Cara Menggunakan Program Toko Ipos 4.0

Cara Menggunakan Program Toko Ipos 4.0 – How to set the access rights of the cashier user in iPOS 5.0. What to do in IPOS 5.0 software at the end of the year?

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Cara Menggunakan Program Toko Ipos 4.0

Cara Menggunakan Program Toko Ipos 4.0

As the name suggests, a Bluetooth printer is a printer that can print receipts by connecting a Bluetooth signal between a device with installed software and a Bluetooth printer. Bluetooth printers are usually paired with mobile devices such as Android.

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Now we will discuss how to connect bluetooth printer to PC/Laptop with IPOS 4.0 Shop Program installed.

During unpacking and testing, if the Bluetooth printer is paired with a laptop with a Bluetooth signal, IPOS 4.0 cash receipt cannot be printed because Windows does not recognize the Bluetooth printer name and it is not included in the printer list. Settings menu -> Mini IPOS 4.0 printer.

So let’s use another method, that is with a USB cable that connects the bluetooth printer to the laptop/computer. Result: The receipt is printed successfully (y)

8. Click Next and select the printer type. For the thermal cash register printer, you can select Generic ->> Generic / Text only.

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10. Then name the printer (free). This printer name is intended to help you choose the printer you want to use

A Bluetooth printer can be a solution for those whose cash register is not too big, so it does not take up much space. And the price is good.

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