Best Place To Sell Magic Cards

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In order to find the best MTG card price, you need to be aware of the types of markets that exist around Magic the Gathering. As with other TGC cards (Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, check out our related trading article here), MTG card value is determined by set, condition, and rarity. In particular, we have:

Best Place To Sell Magic Cards

Best Place To Sell Magic Cards

Below is a list of websites where you can quickly view your MTG card collection to sell them at the best market price.

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If you’re interested in building or improving your MTG card collection, the following MTG additions can increase your chances of winning. I will try to help you choose the best booster for you and provide a small list of packages to consider. Below we recommend boosters as an easy and cheap way to create and collect MTG cards.

Due to pandemic restrictions, the best way to sell your Magic The Gathering (MTG) collection is online. Let’s take a look at the top 5 sites for selling MTG cards:

In the following list, we are adding several online and physical stores where you can sell your collection of Magic The Gathering cards in 2022.

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Fill out your sales order and send your items to Card Kingdom. The cards must be printed and placed according to the sales order form.

Here at Card Kingdom, we’ve been buying and selling hundreds of thousands of Magic cards every day since 1999. We’re proud of the Magic community and will continue to offer our customers great prices, good ratings, and fast and easy transactional payments that we trust. You can count on us to take care of you!

Before starting your trade order, please review our updated trade information below. You can find instructions on how to sell your cards, how to package your cards, how we rate them, payment information and more. And if you have questions, our experts are here to help! You can reach us at 206-523-2273 (phone hours).

Best Place To Sell Magic Cards

These are instructions for selling different cards. If you would like to sell bulk postcards, closed items or collectibles, please see the other sales sections on this page for more information.

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This section deals with single packs, collections and product orders. Bulk orders are placed a little differently and are listed under Bulk Sales.

This section explains how the mark is processed, the estimated time of the sales order, and how your payment will be processed and distributed to you.

Payment by card is carried out by the system unit at the cost of purchasing the NM card. You will see the NM card purchase price listed when adding cards to your inventory. Depending on the value of the card and where it came from, we will pay a percentage of the base purchase price of the card. The percentage breakdown is below:

For example, if you had an Amonkhet card with a purchase price of $25 from us, but it was EX ranked, we would pay $21.25 for the card, or 85%. If you had an Alpha card with an initial purchase price of $25 and it was graded to EX, you would get $20 per card, or 80%.

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Note: When you’re done creating your trade order, you’ll see a total at the bottom of your invoice showing the number of cards added to your order. The number you see is a combination of all your cards listed or rated at NM. If the maps are not loaded on NM, you will see the first one loaded when your order is complete. If the cards are rated as BG or Below Good, they will be returned to you and their value will be deducted from your total.

We stopped buying a lot, but we always buy through shopping. We will resume bulk purchases soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding. You can contact our customer support with questions.

We settled on the odd one out and bought a collection, but we always review our purchases. We will resume collection services immediately. Thank you for your patience and understanding. You can contact our customer support with questions.

Best Place To Sell Magic Cards

When sold, the item must be closed or unopened and undamaged. We currently do not buy booster packs.

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We implement our own grades using our own grading guidelines, rather than evaluating grades from other sites. The scores also reflect the map as a whole, not individual patches, so scores may vary. With this system, you have a high and a low of each tier, such as a high-end EX or a low-end NM. Cards are graded on a case-by-case basis, but this grading system is always used as a basis.

Near Mint (NM): Cards rated A Near Mint have low damage. These cards still have their luster. Whiteness at a low angle or high gloss may be permitted if the damage is only visible on close inspection. Excellent (EX): Cards rated Excellent have some wear, usually due to light play. Cards in this condition may have minor faded or frayed edges, light scratches or small dents. Soft, water spread or gloss damage also falls Good. Very Good (VG): Cards graded Very Good have significant wear. Lightening to all edges, moderate damage or large areas of border wear that dips down Very Good. This category also includes more visible tactile damage, such as large indentations, shallow striations, or small creases. Good (G): Cards rated Good are playable, but are heavily worn. This category includes intensive cleaning from all sides, strong friction or surface scratches and large areas. Maps may also indicate moderate waste accumulation or steady distribution. Cards that show excessive fading, ink, creases that can be felt by hand, or other significant damage may be subject to our good terms and be returned to you. Magic Card Investor is sponsored by its readers and may earn commissions when you shop through links on this site. For more information, see our Affiliate Disclaimer.

As collectors and investors in trading card games, we often wonder where is the best place to sell Magic cards. There are many different ways to sell your cards, whether they are old, new, framed cards, unclassed, or even non-magical cards like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, or even MetaZoo. The idea is to get a better bag so you can redeem those new found dollars in BIGGER cards, right? So here are what I can call the best places to turn your deck into cold hard cash on the standalone MTG card market!

The 9 best places to sell Magic cards online and offline are: eBay, TCGPlayer, Card Kingdom, Channel Fireball, Facebook, Craigslist, local game stores, card shows/conventions, and finally, auction houses. These are all great places to try to sell your Magic collection, whether you’re trying to sell it online, at your local store, or at a convention.

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So the most obvious website to sell Magic cards is eBay. With over 160 million users, eBay is the best place not only to sell cards, but to buy them too. It is very easy to set up an account and the fees are not very high, averaging 13-15% of your sales.

And eBay recently released their super-duper high-tech computer vision technology that lets you view your cards with your smartphone, making the listing process more streamlined. What used to take 10 to 15 minutes to set up an auction or Buy Now listing is now much faster because the scanning technology doesn’t fill in much of the data to register your card.

EBay is an easy place to start when it comes to selling Magic cards online, and the proof is in the documentation. It doesn’t matter if you have unusual and rare cards or expensive old and legendary cards, eBay is a great place to start. I just did a quick eBay search for “Magic” in the “CCG INDIVIDUL CARDS” category and I’m showing 930,000+ entries! There are currently over 180,000 items SOLD in the search, so that tells me that people are writing and people are actually selling their cards.

Best Place To Sell Magic Cards

I really enjoy using to sell MTG cards online. They offer a very easy sign up process and the payout is the highest online. Over the years

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