Cara Arsitek Membuat Desain Rumah

Cara Arsitek Membuat Desain Rumah – Today, many people use part of their land as business premises. Especially because of the Covid19 Pandemic, many people are living in such times. One way is to open the house. Many people buy a home online, especially new business owners, especially women. It helps a lot if the place of business is also at home. He can take care of the house and do business from home. Of course this will work really well and will be more cost effective. Because you don’t need to find your own land to do business, like staying at home.

But you also need to pay attention to some things if you want to carry out many operations in this same land. Here are some tips and more

Cara Arsitek Membuat Desain Rumah

Cara Arsitek Membuat Desain Rumah

A strategic location is very important in doing business. This applies to visitors if they want to see your business site directly. Visitors are generally more confident if the location of the business is clear. So focus on your website first.

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To maintain the safety and comfort of the owner, there will of course be a boundary between the residential and commercial areas. It affects the privacy of the owner of the house. Therefore, the boundaries between homeowners and visitors to your business will be clear.

The distribution between owners and guests is closely related to the zoning process. This applies to the parking, shopping area, living room, family room and other rooms.

For commercial buildings, the building must look very attractive. Make others want and want to visit your business.

The choice of color is very important in the design of the exterior or interior of the house. This color can be the look or feel of your business. They do not use colors that are brighter. Of course, this disturbs the owner or the guest.

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Lighting is the most important part of the house. The lights will be adjusted for user comfort. Current electricity can be used instead of using an electric lighting system. Of course, it is placed in the room.

Another important factor in the home is the heating system. The ventilation system must be properly controlled. Natural or artificial air is adequate for the function of the chamber.

By studio3 |2023-01-27T13:38:51+07:0016/08/2022 | 0 Comments According to Wikipedia, a building plan is a structural or working set (sometimes called blueprints) that presents all aspects of a residential building such as measurements, materials, form, inclusion criteria and methods.

Cara Arsitek Membuat Desain Rumah

In general, a house plan is a diagram that shows the arrangement of rooms and furniture in a house. That is, the design is a building that is cut and viewed from above. The informant told me that a floor plan is a horizontal segment of a building cut one meter high from the bare floor as viewed from above.

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A floor plan is the information about the location of the rooms in the house, so that we know whether the space arrangement in the house is effective or not. By looking at the floor plan, it can be seen if the room is the right size, the right location, and other things that are relevant, such as the placement of doors, windows, the height of the floors, and the circulation that takes place in it. home.

Creating a floor plan is not difficult. In addition, there is a digital computer aid that guarantees the correctness and accuracy of the measurements. It is difficult if you have no knowledge or experience in building design. Many of our clients think that it is easy to prepare a plan (usually with many systems to create a plan), in the end they do not receive the price that was offered for the plan. There are others who have made their own maps, and after tearing them apart, we find many of them incomprehensible, ineffective, and impregnable.

Creating a floor plan begins by gathering information about the area to be occupied. It contains information about room type and room size. From this information we create a space based on the function and style of each location. For example, for residential buildings, zoning can be created according to the type of social space. General areas can be divided into one area, and specific areas can be divided into one area.

For example, the bedroom is built next to the family room, dining room, and other connected areas. Currently, private rooms are placed next to other rooms or in other private areas. This part can be determined by the nature of the site, the functionality of the site, or other factors.

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After classification and placement, attention is given to the distribution or connection of these areas to other areas or to the outside. Material is the movement of those who use it to build. For example, a side room should have a door next to the main door, so that if it is in the living room (it has a main door), the residents of the house can enter and exit through the side door.

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the location of the holes for ventilation and light circulation. In light of the holes, it is necessary to know the way the house faces as well as the location of the sun in the house. Houses facing east and west get the most light. This is a special concept when we create an opening of light in each room.

By venting the holes, so that each room has access to natural air. Openings to connect the interior of the building with the exterior of the building. For smooth air flows, it is better to use the cross-flow method, where the holes meet each other in the room. This will determine the location and type of building.

Cara Arsitek Membuat Desain Rumah

So what should be considered in the plan is the placement of stairs in buildings with more than one floor. The stairs are special for installation. It is impossible to go wrong with the steps taken. The standard is to have a high tread and a wide tread to ensure safety when walking. In addition, the position of the stairs is related to the main structure of the building, as the beams and columns support the floor.

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The construction of the first floor plan and the floor above requires greater attention, especially to the structure. Many of our clients have created their plans, but in the end they have to change them because the structure of the building is restricted. In architectural designs there are times when it is necessary to place columns (pillars) in a place that obstructs the circulation or view of the user. It is possible that the construction is too complicated for an effective and expensive house builder – In addition to using the work of an artist, how to design your house is the most important good argument. The father of the house simply expresses all the thoughts and ideas through images that are needed for a good, cheap and useful home. But, the question is how to design a house if it is not clear? The following is a simple explanation.

The first step is to include all of your interests by enhancing your previous work of design and inspiration. You can find inspiration and ideas by traveling, or you can read exhibitions and magazines to find home plans that represent the style and design that is close to what you want.

Before you sign up, make sure you know the space requirements and details. You can start a list of chores and activities that you and other people in the family do. Completing determining what areas are needed to accommodate these activities. It is better not to forget the service areas such as the bathroom, the kitchen or the restaurant, as well as the room and the laundry room, if needed.

Then, the next step is to make lines and outlines. Scale to describe your location or country. To make this process easier, it is better to have a sheet of paper separated by a millimeter to help keep each line drawn exactly to the scale you want.

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Start by incorporating the different arrangements of space you want in the chosen area using lines and spaces in the design of the house. Do not forget to consider the size of the room according to good size standards, so that each room in the house plan is the right size.

When you enter the space and prepare the size of the space in the design of the house, you may have problems, starting with the position of the room that is not perfect or the land is not suitable. For this reason, you will want to revise the house plan several times until you find the perfect model and structure of the plan.

Once you’ve found the right organization, it’s time to outline your plan for sharing. Starting with adding the thickness of the wall, then the doors and windows (complete with opening instructions), to start arranging the utensils and furniture of each room in the plan. The more certain, the better.

Cara Arsitek Membuat Desain Rumah

Best of all, you should review the form of the project you have defined by comparing it to another project, or imagine what the site itself would look like. Adjust the size of the individual to the standard. To achieve this last part, you can work with professional staff such as architects and interior designers who prefer to achieve your dream project.

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Well, it’s not hard, right? Although it may seem difficult at first, if you do it from the heart, it will become easier. In addition, this article discusses how to design your home, when you want to build a house, but you are still confused about using the work of an artist to design a house, let’s not even look at it. the crowd Englishmen can think of something that can be decided more easily. It doesn’t just look at prices, you can see the value of architectural design work from the results you get afterwards. In fact, there are many benefits that come with using the services of a home design artist. One of the benefits is the ability to transform a small and simple house into a beautiful one.

In fact, there are many benefits that can come from using an artist to design a home. The fruits can be increased several times depending on the architectural works used. So make sure you use the service plan

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