Berita Korupsi Rektor Uns

Berita Korupsi Rektor Uns – Surakarta, .- The allegations of corruption amounting to IDR 57 billion by the president of Sebelas Maret University of Surakarta (UNS), Jamal Wiwoho, are attracting the attention of various parties, with large banners scattered around the UNS campus accusing the UNS director of involvement. her. were posted early Tuesday morning (25/7/2023).

“There was a lot of noise around UNS in the early hours of the morning. “Is this corrupt leader really corrupt?” I spoke on Twitter UNSFESS📌 @UNSFess_.

Berita Korupsi Rektor Uns

Berita Korupsi Rektor Uns

A banner that reads “UNS Leader Corrupt!, Corruption Standards No. 1” can be seen at the entrance to the UNS campus in the north or along Jalan Ki Hajar Dewantara.

Gelar Guru Besar Dicopot Nadiem, Eks Pimpinan Mwa Uns Tepis Penyalahgunaan Wewenang

Banners painted with red paint or pilox were still up until 07:00 WIB this morning. However, the banners displayed at the entrance gate were no longer there, or were removed by the police.

Hasan and Atmojo Batatu arrived at the CCP building at 4am WIB yesterday. In fact, the manager told them that the office was closed and advised them to come tomorrow morning. However, both assured that for the sake of information security and the importance of the matter, they should be given the opportunity to file a complaint with the Anti-Corruption Commission.

He said, “We have submitted a complaint to the commission regarding the alleged corruption in UNS and the alleged fraud in the company’s financial management. On Tuesday (25/7/2023), he explained: “There is pressure from many parties, including the media, to submit an urgent report or a report to the commission.”

He said, “We, as a community and a community, are very hopeful that the institution will be clean and full of religious leaders because as an educational institution that provides the future graduates of the country, it must be free from malpractices. Since we started at the MWA board, we have been involved in the social and financial development of UNS. It is the authority of PTNBH PP. Hasan explained: “This also applies to public funds aimed at improving the quality of education and the interests of students.”

Ada Kekuatan Besar, Miris! Undangan Tersebar, Rektor Terpilih Uns Gagal Dilantik

We have also received information that UNS director Jamal Wiwoho has been questioned by investigators from the Office of the Chief Prosecutor of Java (Kejati) about other activities related to Professor Hasan and Tri. (sn01)

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Berita Korupsi Rektor Uns

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We are online journalists, members who want to build good journalism based on the PERS Act No. 40 of 1999 and the Transparency Act No. 14 of 2008. In fulfilling our journalistic duties, we strictly comply with the laws and rules of ethics. journalists, maintaining work ethics, coordinating, investigating and checking before publishing articles, opinions and information to be real news, both in writing and in writing. use of grammar.KBRN, Semarang: Investigators from the General Prosecutor’s Office of Java (Kejati) are investigating the corruption case of the president of Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta. All seven witnesses were interviewed by the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Java (Kejati).

“This is the first (call), I have not confirmed the other witnesses. But there are seven of them, and it is still under investigation, so we do not know the loss yet,” said the head of the department. the department said. Chief Prosecutor of Java, Arfan Triono, Thursday evening (July 31, 2023).

Uns Pastikan Tak Ada Pelantikan Rektor Sebelum Dilakukan Pemilihan Ulang

Arfan insisted that the witness was from the inner UNS headquarters. However, he did not want to name the respondents.

He also confirmed that the case of the Minister of the United Nations Jamal Widodo is currently being examined by the Attorney General of Java. The UN chief is suspected of violating the UN budget and the 2022 Action Plan (RAK).

“For this reason, this case is currently being evaluated by the Attorney General’s Office and has reached the level of investigation based on the investigation decision issued by the Director of the Attorney General’s Office of Java dated August 21, 2023.”

Berita Korupsi Rektor Uns

If this case may be related to the construction of the tower, Arfan did not explain and asked the media to be patient: “This is just an investigation, be patient”.

Bem Uns Siap Kawal Pengungkapan Dugaan Kasus Korupsi Rka Uns 2022

For your information, Solo previously announced that the president of Solo Sebelas Maret University (UNS), Jamal Wivoho, was questioned by Solo prosecutors on suspicion of corruption.

Surakarta Prosecution Acting Director D.B. Susanto confirmed that the questioning of the UN chief was conducted by a group of prosecutors. Susanto said that District Attorney Solo was only given the position. He did not want to reveal the reason for calling the UNS leader.

“We are just there. While the investigation is ongoing, if it is in a certain area, for example in the city of Solo, the prosecutor’s office or the General Prosecutor’s Office can take over the place for prosecution,” he said.

