Cnn Indonesia Adalah

Cnn Indonesia Adalah – CNN Indonesia is a free-to-air and pay-per-view digital news television network (on Transvision and IndiHome TV) as well as a news website owned by Trans Media, licensing the CNN name from Warner Bros. Discovery (via Warner Bros. Discovery Asia-Pacific).

This channel first went on air on Monday, August 17, 2015. The main launch took place on 15 December 2015 to mark Trans Media’s 14th anniversary.

Cnn Indonesia Adalah

Cnn Indonesia Adalah

Trans Media Studio, broadcast in Indonesian from CNN Indonesia, presents local and international content focusing on general news, business, sports, technology and entertainment. Meanwhile, on 20 October 2014, the news website was launched with Yusuf Arifin as editor-in-chief.

Mulai Hari Ini, Cnn Indonesia News Report Tayang Di Trans Tv Dan Cnn Indonesia

Currently, CNN Indonesia broadcasts 24 hours a day and can be seen on pay TV channels Transvision, IndiHome TV, live streaming, in many regions of Indonesia and digital terrestrial channels through Trans TV and Trans7, analog and digital.

According to a 2021 report by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and Oxford University, CNN Indonesia is the most trusted media for Indonesians with a trust score of 69%.

CNN Indonesia’s presence, according to Ishadi SK, has existed since 2009, when Trans Media partnered with CNN (at the time it was still controlled by a subsidiary of Time Warner/WarnerMedia, Turner Broadcasting Systems, until 2019, both Turner and WarnerMedia, now Warner Bros. Discovery known as) in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. In the cooperation plan, it was agreed that CNN Indonesia would then broadcast digitally. However, due to the stagnation of digital television in Indonesia, the project could not work at that time.

The plan can only be implemented in 2014-2015 from the agreement signed on February 28, 2014 by Cherul Tanjung and Jeff Zucker representing Trans Media and CNN International respectively. CT hopes that CNN Indonesia will become the new channel of choice for 24 hours reliable, interesting and quality news, delivered by professional journalists and CNN itself, and become a tool for mutual understanding between Indonesia and the world.

Aplikasi Mobile Cnn Indonesia

CNN would provide the broadcast plan and broadcast software, while other requirements (such as personnel, buildings, equipment, etc.) would be provided by Trans Media (the same happened later with CNBC Indonesia). The original plan was scheduled to air in September 2014 for CNN Indonesia and will be accessible on multiple platforms through the website.

However, as of the scheduled time, CNN Indonesia had not started operations, as it was processing its broadcast license for its parent company and network from KPI and regional KPI.

Initially, Trans Media planned to establish a television station called Daytik TV. Detik TV started as a news video content column on (acquired by Trans Media in 2011), has existed since 1 March 2007 and was initially conceived as internet television and mobile television.

Cnn Indonesia Adalah

Content is varied from news to entertainment and more recently informative programs on Trans TV and Trans7 (i.e. reportage and editorial) and many programs live online.

Cnn Indonesia And Widyatama University Presents

Initially, Trans Media also planned for Detik TV to become a digital terrestrial television with an informational concept (following MetroTV and tvOne).

However, when Trans Media managed to sign a cooperation with CNN, it was abandoned and Detik TV merged with CNN Indonesia. On one occasion, Ishadi revealed that the merger was based on Trans Media’s desire to improve the quality of its broadcasts.

However, the remnants of Detik TV can be seen from the legal existence of CNN Indonesia, which still uses the PT Detik TV + number format (for example, in DIY it is called PT Detik Tivi Satu, while in East Kalimantan it is called PT Detik Tivi Empat. ).

Finally, on 20 October 2014, CNN Indonesia was officially launched, initially just a news site called, led by experienced online journalists Budiono Darsono, Yusuf Arifin and Nezar Patria.

Laporan Langsung Voa Untuk Cnn Indonesia: Jelang Peringatan 20 Tahun Serangan 9/11

It began full broadcast on 17 August 2015 and was officially launched on 15 December 2015 to mark Trans Media’s 14th anniversary.

Initially, this channel could only be enjoyed on subscription TVs like Transvision and IndiHome, but later it was also broadcast on terrestrial television. Here, CNN Indonesia initially “channel-shared” with Trans TV and broadcast an alternative program of reportage there (which continues today and was later added to the program with Trans7 editorial, the production of which was later taken over by CNN Indonesia),

However, since the end of August 2015, the broadcast can be viewed separately on Trans Media Digital Television Multiplexes (MUX) in various regions.

