Cara Make Up Yang Benar

Cara Make Up Yang Benar – In your 20s, wearing make-up and make-up will be very important not only to enhance your appearance but also to cover the attractive look on your face, you know, but what is the right makeup sequence? ? shade first or concealer first? In lieu of curiosity, let’s check out the makeup routine below

The first proper makeup routine, ladies, is to make sure your face is clean of dirt and dust before applying makeup, so that pimples and blackheads don’t show up. For a proper skin care routine, you can start by cleansing your face first.

Cara Make Up Yang Benar

Cara Make Up Yang Benar

Many of us don’t know about makeup primer, although many Indonesian beauty bloggers recommend it, makeup is a makeup base used to make makeup last longer and cover pores on the face, so it’s actually very important for you to use it. Before using other women’s makeup.

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If you are in doubt about choosing a makeup primer, you can try Nature Republic Aloe Vera Shooting Gel Mist, because in addition to rejuvenating, this Nature Republic product can also strengthen our ladies.

After the first makeup, you can use powder, BB cream or cushion. Just choose a woman, if you have oily skin, use a foundation, BB cream or a cushion with a matte finish. A few tips for you, if you want to use only makeup every day, you can use Nature Republic Super Origin Water BB Cream for natural results.

After powder/bb cream or cushion, you can also use concealer, ladies. Concealer itself is used to cover acne and dark circles, and it can also brighten your face. You can read reviews of good concealer brands.

The next correct makeup order is eyeshadow, actually eyeshadow first or concealer first? In fact, you can use both at the same time, ladies, but if you’re afraid of failure, you can use the concealer first and then the shadow. [AdSense-B]

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After applying concealer, get used to using foundation to lock in your makeup results neatly, use sheer makeup to keep the results natural, ladies. Did you know that powder is also a way to create long-lasting makeup for oily skin?

Once you’ve finished the face, it’s time to decorate the eyes! How to choose eye shadow according to skin tone women, you can also use eyeshadows in safe colors like brown, black and white.

Once you’ve finished your eyeshadow, start coloring your brows, but if you already have thick brows, you can skip this step and use an eyebrow tint that matches your hair color, ladies. For those of you who want to grow your eyebrows thicker, you can read our guide on how to grow your eyebrows naturally. [AdSense-C]

Cara Make Up Yang Benar

Apply blush or light tan to your face for a more natural look, and add a little tan to your chin and nose for a more natural look. Aside from the importance of using pink to keep your face from looking pale, using pink is one of the ways to look attractive to men.

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The last makeup tip is to use lipstick, you can use a natural colored lipstick that matches the lip color of women. Did you know that there are actually different ways to make lipstick last longer and one of them is using a powder, if you have dry lips you can read our lipstick guide for dry lips.

So, these 10 makeup application routines are actually pretty simple, right? So ladies, don’t miss it or forget it. The trick to choosing the perfect shade is to choose a shade 1 shade lighter than your skin tone. How to use the feature! Make triangles in areas like the eyes, forehead, middle of the nose, upper lip and chin.

This technique is a little tricky, but if you already know your face shape, shading your face will definitely be easier!

A heart-shaped face has a chin and forehead that are wider than the cheeks and chin. Shade the upper part of the cheeks at the edges of the forehead and temples. Highlight the center of the face, chin and eyes.

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A pear-shaped or oblong face has a wide chin, which is the part of the face that needs to be covered. Shade his long beard to make his face look shorter. At that time, use a light powder on the cheeks to create a wide impression. Use the horizontal flush method.

Round face shapes usually have cheekbones, the width of the face is roughly equal to the length of the face. The part that needs to be masked is the cheeks to make them look slimmer. Shade from the edge of the forehead to the lower part of the cheeks and the cheekbones for a more subtle effect. Meanwhile, coat the beard strands with a shade or two of powder, then brush over the top of the beard. For more shadowy results, play a darker shade of brown, then blend upwards to create a more egg-like shape.

It has a square face and a chin that tends to stand out. The areas to be shaded are the broad part of the forehead and chin, shading the edges of the forehead and chin or the lower cheeks, two shades darker than the skin tone of the face. The chin shadow is designed to hide the square shape of the chin area of ​​the face. In addition to the basic foundation, you can use black in a triangle shape that touches the nose and spreads to the cheeks. Shading should be done with a wide brush. Then highlight the center of the face, chin and under the eyes.

Cara Make Up Yang Benar

Oval face shape is the best face shape. In fact, you don’t need to shade for this look, you just need to highlight the face, under the eyes and chin to make it stand out. To hide the sharper shape of the nose, you can shade the nose so that the bridge of the nose looks more defined.

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Cara Make Up Yang Benar

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Steps to get the right face: Steps to get the right face: Tips to get the right face: tie your hair to get the right face: natural clear photo with original camera, 20cm away from the camera under natural light.

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