Berpolitik – Elections must provide all political parties with full opportunities for free, fair and equitable competition. The real purpose of elections is to elect representatives of the people who are qualified, ethical and, most importantly, reflect the will of the people. Currently, political parties (political parties) have begun to take action, and the names of several presidential candidates are emerging, making the agenda of the younger generation of politicians just one breath away from gaining momentum for the 2024 elections.

This is an opportunity for youth to become leaders in the upcoming political campaigns of 2024. It has become inevitable that young people are the hope of a nation, religion and country and the successors of leadership. It is not impossible that the positions of president, governor, regent/mayor will be filled by young people and Muslim students.



Students at Islamic boarding schools are generally seen as pious and moral Muslims who should not align themselves with those who believe that politics is dirty. In fact, students must take control of politics so that they can follow the path of goodness. Instead, the state should be in the hands of qualified individuals, such as students from Islamic boarding schools. It is the student who controls the faith, as is the case with the Prophet Muhammad. The characteristics of the prophet must become the student’s political morality. By being siddiq (honest), amanah (trustworthy), tabligh (realizing people’s rights) and fathanah (intelligent). This shows that politics in the hands of political students can bring grace to all humanity.

Faizal Minta Asn Tidak Ikut Berpolitik

The path for students to enter politics and acquire strategic political positions in government agencies is not easy; they must fight and require a series of follow-up actions, representations and collective agreements. Santry is expected to enter the political arena. The history of the Indonesian nation proves the struggle of the Indonesian Islamic boarding school movement against colonialism and for independence. Among them was K.H Abdul Wahid Hasyim, a member of BPUPKI who founded the Republic of Indonesia together with Bung Karno and his friends. Indonesia’s fourth president, Gus Toole, also came from the Muslim boarding school community.

Are people today still reluctant to trust and place hope in young Muslim students as leaders? Students’ leadership qualities in terms of integrity (competence), credibility (trust), leadership (leadership) and political spirit are undisputed.

Political competition must be the entry point. This is a moment for students who can play an important role in changing the state and the nation. Don’t let students become people who often complain about reality but do nothing about it. If Indonesia wants to change, it can do so by being part of the system of change. Santri is trained to provide solutions to social problems, Santri must find answers to all the problems of our time.

The Republic of Indonesia cannot be sustained without the efforts of students in Islamic boarding schools. During the colonial period, youth organizations in Islamic boarding schools inspired people’s enthusiasm for Indonesia’s independence. The most heroic of these was the later birth of the National Santri Day on October 22, which became the precursor to the ‘Jihad Resolution’ announced by Hadratus Sheikh K.H Hasyim Asy’ari, the founder of NU (Nahdhatul Ulama). This event is still celebrated annually today.

Fungsi Partai Politik Di Indonesia Dan Pentingnya Sistem Integritas

Therefore, all we need to do is use political power to stop injustice, guide humanity through education, and help those who have been wronged. Of course, the results of the transformation will be extraordinary. And students need to be in this vortex of power, even if not all students need to jump in. []

We will certainly test you with fear and hunger and loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give good news to the sick, and when a calamity befalls them, they say: “Indeed, we belong to Allah, indeed, to To Him we will return.” A main idea is implanted in a line from a song called Sabda Alam. Thoughts that generate unique ways of thinking. Men are always one step ahead of women, they are strong people and it is their job to protect the weaker women. It is also a shame that women are slaves to men.

History shows that the feminist movement emerged within liberal thinking. The movement was born out of feelings of colonization and the desire to prove to the world that women are not always at the bottom of society; that women are not just objects to be used when needed, but can also play a role in leading a just world. like men.


This idea of ​​gender equality was then credited with bringing women immense fame. ‘Learned’ women appear who dare to show their tusks. They fought in the name of ‘women’s liberation’.

Badan Kesatuan Bangsa Dan Politik Kota Yogyakarta

They take the time to leave their homes to recognize that women are equal to men, even at the legislative, judicial and executive levels.