Cnn Indonesia Adalah

(Also broadcast on TVRI mux from 2016 to about 2019 after digital TV trials ended, in several areas such as Jabodetabek, Bandung and Surabaya).

Wawancara Mensos Dan Desi Anwar Di Cnn Indonesia

You can usually receive CNN Indonesia digital broadcasts as a package in areas that receive Trans TV, Trans7 and CNBC Indonesia digital broadcasts.

CNN Indonesia · CNBC Indonesia · Okezone · Tirto · Liputan 6 · Vemale · VIVA · BeritaSatu · KapanLagi · Detik · Kumparan · Merdeka · Antara · Medcom. · This is done N times to find a more concrete picture of one of the topics covered in the topic

“During this visit lasting more than two hours, the students of the third semester got an opportunity to interact with the CNN television station. The original purpose of this visit was to observe CNN’s print news, but many original plans were moved due to obstacles from various factors.

At CNN Indonesia, located in the Transmedia Building and Bank Mega Complex, the department welcomed the students along with Aditya Parmana, the lecturer who taught the course.

Laporan Langsung Voa Untuk Cnn Indonesia: Pemilihan Presiden Amerika Serikat 2020

. The two PRs took turns to report on CNN Indonesia’s operations, which are said to be different from other similar media outlets, especially in terms of neutrality and

. CNN Indonesia has a way of processing information and news that is stricter and more complicated than its competitors. One of them is existence

News According to this standard, only news that is considered to pass a strict selection can be broadcast. This choice is a standard public policy. If a news causes public disturbance, the news will be taken off the air. According to CNN TV’s editorial staff by S&P, CNN is trying to maintain neutrality despite the political attacks and commercial reasons that have prompted media tycoon Mr. Chaul Tanjung, who oversees CNN’s operations in Indonesia.

Cnn Indonesia Adalah

In terms of investment and technology, CNN Indonesia is expected to surpass even CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta. To illustrate, just to build CNN’s Studio 2, the investment was $15 million. Moreover, according to Ms. Dinda and Mr. Dickey, the equipment used in the CNN Indonesia studio is said to be more.

Cnn Indonesia, What Do You Guys Think? Pros/cons

20 students had the opportunity to peek into the studio’s work panel and watch a joint CNN Studio 2 show. By visiting Studio 2 this time, students had the opportunity to experience rare moments that others cannot.

. After this rare moment, the students moved into the small Studio 3, normally used by senior journalists transferred from RCTI and MetroTV, to have a more intimate discussion with Desi Anwar, Mbak Dinda and Mas Dicky on the Desi Anwar programme. In this discussion, students explore options

, and the journalistic idealism of media organizations is so influential that the phrase “Hong Kong Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc. collaborates with PT Trans Media Corpora to launch CNN Indonesia, 24-hour news television channel” in International Relations. In addition, CNN’s Indonesian-language website will also be launched in Indonesia.

The move also created CNN, the first television channel in the Southeast Asian region, which is expected to provide high-quality news in the country.

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“This agreement with one of Indonesia’s largest media companies puts CNN in an attractive position to reach millions of Indonesians in an unprecedented way,” CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker said in a written statement on Saturday (01/03/2014).

Combining the global media power of CNN with the local perspective and sensitivity of Trans Media makes it possible to deliver the latest news and information. Of course, various important news will be broadcast in Indonesian language.

“I believe that this collaboration will help Indonesians understand the world better and, most importantly, help the world understand Indonesia. The collaboration of these two companies with common goals will be presented with quality, integrity and transparency,” said founder and Dr. . Cherul Tanjung, CEO of Trans Media.

Cnn Indonesia Adalah

. In 2016, it is estimated that 100 million Indonesians will be able to access websites due to the importance of building an online brand.

Profil Putri Ayuningtyas, Presenter Dan News Anchor Cnn Indonesia Tv

In addition to bringing in skilled journalists to produce compelling coverage, the channel will use talent from CNN International and share content with global partners. Meanwhile, Trans Media will operate CNN Indonesia from Jakarta.

Cherul is known to be adept at building business networks. Since then, he has focused his professional career on three main areas, namely multimedia, real estate and finance.

His professional success in media started when he founded the company Para Group. The company has Trans TV, Trans 7, Mahagaya Perdana, Trans Fashion, Trans Lifestyle and Trans Studio. Then on 3 August 2011, Cherul Tanjung bought 100% of the shares of for $60 million.

On December 1, 2011, Cherul achieved another success by transforming Para Group into CT Corp. The company, which is derived from its initials, controls three major companies: Mega Corp, Trans Corp and CT Global Resources.

Cnn Indonesia Good Morning 1801 Live

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