Cat Ruang Tamu Ungu Putih

Cat Ruang Tamu Ungu Putih – Lilac is one of the popular colors in 2020. Lilac itself is a combination of purple and white, resulting in a light, soft purple color.

This lavender color is very popular in the fashion world. The soft, feminine and mysterious color gives lilac a unique impression that stands out.

Cat Ruang Tamu Ungu Putih

Cat Ruang Tamu Ungu Putih

Not just for fashion, we can certainly use lilac in home interior design as well. From living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, kitchens to bathrooms.

Tips Memilih Warna Cat Untuk Interior

The first lilac room design gives a soft, elegant impression. The combination of gray and white colors plus a touch of pink flower decoration makes everything look harmonious.

Want to use lilac but want to give it a vintage feel? You can combine it with earth tones or wood tones, like in this lavender room design example!

The orange sofa, wooden window frames and wooden cabinets give a simple and retro feel. Coupled with vintage-style paintings, the theme blends perfectly with lilac.

Did you know you can use lavender not only in the family room but also in the kitchen? Feminine lavender brings a cool impression to the kitchen. Combine it with other colors like white or pink to make it look even more glamorous.

Cat Dinding Warna Lilac Kesan Manis Dan Cantik Di Berbagai Ruangan

If you combine it with other bright pastel colors, like this lavender room design! The combination of lilac and turquoise makes the room pop

Lilac can also be used in natural designs, you know! You can use indoor plants with purple, white or lavender flowers to give it a harmonious look.

In order not to be monotonous, you can combine lavender with gray, dark purple with white. I like the tall lavender room design, it looks sweet and

Cat Ruang Tamu Ungu Putih

This lavender room design is suitable for those who like their rooms to look feminine and sweet. Lilac can be used on bed linens, walls, lamps, curtains, and even decorative pillows.

Tren Warna Cat Rumah 2023 Untuk Mempercantik Ruangan

If you used ceramics before, this time you have a lavender bathroom design with wallpaper. Lilac wallpaper paired with light floral patterns gives an ideal impression of elegance.

Lilac can also be applied to bathroom furniture and curtains. A bathroom with such taste will make you feel more comfortable!

Lilac not only gives a soft impression, but also suits modern tastes well. For a living room, combine lavender with gray, white, purple or even black.

For those of you who are creative and like to play with colors, you can apply this lavender room design! Yes, obviously lilac still works well in combination with colors outside of the theme, such as blue or green.

Kombinasi Warna Cat Rumah, Bikin Rumah Semakin Menawan

Decorate walls, paintings and some decorations with lilacs. You can then use other colors to complement the rest of the interior. The combination of lilac and this color makes the room look vibrant and unique, but still harmonious.

These are 10 lilac interior designs to inspire your dream home! This color does give off a cool and elegant impression doesn’t it?

Psst…one of the units is also in lavender, please note that the design of the room is Lavender Depok! The lavender color on one of the bedroom walls makes it feel bright and unique.

Cat Ruang Tamu Ungu Putih

Each room at Lavender Depok is also fully equipped, including air conditioning, WiFi, TV, private bathroom and other equipment. Rent starts from IDR 1.7 million per month, including electricity!

Bikin Adem, 9 Warna Cat Ini Bikin Ruang Tamu Lebih Sejuk!

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Passionate SEO content writer with a journalism background. I’ve been stringing words together for a variety of content for years and am committed to continually learning everything there is to know about SEO and copywriting. 15 examples of purple paint combinations with other colors, which one do you think is better? – A few years ago, purple was a popular color for singles.

When you’re confused about finding a color that matches your main color, don’t be afraid to try the same color but in different shades.

Warna Cat Ruang Tamu Yang Sejuk Dan Bagus

As you can see from the image above, purple combined with light violet looks attractive and gives the impression of a bright room.

Has a slight “hit and run” impression, but still pretty good. This is an example of purple paint combined with other colors suitable for use in a workshop or art workshop.

There are actually many colors at play in this example of purple paint and other color combinations.

Cat Ruang Tamu Ungu Putih

As mentioned before, any color of the same tone is suitable for matching with purple.

Kombinasi Warna Rumah Terbaik Untuk Ruang Tamu Ukuran 3 X 3 M

The calming purple in the background looks safe, supporting the alluring and beautiful velvet red in the front.

The white lines are intentionally used as bridges so that the soft purple doesn’t contrast too much with the bright yellow.

The difference lies in the medium used and the choice of tones. The shades of this inspiration are bright and quite harsh.

Another color, turquoise green, appears to be part of the table attached directly to the purple wall.

Rekomendasi 5 Warna Cat Yang Bikin Ruang Tamu Lebih Luas

Mainly in the shower room, the wall is made of dark gray stone tiles, which is suitable to be combined with the purple wall color.

The fourteenth example of combining purple paint with other colors is the natural color of wood.

An example is shown above. This studio space has a calming vibe, perfect for yoga, Pilates, or a meditation room.

Cat Ruang Tamu Ungu Putih

The juxtaposition of other colors is not always the color of the walls, it can come from the furniture or decorations in the room, and if you are a fan of purple, then this content is for you. We rarely see purple living rooms. However, choosing purple actually indirectly gives your living room a romantic, soft, and happy atmosphere. In addition, a purple living room can also present a modern and stylish atmosphere if paired with the right furniture.

Kombinasi Warna Cat Rumah Yang Elegan

Between blue and red and some variations of purple. Whether it’s purple or violet, this color is enough to inspire you. So, in this living room interior we present you some purple living room ideas as your guide. This idea not only inspires us but also attracts our interest, because the beauty of colors is always fresh, cheerful and can bring positive emotions when combined with the right decoration. See these 16 purple living rooms for yourself and share your opinions with us.

Purple color in the interior of the living room is not limited to the color of wall paint. You can also use purple furniture, such as sofa covers, chair frames and other accessories – the often used term is to use a “pop” color. For example, you can see the image below; a touch of purple on the sofa makes the room brighter.

Who is not impressed by this purple living room decoration? The colors used are very balanced and the purple concept is quite brief but very interesting. Try to imagine if this was the living room of your home, then this must be your favorite room to sit, chat and relax with your family.

The dark walls and purple sofa complement the white rug to give the room a stylish look. There is also a wooden bookshelf in the middle of the sofa structure. The arrangement is very organized – imagine waiting guests having easy access to the books lined up on the shelves. The interior offers precise functionality and saves space.

Inspirasi Warna Cat Ruang Tamu Yang Bagus Dan Mewah

Below the living room, choose purple furniture to make this living room look attractive and bright. The gray walls are dotted with purple lines, and the white coffee table also completes the space.

What do you think? If you love purple and want to share your purple living room decorating ideas or results, please contact us at

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Cat Ruang Tamu Ungu Putih

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Pilihan Warna Cat Ruang Tamu Untuk Kesan Ruangan Yang Lebih Luas

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