In fact, current women’s politics is all about power. This is inextricably linked to the meaning of contemporary politics. Politics is only explained as the movement towards power or becoming the leader of a region/country.

In order to survive, women began to enter this field. Under the pretext of gender equality, women no longer have to stay at home, but can be the leaders their people need.

Until finally the women’s struggle was ‘recognized’ by the world and they conquered their place in the legislative, executive and legal fields. Women hold 30% of the seats in the legislature. If there is a woman who wants to become a regional governor or head of state, the opportunity is open.

Diskualifikasi Menunggu Calon Kepala Daerah Yang Berpolitik Uang

That is why women’s struggle continues unabated to this day. They continue to strive for global recognition.

Women were identified as under-recognized in the BPfA+25 report. The report of the National Commission on Violence against Women proves this. Violence against women persists when they participate in politics.

The existence of identity politics that still contains national, religious and racial (SARA) elements is the main reason that prevents women from entering the political field. The strong politicization of religion, gender-biased cultural practices and political stigmatization of women have always been weapons that stab women. In some areas, women still face violence, threats and terror.


Politics should not be interpreted only as power. This is a limited view. Politics in a broad sense means managing people’s affairs. This means that everything that concerns how to properly manage people’s affairs is called politics. Therefore, women in politics are not only synonymous with rulers.

Bawaslu Tegaskan Jangan Berpolitik Praktis Di Tempat Ibadah

Islam respects women. Men and women are assigned based on their temperament. Essentially, men were created to be leaders. Women have essentially been the educators and household managers for generations.

It is with the encouragement of faith that men and women accept each other. Even if Allah decrees that women should not be rulers responsible for managing the affairs of their people. Messenger Alayhi Wasallam said:

It should be understood that according to Sheikh Takiyuddin in the book Ajhizah, women can still hold leadership positions, as long as they are not related to the care of the people, such as the position of Caliph (leader of the country),

In addition to the above functions, women can also participate. For example, the head of the Baitulmal, members of the district council and the ummah,

Bolehkah Kepala Desa Berpolitik Praktis? Berikut Larangan Dan Ketentuannya

All positions except government affairs can be held by women. Including heads of health departments, education departments, industrial departments, trade departments, university directors, school directors, hospital directors, company directors and other responsible persons.

Women should not participate in politics just because of their status, nor should they be recognized by the public alone. Women’s entry into politics must be driven entirely by faith.

“And if there is a group of people among you who call to virtue, encourage good and restrain evil, then you are the fortunate ones.”


The chapter emphasizes that women are also obliged to fulfill the obligation of makruf nahi ungkar. In this role, women can become active members of an Islam-based political party that has an Islamic vision and mission.

Gelar Turnamen Bulutangkis, Pdip: Berpolitik Bukan Hanya Kekuasaan, Tapi Bisa Bermanfaat

Women also have the right to correct when those in authority make mistakes in enforcing the rules. As it happened in the time of Caliph Omar bin Khattasab, a woman dared to remind Omar when he wanted to determine the amount of the dowry. The Caliph accepted it.

In addition to correcting the authorities, women had a duty to protect the people from pagan ideas. Therefore, they have a duty to preach, to protect the minds of the people from the attacks of foreign ideas, and to awaken the people to their duty to follow the Islamic faith.

Another political role for women was to swear allegiance to the caliph. During the Second Aqaba held by the people of Medina, among them were women who pledged allegiance to the Messenger of God. Women also had the right to vote and be elected to the Council of the Ummah, which would convey the people’s wishes to the ruler (the Caliph).

In this case, Islam is not used as a guideline and as politically conscious women we have a duty to engage in areas where we can. To fight for the governance of the ummah to be in accordance with the divine rules, we must join an Islamic party whose mission is to correct those in power. And make people aware of their duty to practice Islam in the way of Kafa. [MNews] Search Research Search Presidents Search Gossip Search Money Search Business Search Style Search Sports Search News Search Photos Search Opinions

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