Cara Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir Di Facebook

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Many sites blocked by the government from Cominfo contain adult content, gambling, etc. imagine that there are dangerous things like However, there are certainly some useless sites like Reddit that are unfortunately affected by the block as well.

Cara Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir Di Facebook

Cara Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir Di Facebook

Sites that are often restricted by the government can be accessed using a VPN. The problem is that sometimes the VPN app is too big. Not to mention that most VPNs are not free.

Cara Buka Situs Yang Diblokir Tanpa Aplikasi Vpn

Cominfo is not only blocked, but some websites are sometimes blocked by servers. For example, when you want to access Facebook or YouTube but can’t because the school internet is blocked. Also, there are sites that cannot be accessed when checking the office, so you want to know how to open the website blocked by the office manager.

How to use a VPN or name server is also easy and non-technical skills will not be a problem. However, many people avoid using VPN apps because they are prone to risks such as data leaks and dangerous malware attacks. So, by using this method, you will be advised to use a website that can be accessed directly by using a browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

By using a web proxy server, your surfing activities are protected because the ID (IP address) becomes anonymous. You just have to remember how to open websites that do not use this app, use it properly, do not open xnxx and similar adult sites.

First of all, we will explain how to open blocked sites in Google Chrome on Android and iPhone mobile phones. However, this method can be used in other browser applications as well.

Cara Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir Tanpa Vpn Dan Aplikasi

Here we use a website called CroxyProxy because it is lightweight and stable for Android and iOS. These steps include:

If your mobile phone’s memory or RAM is almost full and you can’t add a VPN app, using Google Chrome on your mobile phone above can be an alternative.

Ability to open blocked sites using SSH (Secure Shell). SSH works as a network that protects data exchange from virus threats. It can be said that both VPN and SSH have similar features. The difference is that here we use a third party, especially for the SSH Tunneling process.

Cara Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir Di Facebook

You can use the Android phone directly to use the SSH method. The method is very simple and you can follow the steps below.

Cara Membuka Facebook Lama Yang Tidak Bisa Dibuka

The second part explains how to open blocked sites in Google Chrome on the computer, but can also be used in other browser applications.

This method is also as easy as the way to open the good internet on Android without the app discussed above. Just follow these steps:

In fact, it is better to use a VPN program, but the above method can be used to open blocked sites in Google Chrome on a PC or laptop.

In addition to using proxy sites, you can use the VPN extension on Google Chrome to unblock sites. The best thing is that this extension does not require any space to install.

Cara Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir Tanpa Aplikasi

It turns out that Google’s foreign translation facility can be used to open blocked websites without installing additional software. But, unfortunately, the way to open the block can be done from a personal computer or laptop, and not from a mobile phone.

Another way to unblock sites without using an app on a laptop or PC is to use DNS on your laptop. Here are the steps:

The website being blocked is likely to be a unique URL (URL) rather than an IP address. If this is the case, you can unblock the site using your IP address. To access the site using this method, it is enough to find the IP and copy it into the browser.

Cara Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir Di Facebook

Then the next way to unlock a blocked location without an app is to use the Wayback tool. It is a digital archive website that stores many things from the site and then makes them available to users.

Cara Mudah Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir 2019

You can choose the existing part of your favorite site, watch the video and even listen to the audio that is no longer available, but has been saved by the Wayback Machine. Here are the steps: How to unblock websites without VPN app! February 09, 2021 5:13 PM IWST VPN Technology Tips Features How to Unblock Blocked Sites without App

How to open a blocked space without an application sounds bad to some people. This is because many sites are banned by Cominfo because they are considered to contain dangerous content such as gambling, pornography, etc.

In fact, there are a few sites that still have good content, one of which is Reddit. Unfortunately, this site is blocked by Kominfo. Often, many blocked sites can be accessed by using a VPN.

Not only Kominfo, but also sites blocked by the server. For example, when you try to access Facebook or YouTube but fail because it is blocked by the school internet. Then, there are places that cannot be entered in the office, so you want to know how to open the places that are restricted by the administrator.

