indonesia television programs

He also did not hesitate to offer to contribute as a thank you for participating in his career path.

“What can I do to help? I want to help. It’s part of my career path. The bachelor’s degree that I use for my career comes from . I’m very proud of the campus which continues to develop. This building didn’t exist before. I studied in the building in front of the entrance gate (Perintis building). “At the Umio stall there are usually snacks and food,” he recalled while being fascinated and missing his college days.

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Apart from memories of snacks at the Umi stall which is still located next to the Faculty of Islamic Religion (FAI) building, Rizky also remembers the kindness of the FISIP administrative staff who now serves as chairman of TU FISIP. Elangsari Wulandari or familiarly known as Wulan usually contacts Rizky when he cannot complete his dissertation.

“One time I disappeared from campus and Mbak Wulan contacted me to go back to college. I didn’t want to waste it, finally did it and finished it. “I finally finished my thesis with the same supervisor, Mr. Sofiandi, before the trial and graduation,” he said.

Rizky, who used to feel jealous because he couldn’t be like his friends who could enjoy the results of his work by going on holiday or buying the latest cell phone, is now at least enjoying the results of the process he has been through for several years. ago.

Cnn Indonesia Internasional

“For younger siblings who are studying at their parents’ expense, you are lucky. Enjoy it, learn as best you can. Join organizations, activities and take advantage of all the opportunities the university has to offer. Also look for opportunities outside campus to gain other insights. Perhaps insights from outside can be brought to campus to further enrich the campus. Never be complacent, but whatever you can do to add value and experience, do it. “It feels good to get a lot of experience when you graduate on campus.

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“I am proud to be a journalist. It’s great that so many people’s voices can be heard through this platform. This is a rewarding job for many people. Working is not only about money, but also worship. Of course this can be realized if we have a good personality based on norms, religion and morals.” JAKARTA, – The media market in Indonesia is apparently still attractive, as evidenced by the entry of foreign investors into this business. One of them, Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc. which is partnering with PT Trans Media Corpora, a subsidiary of Chairul Tanjung’s CT Corpora.

The two corporations announced a strategic partnership to launch CNN Indonesia, a 24-hour news channel television station and Indonesian language news portal.

“This channel will be CNN’s first news channel in Southeast Asia, which shows CNN’s strength in presenting high-quality news in the Indonesian version,” said CNN Global President Jeff Zucker in a press release.

He said this collaboration would put CNN in a unique position to reach millions of Indonesians, something that until now had not been possible for CNN alone.

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“The combination of the CNN network’s strength in gathering news from all corners of the world and the local perspectives and wisdom that Trans Media brings to this partnership will enable us to deliver quality news and information to viewers throughout Indonesia,” he added. .

Meanwhile, the founder and Chairman of CT Corpora, Chairul Tanjung, believes this partnership will help the Indonesian people to better understand the world situation, and more importantly, help the world understand Indonesia better.

“This is a collaboration between two organizations that have the same vision and values ​​in terms of quality, integrity and openness. “CNN Indonesia will become a new news channel that is trusted, interesting and of high quality,” he said.

Cnn Indonesia Internasional

Furthermore, Trans Media will operate CNN Indonesia operations from Jakarta. However, regarding the exact date for the launch of CNN Indonesia, Trans Media is reluctant to provide information at this time.

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Just for your information, Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc. (Turner) is a television and media company that operates free and pay television channels and online services, including 40 channels in 12 languages ​​in 40 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Some of Turner’s major brands include CNN International, CNNj, CNN, HLN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Cartoonito, Boomerang, POGO, Toonami, TCM, Turner Classic Movies, truTV, WB, HBO, HBO Hits HD, HBO Defined HD, Mondo Channels TV and TABI. Turner Broadcasting

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Cnn Indonesia Internasional

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