Cara Download Gratis Di Playstore

Cara Download Gratis Di Playstore – Who doesn’t love free perfume? Especially about free games and apps, this time I will tell you how to download paid apps and games from the Play Store for free and legally. Yes, you can download paid games for free from the Play Store.

In order to do the method that I will explain, you need the Playstore app as well as a quota to download games and apps. The method that I will discuss here is nothing special, I am sure that some of you will understand that using my method is definitely free.

Cara Download Gratis Di Playstore

Cara Download Gratis Di Playstore

This method to download paid games for free is only using Playstore discounts, but later I will explain how to find games with discounts? If you like these tips and tricks, please continue reading, but if not, please read my other articles like

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Now this method cannot be used for all the games that are available, so the games that we can download depend on the promotions that are available. yes, but if you did this method, the promotional games will be yours forever. Here you will find my games for free or not.

In order to get free games from the Play Store, I recommend that you first log in to your Google account, so that one day you change your mobile phone, the game data you bought will be the loss.

If so, please look for games that are on sale. To list a number of games for sale, I will explain later how to easily find games for sale. For now, we can use the search function of the Play Store by typing in the search column the keyword “discounted games” although not all the games that are on sale will appear last there.

If not, we can use another method, such as directly writing the name of the game, the game that is currently on sale.

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Please download the game directly, if there is a message like above, click Continue. So here are the tips or tricks I want to share.

After that, if the game or app you downloaded is over 1MB or more, cancel the download immediately. How come? Of course, don’t spend your quota, but if you like the game, keep going.

So why did the download have to be cancelled? Because if the download is more than 1MB, we automatically buy the game or app. After the download period is over, we can download the game or app again.

Cara Download Gratis Di Playstore

For some reason all downloads start at the number 72kb which I think is this 72kb file to check if I bought the game?! Although I’m not sure about it, I’m pretty sure if your game download is more than 1MB, it means we can download the game later.

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I usually do this method to find paid games, so I only download games that pay for the game but it is on promotion and can be downloaded for free. So, every time the download is bigger than 1MB, I cancel it and so on.

Even if I don’t play the game, I always download the game or the app with the hope that one day I will want to play the game. Finally, if we click on a game that is currently being launched, the recommendations for games that are currently being launched will appear below. You can do the above method if you want to make your own game.

Finally, if there is a day that you have done this method and paid for the game again, don’t worry because this happened to me now that I have done this method and got the game for free School – White Day, but when I checked the game on the play store but it is paid.

But I couldn’t stop thinking, so I tried to find the game in the collection list, then I clicked on the game and it showed that the game was not paid for? How come? Yes you can because the creator of the game White Day has re-installed and set the game to be paid.

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Now in the Collections tab, all the games you have downloaded or purchased will be stored here. Now the paid games and apps that you can get for free will be added to the collection list so you can download these games and apps anytime anywhere.

So how do you find a collection of games and software for sale? It’s easy, all you have to do is install an app called Apps Free, then a list and collection of games that are currently sold in this app will appear. Please write the name of the app you want to search in Play Store, then you will find the app in Play Store that you can download for free.

If not, you can also click directly on the game name in the free app and it will automatically go directly to the Playstore. Apart from that, using this app you can also hide apps like themes and wallpapers because most cheap apps are wallpaper.

Cara Download Gratis Di Playstore

How to do it? Yes, just find the wallpaper and theme, then click the three dots next to it, then click “Hide wallpapers” or “Hide themes” etc. which hides unimportant programs.

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How come, isn’t it easy to download paid games and apps from the Play Store for free? This method cannot be used for all games because it is an illegal process. If you really want to get paid games for free, it’s better to use a mod app or download a store similar to the Play Store, which distributes paid apps and free games . There is a free Google Play balance up to IDR 75,000, hurry up and check how it is. Good news for phone users, especially those with the Android operating system and those who regularly use Google Play services. Now we have the opportunity to get free Google Play credit rewards up to IDR 75,000.

And what’s even more fun is that we can get this free Google Play balance many times without limits or usage restrictions. However, you must comply with Google’s terms and conditions if you discontinue this reward service at any time.

Google Play balance itself is like a digital wallet that we can later use to make payments for all transactions on Google services. For example, buy items, in-game content, or subscribe to other special services, including YouTube and others.

So with this free Google Play balance we can make any transaction on Google services. And of course, this is very useful for us, especially for those of us who like free things.

Cara Download Aplikasi Berbayar Di Play Store Secara Gratis!

Before we discuss how to get free Google Play credit, we must make sure that the Google account we have is registered in the Google Play Points Rewards program. If you haven’t registered yet and want to register right away, you can read the previous post or through the link above.

If your Google account has already been registered to the Play Points Rewards service, please see the steps below!

In addition to redeeming for Google balance, Reward Points can also be redeemed for other items. And to earn game points, we don’t just participate in events, we earn points to try new apps and games. We can also earn Games from weekly rewards and the first time you sign up for the Games program.

Cara Download Gratis Di Playstore

And all the transactions we do on Google Play, whether it’s accumulating your Google Play balance, buying things in games, entering paid apps. We will give or receive game rewards.

Merubah Aplikasi Dari Playstore Jadi Apk Installer

It’s like a cashback when we make a transaction. So, there are still benefits that we can get after making transactions on Google Play. Also watch the video below! For example, when the Pokemon GO app was released, Indonesian Google Play users were unable to download it because they were in different time zones. . That’s why you need to know other ways to download apps other than Google Play.

Although it is just another system for downloading apps other than Google Play, this system is very safe in protecting your data and phone.

Your first choice for downloading apps other than Google Play is the Amazon App Store, a program that can make it easy for you to find a selection of apps that may not be available for download on of Google Play. The advantage of the Amazon App Store makes it special, there are paid programs that you can download for free every day, with the simple conditions that you must first register with an Amazon account. You can try,

Next on the list is XDA Labs, another “group” of

Vidmate App Download

For those of you who want to find new apps and features, XDA Labs is the place to be. Here you’ll find apps you can’t find on Google Play, along with information about them.

, is called an “installation” of files that will eventually become an app on Android when it comes to installation. On APKMirror, you can find many APKs from apps that are not available in Indonesia for various reasons such as regional block restrictions from some companies or agencies.

APKMirror neatly sorts the results of app APK downloads from Google Play based on the version and date an app was released. So you can

Cara Download Gratis Di Playstore

. Although it is not widely known, the Opera Mobile Store offers a good user interface and a good selection.

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, for those of you who want to download your test directly. In the app version, Aptoide provides an interface that is compatible with Google standards viz

. The list of applications has more than 700 thousand applications and continues to grow since then

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