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Cnn Indonesia Indeks – Illustration On Friday afternoon (18/8), air quality was poor and unhealthy in many cities in Indonesia. (Photo: AFP/Yasuyoshi Chiba)

Citing data from air quality monitoring site IQAir at 11.39 WIB on Friday (18/8), the cities of Terentang and Mempawa in West Kalimantan are the top two cities with the worst pollution this afternoon.

Cnn Indonesia Indeks

Cnn Indonesia Indeks

According to the site report, the main air pollutant in Tarentang is Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5. These are airborne particles smaller than or equal to 2.5 microns (micrometers).

Gunakan Indeks Layanan, Kemenkumham Libatkan Masyarakat Dalam Perbaikan Pelayanan Publiknya

The IQAir website said the PM 2.5 concentration in Tarentang reached 117 µg/m3, which is 23.4 times higher than the World Health Organization’s guideline limit.

It is said that the weather in Terentang is changing, the temperature is 30 degrees and the humidity is 44 percent. In Terentang, wind gusts were 6.2 kilometers per hour and air pressure was 1,010 millibars (mb).

Meanwhile, the air quality index in Mempawa is at the level of 171 AQI US. The concentration of PM 2.5 in Mempavah is 95.2 μg/m³.

Third place is Southern Tangerang, Banten. According to this site, South Tangerang’s air quality is in the unhealthy category with an AQI US score of 157.

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In fourth place is Serang, Banten with 149 AQI US. Also, the city of Bandung, West Java ranks among the top five cities for poor afternoon air quality with an AQI US score of 128.

Surabaya ranks sixth with 124 AQI US, followed by Jakarta with 117 AQI US. The air quality of these two cities is in the unhealthy category for certain groups.

It is followed by Badung City with 101 US AQI, Bali Zambi with 99 US AQI and Tangerang with 99 US AQI in eighth place. Drop from the global average of 5.44 (on a scale of 0-10) to 5.37. This is the lowest level since the index started in 2006.

Cnn Indonesia Indeks

Based on five categories of electoral processes and pluralism, civil liberties, government performance, political participation and political culture, the index provides a summary of the state of democracy worldwide for 165 independent countries and two regions.

Babak Akhir Pilpres As, Pasar Saham Wait And See

Based on the scores on the 60 indicators in these categories, each country is classified into one of four governance types: full democracy, flawed democracy,

Indonesia ranks 64th in the Democracy Index published by the EIU with a score of 6.3. Indonesia’s ranking remained the same as last year, but the score dropped compared to the previous 6.48.

This is the lowest rate achieved by Indonesia in the last 14 years. Indonesia is classified as a country with a flawed democracy. The report shows that the trend of Indonesia’s democracy index has been decreasing significantly since 2017.

According to the 5th Vice President’s Staff Office (KSP) Jaleshwari Pramodwardani in her press release (Saturday, 2/6/2021), the government is firmly committed to establishing and protecting democracy in Indonesia.

Kementerian Komunikasi Dan Informatika

“Until now, Indonesia continues to fight not to fall into a worse situation. Indonesia tried not to fall into the trap of hybrid rule or autocracy, and it succeeded. “Indonesia is also fighting to completely transform the country. A democratic country,” he said.

Jaleswari said that if you look at the trend of EIU Democracy Index data from 2017, the Indonesia Democracy Index numbers showed a turning point of improvement and then declined in 2020.

“This will affect the government’s proactive actions towards law enforcement against acts of intolerance that threaten the ideology of the state,” he said.

Cnn Indonesia Indeks

“The state should see to it that the ideology of Panchashila is reinforced, tolerance is strengthened and radicalization is accelerated,” he said.

Indeks Efektivitas Pemerintah Naik, Moeldoko: Perbaikan Mulai Terlihat

Director of LP3ES Didik J. Rajwini expressed his views at the LP3ES Symposium on Perspectives of Democracy held on 11/1/2021. According to him, democratic power in Indonesia seems to be turning into more and more personal and repressive authoritarian practices.

This can be seen in the disbanding of mass organizations without trial, the use of the ITE law to silence criticism, human rights cases involving the killing of FP1 members and dead protesters, as well as the disappearance of opponents.

This is according to the statement of Law Supervisor Ahmed Khojinuddin. He asked, “Is democracy dying?” Or is democracy really dead? The ‘myth of people’s sovereignty’ is only being revived, so that the people will be shocked and embrace democracy, be proud of it and accept to run the government on secular principles,” he said.

According to Khojinuddin, the fact of a democratic system is that instead of reflecting the will of the people, it places sovereignty in the hands of the capitalists, which are then implemented by the elite.

Ihsg Diprediksi Bergerak Ke 6.954, Simak Rekomendasi Saham Hari Ini

Interests between the aristocracy and the people, during this period everything was coordinated by the aristocracy. Democracy in its true sense, that is, the sovereignty of the people, is never absolute. “The sovereigns are the capitalists, the aristocracy,” he insisted.

According to Khojinudin, democracy derives from Islam, which places sovereignty in the hands of Sharia (Sharia, ed.). Halal-Haram, commands and prohibitions, everything must be based on evidence, that is, the Qur’an and the Sunnah, and it shows both as a consensus of friends and equals.

(Official) will die soon. Because Muslims don’t want democracy, they are happy to rule only by God’s rule.

Cnn Indonesia Indeks

He also emphasized that Muslims are now fighting for the restoration of Islamic law, the sovereignty of God Almighty and the system of governance according to the orders of Allah Almighty. It’s just a pattern. Choose delivery. Rude and boring are a reflection of the speaker’s incompetence. Not because of the pattern.

Salah] “mereka Sudah Mempersiapkan Senjata Tuk Membantai Pribumi”

Love our choice to use more than just words to convey a message. Graphics, photos and videos are also our tools. Each person can stand alone and tell each other’s story and complement each other as a unit.

We don’t want to be judges. I don’t want to be an executioner either. Our goal is simply to state the facts as they are. Wash it out of prejudice.

We exist only because of emotion. When the event, the matter is worth expressing, interesting and understandable as possible. When happiness, disaster, hidden and should be revealed.

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Cnn Indonesia Indeks

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