Berita Tentang Dunia Pendidikan

Berita Tentang Dunia Pendidikan – .ID, YOGYAKARTA – Giving a keynote speech at the opening of the national webinar for teachers, Saturday (24/7) General Director of Central Leadership Haedar Nashir touched on five viruses of Indonesian education.

Five viruses are suspected to be slowly pulling Indonesian students’ identity away from their national identity.

Berita Tentang Dunia Pendidikan

Berita Tentang Dunia Pendidikan

“I will not say sin. If someone says that the sin of Indonesian education is that it is too clean. “I just said you have a virus,” Haedar said.

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First, the virus of agnostic or agnosticism. Haedar suspects that this virus is a hidden form of worldview and policies that seek to move students away from divine and religious values.

These two laws are ignored in the scientific world because they are considered to be the source of problems caused by a small number of religious people.

“This is an imaginary world where there are acts of terrorism, people are inclined towards religion, and then they say that religion is the source of the problem. “Well, in today’s world of education it’s starting to come in,” he said.

Second, the virus of ‘extremism and radicalism’. Haedar suspects that the world of education has not changed much from the connection to stigma.

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Haedar uses the word ‘whatever’ to reject the idea that extremism and extremism are synonymous with religion, especially Islam.

“So there is nothing here. There is extremism and radicalism because of the dimensions of religious ideas, for example, do not fear the virus, just fear God, which is the dimension. “In fact , the Prophet said, before it came into being. his camel (try), then he gives up,” Haedar said.

“But also remember that there are extreme views and radicalism in the name of the country, called national chauvinism which sees that patriotism is the first thing. For example separatism or ideas like communism, freedom, etc.,” explained Haedar.

Berita Tentang Dunia Pendidikan

Third, the virus of violence in the world of education, whether teachers to students or students to other students (bullying,

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Fourth, a sexually transmitted virus. Although this issue is small, it is still destroying the world of education and morals.

“It’s true the number is small, but don’t let this be a guarantee that we tolerate things like this all the time because if the world of teachers has sunk to such a low level, who else is mine who is beautiful. be an example)?” Haadar ordered.

Fifth, the virus, that is, teaching students various things that should not be learned, thus making the academic community shine.

“So this should be our focus. Of course after this there is a lot of progress in the world of our education. “There are many success stories in the world of our education and a lot of success from our students who are our capital to develop the world of education in the level of hope and enthusiasm left because of many teachers are also examples,” he concluded. Mashala Monday. The Indonesian ambassador said this .

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News Friday 19 July 2020 20:15 IWST This is a World Map of Education in Remote Villages. The COVID-19 pandemic has also affected the Indonesian education world. Students and teachers must also be willing to take football to their students’ homes, especially in remote villages.

News Friday 01 May 2020 13:35 IWST Council

News Thursday, 10 October 2019 14:38 IWST This is the best model of Indonesia’s future education according to JK To improve education in the country, JK wants the government to combine two existing education models currently growing worldwide. the world. the future.

Berita Tentang Dunia Pendidikan

News Friday, 06 Sep 2019 13:25 IWST Vice President JK: At a glance, the world of education is different from the museum JK insists that the world of education does not give birth to the museum system. Education must be at the forefront looking to answer the challenges of the times to create progress.

Universitas Prima Indonesia

News Wednesday, 24 Jul 2019 14:52 The IWST school is about to be demolished, the students of the primary school in Brebes study on the fence. fall

News Wednesday, 17 Jul 2019 13:22 IWST Brebes, the only government primary school accepts 1 new student. SDN Kutayu 02 Brebes this year there is only one student of class 1. Even last year , not a single student accepted. .

News Saturday 22 July 2019 12:54 IWST Poor Children Must Go to School! Wonogiri Frees Primary and Middle School Uniforms To make the 9-year compulsory education a success, all primary to underprivileged students in Wonogiri get their school fees and uniforms free.

News Monday, 22 December 2019 16:07 IWST 67 Muhammadiyah Universities Participated in SBMPTMu 2019 67 out of 171 Muhammadiyah and ‘Aisyiyah Universities participated in the 2019 Joint Selection for Admission to Muhammadiyah/’Aisyiyah Education Institutions (SBIsyiyah Higher).