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Pemilihan Rektor Uns Diduga Dibalut Kecurangan, Bukti Baru Bermunculan

Water level at the Katulampa dam in three places is reported_Viewed on News Center 2,587 views President releases relief aid to Palestine_on News Center Viewed 2,032 times PSSI offers the stadium as a stadium for the Palestinian national team – The Vice President’s way of sharing ideas is the same as where the 2019 UNS) institution is emerging. After several representatives of the city of Solo Raya, on its behalf, the UNS Health Federation (FP-UNS) held a press conference on Monday (July 24, 2023), on the agenda including reporting cases of alleged corruption by individuals. UNS campus leaders.

Anti-corruption posters are said to be hanging around the offices located in Kentingan, Jebres and Surakarta.

According to the field, the banner painted with red paint or pilox was hanging up until 07:00 WIB this morning. However, the banners displayed at the entrance gate were no longer there, or were removed by the police.

Berita Korupsi Rektor Uns

Dia Warikh Anjari, the head of UNS union, while confirming the existence of these posters, admitted that he got to know the information after a meeting.

Dugaan Korupsi, Rektor Uns Penuhi Panggilan Kejati Jateng

“We have never ordered or ordered the banners to be hung on the streets of Solo city,” he stressed. “What we do for UNS is only a profit-making organization, including legal assistance in uncovering corruption cases in the institution,” he said. .

However, Diva, as she is popularly known, admitted that she does not deny that putting up such posters is a form of discouragement especially in cases of alleged corruption. Additionally, a banner was placed at the entrance of the facility.

“It is clear that the organizers are upset with the current situation in the UNS, including the alleged evidence of corruption,” he said.

As of press time, no events or persons have been identified as having planted the flag. It doesn’t even mention the banner the body hangs.

Awasi Korupsi, Ini Kiat Guru Besar Uns

As is well known, allegations of abuse of power for personal gain to promote this group have emerged since the election process of the ONS leader for the period 2023-2028.

At that time prof. Dr. rer. Nat. Sadidan, M. Sy – Director of UNS. The results of these elections were canceled by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) a few days before they started.

According to the investigation, there was a mistake when Sajidan was fired from the post of prime minister. It all corroborates a report by the UNS Security Council (MWA) chiefs at the time, Professor Hassan Fauzi, Ph.D., and Professor Tri Atmojo Kusmayadi, Ph.D., which revealed allegations of irregularities in Management of UNS finance.

Berita Korupsi Rektor Uns

The two, as representatives of the MWA, submitted to the Ministry of Education and Culture the results of a special audit conducted by the UNS MWA committee, where there were serious allegations of fraud, including 34.6 million Rwandan francs, It is related to the non-MWA budget, but it is still full. (bun) The president of the University of Sebelas Maret (UNS), Jamal Wivoho, has confirmed that he will support the law after allegations have surfaced in the institution. Meanwhile, the union on behalf of Peduli UNS will also report to the Anti-Corruption Commission.

Rektor Uns Jamal Wiwoho Nilai Pandemi Covid 19 Tak Mengubah Deretan Prodi Favorit

Earlier, two former presidents of the Municipal Authority (MWA), Hassan Fauzi and Tri Atmodjo, came to Solo City Hall to make the allegations.

Regarding the anti-corruption committee’s report and the alleged case submitted to the prosecution, the ONS chief insisted that he would abide by the law.

On Tuesday, July 25, 2023, UNS leader Jamal Wivoho replied: “Yes.”

The leader of the UNS coalition, Dia Warikh Anjari, admitted that he prepared evidence of alleged corruption in the UNS headquarters. This week, his party plans to present the said report to the anti-corruption committee.

Rektor Dan Mahasiswa Uns Bakar Boneka Koruptor

“We have prepared evidence of the alleged corruption in UNS. Several flash drives have also been prepared. We will take them to Jakarta next week. We have to report it to the anti-corruption commission,” he said.

He said, “Based on the investigation done by our team, the gap UNS is facing is the worst since UNS was established. UNS is at risk of bankruptcy as a result of ongoing corrupt practices,” he said.

Earlier, the former MWA chief said that information about the alleged corruption in UNS had reached the Office of the Chief Prosecutor of Java (Kejati). Currently, the prosecution is still in the information gathering phase.

Berita Korupsi Rektor Uns

On Saturday (22 July), Suarnawan said: “It is true that we have received the report on UNS activities, we are ready to gather information.”

Mwa Uns Lawan Menteri Nadiem, Rektor Terpilih Tetap Akan Dilantik

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