Cara Mengatasi Situs Tidak Bisa Di Buka Karena Https Di Google Chrome

Anonymously. However, you have to use this trick properly, OK! Don’t open the block for bad things.

At this stage, you can use the method to unlock the blocked space on your computer/laptop without any app. Instead of using a VPN, it’s better to open one

Here are some ways to unlock unblocked apps on mobile phones, PCs and laptops. If you have read the article above, you just have to try it. Make sure you don’t use this cheat for bad things, right?

Cara Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir Di Facebook

It is a tool to make recommendations for places based on location, scale and category. Do you already have a business venture and want to advertise your business profile to loyal readers? Register now! It is free! 3, It is very easy if we know how to open blocked sites from Indonesian operators such as XL, Indosat, Telkom, Telkomsel, Smartfren or Speedy. And here I show 9 ways to open blocked sites and they have been proven effective (because I tried them myself)

Cara Mencari Akun Facebook Yang Di Privasi Secara Legal Dan Aman

To be honest, sometimes I feel strange and awkward when I see a website that has been blocked suddenly for some stupid reason, like Vimeo a few months ago by the Indonesian government or Ministry of Communications and Information regarding website blocking. From there I started to learn how to remove websites blocked by the government, one by one I blocked one site after another, but other problems appeared because the instructions are not clear enough (in my opinion) so don’t get a solution, I’m confused.

Finally, after a long search, I found a way to open the blocks, which not only proved to be effective, but also easy to do, aka not difficult and does not require any experience installed on a software, because it only uses Windows settings. . .

According to the name above, here I will show 9 ways to open the block and explain the 9 ways in detail to make it easy for beginners to understand.

One of the easiest ways to unblock sites is to install Anonymox. A simple explanation for those who don’t know what Anonymox is: Anonymox is an extension for Firefox that changes our IP address.

Cara Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir Tanpa Aplikasi Dan Vpn

If Anonymox is an extension for Firefox, then ZenMate is an add-on or plugin for Google Chrome, so this way the two plugins do not differ much, in fact, they both hide and change the IP address on our computer. With an IP address in another country, such as America, Singapore, or Japan.

Before using this method, you must first have at least 1 domain that is still working, if not, please search for Free Proxy on the Internet or directly if you do not want the hassle. Voluntary entry. Check out the free proxy list here http://proxylist.

Choose the one with the fastest speed, then note the server name, and then follow these steps to change the server name below:

Cara Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir Di Facebook

It’s already finished. FYI, this method can speed up your website (depending on the user name), so it’s not only useful for removing site blocks.

Cara Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir Dengan Vpn Di Hp & Pc

The web proxy is a website that helps you change your IP address, so it is similar to the method I described above, but the difference is that we use a Web Proxy, we Can change user name. We don’t have to bother changing. , because everything is controlled by the Internet, so we must use it.

The disadvantage of this method is that we cannot access websites that use a secure connection (https), so we cannot access sites that begin with https, and JavaScript will also is closed, so the website will look different.

You know exactly what Google Translate is, right? But did you know that in addition to translating sentences, we can also use Google Translate to open blocked areas.

This model is also not without flaws, because the display of the website that we want to open may be a little different from the previous one, but it can be guaranteed that it will be interesting to look at.

Aplikasi Untuk Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir Oleh Pemerintah

What is Google Cache? You can define the cache as history, so we can visit the website that has been removed from the cache, because as I said above, the cache stores all the information of the site.

Open block space using this method also has the disadvantage of appearance, which is that it looks a little messy. But if you focus on the content of the article, I don’t think it will be a big problem.

A URL shortener like Adfly or Linkbuck has many functions because apart from making money, we can also use it to open blocked sites. This can happen because URL shorteners like Adfly / Linkbuck use a redirect system, so when we visit a blocked website, it looks like we are visiting a URL shortener site.

Cara Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir Di Facebook

If it is successful, open the shortened URL first. So, you will have access to the sites that have been blocked.

Mudah Banget! Ini Cara Membuka Blokir Marketplace Facebook

DNS is short for Domain Name System, and DNS stands for the system that stores host names. Important

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