Cara Membuat Website Gratis Di Google

Cara Membuat Website Gratis Di Google – Want to create a free website? But I don’t know how, this time Frand8K will give you the tricks.

Currently, there are many website building service providers. One of them is Google Sites, which provides website creation services for free. However, among providers Google Sites is not very popular, there are still many people who do not know about it. Here we will learn more about Google Sites and of course discuss how to create a website on Google Sites.

Cara Membuat Website Gratis Di Google

Cara Membuat Website Gratis Di Google

Google Sites is a structured wiki application for creating personal or group websites for personal and corporate purposes. Google Sites was prepared as a replacement for Google Page Creator. This article will show you how to create and edit a free website using Google Sites. Before you create it, you must have a Google account to be able to create a Google site. Google Sites makes it easy for you to create a website.

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Google Sites is a free web hosting service provided by Google. You can create a website to be used to provide information on the Internet. Google currently provides various template features with a rather elegant design. And you can create a website that can also store various important documents or files that you can share freely.

These are some things you can know about Google sites. Starting from what is Google Sites to the advantages and disadvantages of Google Sites. However, once you learn more, it provides more benefits. So we have no reason not to use Google Map.

Here’s how to create a website using Google Maps. Pretty easy, right? With easy methods, you can help us create a website of quite good quality and most importantly, it costs nothing. Here’s how to create a website on Google Sites, good luck. We hope this article can be useful for all of you. Aura Nisrina Hesanty Follow I’m currently working as an SEO content writer at When I’m not writing, you’ll find me buried in a stack of fiction books, killing time with movies or focused on console games.

Who said creating a website is expensive? There are really many ways to create a free website. No need to worry if you can code, building a free website can be done in just a few steps!

Cara Membuat Blog Atau Website Gratis Di Google Sites

Moreover, nowadays a website has become a must for everyone, whether as a portfolio website, an online store or just a place to express creativity. With a website, anyone can reach you from anywhere, unhindered by distance and time.

If you want to create a website but are not ready to spend a lot of money, we will show you how to create a free website that is sure to be easy for beginners to follow. More interesting, right? Right now, here’s a tutorial on how to create a free website!

In this section, we will discuss the steps to create an attractive free website to increase your online presence.

Cara Membuat Website Gratis Di Google

The first step in how to create a free website is to determine the type of website. Here are some of the most common types of websites today to help you decide what type of website to build:

Penjelasan Lengkap Google Sites, Bisa Buat Website Gratis?

With so many types of websites, it’s important to know which website you want from the different website examples available.

In you can get hosting and a free domain, you know. Note, however, that this service has limited bandwidth and disk space. If you need more resources, you can subscribe to another hosting package from .

However, note that using this option will give you a free domain with the subdomain “”, which is certainly less professional.

If you want a professional domain with your own desired name, use the domain search column available in the 000 webhost panel.

Cara Membuat Website Gratis 100% (mudah Pemula)

Or if you want a free domain name with fast, secure and professional hosting, you can get a hosting package from .

In addition, all hosting packages include a free domain name (for 1 year), free SSL for life, WordPress CMS and business email for creating emails with your own domain.

Once you have finished creating your account, you will be directed to the 000 Webhost Member Area Dashboard to manage your Content Management System (CMS).

Cara Membuat Website Gratis Di Google

There are actually many ways to install WordPress that you can do. But here we invite you to try installing WordPress through the 000 webhost panel area. Here are the steps:

Setelah Buat Website, Apa Yang Harus Dilakukan?

Since free hosting has limited bandwidth, this installation process will take a long time. Of course, this is very inefficient for those of you who are looking for a way to create a business website, as the performance of your business will also be affected.

For businesses, you can subscribe to WordPress hosting that is equipped with a WordPress CMS. So you no longer have to bother installing WordPress yourself.

With more resources, you can use a WordPress website to build a business with an online store, create a company website, open a digital invitation business, and much more.

Next, how to create a free website continues with the installation of a WordPress theme. Installing a theme will make it easier for you to create a website design and beautify the look of your website.

Cara Membuat Website Gratis Yang Mudah Untuk Pemula

After installing the theme you want, the next way to create a free website is to install a plugin. For those who don’t know, a plugin is software to add functionality to a website.

Note that although there are many functional plugins that can be installed, still choose only those that suit your website. So delete plugins that are not needed so that website operation is not difficult.

Ready to build a website and publish your first blog post? How to create articles in WordPress is quite easy. Here are the steps:

Cara Membuat Website Gratis Di Google

However, keep in mind that websites still need optimization. Both in terms of speed and ranking in search engines to be more optimal. So what should be done?

Cara Mudah Membuat Website Umkm Menggunakan Google Sites Secara Gratis

At this point, you have already learned how to create a completely free website. But why should you use WordPress to create a website?

In fact, a subscription to quality hosting doesn’t have to be expensive. You can try hosting from those who provide free domains and SSL. Not only that, you can also get a business email with your own domain.

And how? Are you interested in continuing to use a free website or just spend a small fee to get optimal performance?

Through this article, you have learned how to create a free website in just 7 easy steps. Starting from deciding the type of website to getting free web hosting and domain.

Membuat Website Mudah Dan Gratis Dengan Google Sites

Having a website is a must to strengthen your online presence, especially for business owners. But you should remember that using free hosting and domains does not guarantee optimal website performance.

Limited resources will make accessing the website slow! Also, the website will look less professional because you cannot customize the domain name.

To keep your website performing well, make sure you choose the right hosting service. Well, WordPress hosting from might be an option!

Cara Membuat Website Gratis Di Google

With WordPress hosting, you don’t need to install WordPress manually because the content management system will be installed automatically. Creating a website is easier and managing it is even easier!

Cara Membuat Website Tampil Di Halaman Pertama Google

More interestingly, this package has a WordPress auto-update feature to automatically update the WordPress version, plugin or theme. Website testing is even more practical as there is a WordPress staging feature that can clone websites.

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How to Create a Free Website on Google – Want to have a website but don’t want to spend money? easy! The method is quite simple. Here’s how to create a free website on Google.

For example, if you have an online business and want to sell products to a wide range of customers, one way is to use a website.

Rekomendasi Aplikasi Pembuat Website Gratis Di Android

Apart from this, websites are also widely used for sharing hobbies like story writing, diary writing etc.

So, if you want to have a personal website easily and for free, see the full explanation of how to create a free website on Google below.

With Google Sites, you will get some basic but functional website building features such as: simple website templates, selection of website layouts, Google Workspace Suite integration, YouTube and Google Maps integration, image carousel and HTML embedding

Cara Membuat Website Gratis Di Google

In addition to the features above, there are additional options such as dividers and tables of contents that can enhance the user experience of your website.

Cara Membuat Website Gratis Dan Mudah Untuk Pemula

So now that we know the basic features of Google sites, now is the time to try how to create a website on Google for free.

Now that you know what Google Sites is, here’s how to easily create a free website on Google Sites:

The first way to create a website on Google is by accessing the Google Sites page at You will then need to use a Google Account to use the tool and save the website you have created.

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Cara Membuat Website Gratis Di Google Sites

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The next way to create Google Sites is to choose one of the templates to speed up the website creation process.

In addition to using a template, you can also create a website from scratch by selecting the “Start New Site” option in the upper left corner of the page (without the big +).

Cara Membuat Website Gratis Di Google

Then how to create a website on Google

Tutorial Membuat Website Dengan Google Sites, Simak Caranya!

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