Cara Memasukan Lagu Ke Iphone Tanpa Itunes

Cara Memasukan Lagu Ke Iphone Tanpa Itunes – I want to transfer music from my computer to iPhone through iTunes. However, Apple seems to limit the use of this method. Is there an option to sync music to iPhone without iTunes?

Many users face this problem when they try to transfer music through iTunes. Although iTunes is a great tool for organizing and managing your songs, it also has some drawbacks. If you don’t connect it to your computer, you risk losing the music on your iPhone because iTunes deletes all the music on your device.

Cara Memasukan Lagu Ke Iphone Tanpa Itunes

Cara Memasukan Lagu Ke Iphone Tanpa Itunes

Additionally, you cannot transfer music that you have not officially purchased on iTunes. But don’t worry! This article will give you the best options to transfer music from PC to iPhone and vice versa without iTunes.

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The first option to sync music from PC to iPhone without iTunes. This powerful tool will transfer all your files from phone to phone or computer with one click. It backs up data from iTunes and can easily restore your device without restoring. This application supports more than 18 types of data and performs excellent transfer processes with 3 times speed.

Visit the official website, download the app and install it on your computer. Then select “Phone Transfer” > “Import to Phone” option from the main window.

Select “Music” as the file type to transfer. Then, click on the “Import” button and let the system start the process of transferring your music to iPhone without iTunes. Finally, access the copied music from the phone’s “Moved” folder.

Another option to transfer songs from PC to iPhone without iTunes is through Media Monkey. Media Monkey is a music player that also works as a song management program that is suitable for syncing your music.

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Download, install and run Media Monkey on your computer. Make sure iTunes is installed on your computer. This is necessary because Media Monkey needs the iTunes driver to access your iOS device.

Use a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer. Make sure your phone is on, then launch the Media Monkey app and go to the File option. Then, select “Add/Save Tracks to Library”. This will bring up the file selection window.

Browse to the folder where you want to export music files from your computer to iPhone, and then select the path. Then, click OK and wait until Media Bank confirms that the folder exists in the software library.

Cara Memasukan Lagu Ke Iphone Tanpa Itunes

To start the transfer process, click the “iPhone” icon in the program menu and Media Monkey will start the process of transferring the music to your phone. Finally, find the transferred music on your phone to start streaming.

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Dropbox is a cloud service that you can use to transfer music from your computer to your iPhone without iTunes. Dropbox is free and can store up to 2 GB of data.

Step 1. First, download and install Dropbox on your computer and phone. Then sign in with the same Dropbox account.

Step 3. After connecting it, you can now start listening to your music on your phone without internet connection.

There are also several streaming apps to help you stream music to your iPhone without iTunes. Apple Music is one of the best options. This app has more than 90 million ad-free songs. You can try this streaming app for free for 3 months before upgrading your system. Follow these steps to sync music to iPhone.

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Step 1. First, sign up for Apple Music Streaming. Then sign in with your Apple ID. Open Apple Music, choose Account > click Sign in, then enter your Apple ID and password.

This article tells you how to transfer music to iPhone wirelessly without iTunes. You can use the best application that is your mobile phone transfer that will not lose the music on your device. You can also sync music from Apple Music to your phone if you subscribe to the service. Syncing your Dropbox music is another option, but you’ll need to make sure your music is converted to an iPhone-compatible format. If not, music streaming will not be possible. The best alternative to transfer music without iTunes is easy to use and has no limitations.

4 Ways to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung 6 Best Apps to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android Fast 4 Ways to Transfer Notes from iPhone to Android 4 Ways to Transfer SMS from iPhone to Android iPhone to iPhone Most iPhone Users Always use iTunes to meet your music listening needs. But if you want to try another method, there are several options to add songs to your iPhone without iTunes that are easy, practical and worth trying.

Cara Memasukan Lagu Ke Iphone Tanpa Itunes

ITunes offers convenience and has a huge music collection, so you may be too lazy to try other options. But there is no harm in trying other methods to gain more experience. Check out our full iOS/iPhone OS guide below!

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To add songs, you can transfer audio files from computer to iPhone or download songs directly to iPhone. Whichever method you choose, you can try it here.

It is not possible to transfer songs from PC to iPhone without iTunes. There are many other ways, but you should use the support of third-party applications. The easiest is to use a cloud app like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Just like how to transfer videos to iPhone without iTunes, transferring songs from PC to iPhone via Google Drive can be done easily. as follows:

Using Google Drive to put songs on iPhone without iTunes is very easy. You can enjoy your favorite songs without any hassle.

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As the official music app for iPhone, Apple Music is one of the best options for adding songs without iTunes. You can use this app for free for 3 months. After that, you will be upgraded to the paid version to continue using it.

You must be connected to the Internet to listen to it. If you want to enjoy offline, download the song by selecting the download button. Like other music apps like Spotify and Joox, Apple Music also offers a collection of millions of songs from different genres.

Using the Music app, you can choose Spotify to add songs to your iPhone. This app is equipped with various interesting features, from downloading songs, adding songs to playlists and adjusting the sound quality according to your needs.

Cara Memasukan Lagu Ke Iphone Tanpa Itunes

You can listen to downloaded songs without connecting to the Internet. In other words, this song can be enjoyed anytime.

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You can try different methods to add songs to iPhone without iTunes. If you decide to download a song, be aware that your iPhone storage may not be full. Thanks and hope this is helpful! This time I would like to share information about how to download videos on or on mobile without IDM. Currently there are many…

This time I want to share information about how to transfer songs to iPhone without using iTunes. If you are an Apple smartphone user, surely you are familiar with iTunes application to transfer files including songs, pictures etc. from your computer or laptop to your mobile phone. As you know, transferring songs from laptop to iPhone using iPhone is a bit complicated because it requires syncing and using folders. So, I tried to find an app that can do it easier than iTunes, and then I found this app.

WondershareTunesGo is the name of an application that can help you transfer files, songs, photos, etc. Easier than iTunes, like using a file manager. In fact, there are many methods offered on the Internet to transfer songs from various sources to iPhone without using iTunes, but I think this application is the easiest because, like others, some require you to first transfer music from your laptop or iTunes needs to be installed on the computer. I think it’s because it needs to be reinstalled and this app doesn’t require you to install iTunes which is huge on your laptop. Although this app is actually paid, you can use its free trial version to transfer as usual.

Currently available on JOOX, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. Although there are many apps that offer music playback services, most of these apps can be used online on mobile data, and if you are offline, such as on an airplane, of course you can only play songs. are in your smartphone playlist. Wondershare TunesGo can be used not only by Apple or iPhone brand devices, but also by Android smartphone users. Transferring songs to your iPhone using this app is as easy as a normal file manager. Below is a brief discussion about the appearance of Wondershare TunesGo application.

Cara Memasukkan Lagu Ke Iphone Tanpa Itunes

The image above is the main screen of this app. After downloading, installing and opening this app, don’t forget to connect your iPhone to your laptop or computer using a USB cable. If it’s connected like iTunes, the app will find the connected device, including the type and model of iPhone and the full version of iOS. In the image above, you can see that there are several menus that can be used to transfer songs, photos, videos and contacts.

Next, you can select the music menu to transfer the songs and the display will look like the image above. To add a song, click on the add button and it will appear

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