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News Tuesday, 19 Mar 2019 16:54 IWST Sandi will end the UN, JK: Danger to the quality of the country’s education system “So if (the UN) disappears it will be a danger to the quality of the country’s education system, JK Bimo said. Managing Director Sasongko & CEO I Founder of Euro Management Indonesia was interviewed, covered and published half a full page by one of the biggest media in the country with the title of Writers Education by:

Bimo Joga Sasongko (48) wants Indonesia to have the best people.

The figure of BJ Habibie, who is recognized for his skills around the world, inspired Bimo to seek to establish more Habibie in Indonesia. In 2003, Bimo established the international education department of Euro Management Indonesia in Jakarta. The center offers advice and assistance to graduate or undergraduate students who wish to study in 15 countries.

Berita Tentang Dunia Pendidikan

This program is paid and helps prospective students prepare, find a campus that matches their talents, and be able to adapt to other countries. Bimo wants to continue the tradition of Indonesian children studying in developed countries. For example, more students from Vietnam and Malaysia than Indonesian students study abroad. He believes that Indonesia must take similar measures, sending at least 100,000 young people to study in developed countries. Now, there are only about 30,000 people. In 2016, Bimo created a scholarship for free foreign language courses taught by professional teachers.

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Ester Lince Natipupulu is a Euro Management expert. Providing scholarships for free foreign language courses for one to two semesters is part of the company’s social responsibility. This is because Bimo is concerned about the small number of young Indonesians studying in developed countries which are the center of world development today. Bimo, who is the founder and CEO of Euro Management Indonesia, joined Jakarta, Monday (13/7/2020), is eager to explain the importance of Indonesia to send the best young people to other countries. Free foreign language courses at Euro Management Indonesia have reached 15,000 high school graduates, teachers, soldiers, civil servants and the public. “I founded Euro Management Indonesia not for pure business. After getting money, I want to encourage Indonesian children to go abroad. So, in 2016 I started to provide free services of foreign language. “There are seven foreign language options, which are English, German, French, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese and Korean,” Bimo said. abroad is very popular with many people. However, because Euro Management Indonesia is only in Jakarta, the participants are limited to Jabodetabek. Since the Covid-19 epidemic, Bimo has started looking at online services so that the public can participate in the election. “This foreign language course is free, right? So we prioritize those who are influential, active and relevant. “If they are good, we will follow them to get scholarships to study abroad,” said Bimo. In the past, the Habibie scholarship program was the dream of the best children in Indonesia. Bimo, who graduated from SMAN 3 Bandung, was actually accepted into the Bandung Institute of Technology. .He was part of 4,000 high school graduates from the 1980s to the 2000s who received scholarships from the Habibie program to study in many developing countries in government scholarships and work relationships.

He majored in aeronautical engineering in the United States, graduating cum laude in order to obtain a master’s degree. Financial problems halted Habibie’s programs in many aeronautical technologies. Scholars studying abroad through Habibie scholarship have been announced in various institutions, such as the government, the Indonesian Aerospace Industry, the Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI), the Center for Education and Application of Technology (BPPT), National Institute of. Aeronautics and Space (Lapan), until others are overseas. Bimo worked at BPPT until 1998-2003 and 2003-2010, in between studying again in Germany at his own expense. “In the past, Indonesia, which was still a poor country, with only 40 percent of those who completed primary school at that time, had the courage to send many young people the best university in developed countries to study science and technology. . “I say Habibie’s teaching is amazing and I, as part of Habibie’s legacy, want to continue to keep this spirit alive,” Bimo said. That faith is what keeps Bimo alive. “Free foreign language courses are a great resource. If you know a foreign language, you will be able to get a scholarship to study abroad. “So I created a scholarship program to get scholarships,” Bimo said. In order to get scholarships from the government, Bimo and the students agreed to form the Habibie Program Alumni Association (IABIE). In 2013, Bimo met Habibie. He recalled Habibie’s message about the establishment of IABIE so that the best children in Indonesia do the best for the country. “We are reminded not to be proud, to be proud, and to move forward. It will not be unique. This is Mr. Habibie’s message. So we are determined, neutral, non-political. We have inside

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