Berita Korupsi Dpr

Berita Korupsi Dpr – Abram never used his political rights. He already felt the feeling when he dipped his little finger in a bottle of ink last year when he was elected as the governor of North Sumatra. However, generation Z, born in 1999, has only recently begun to participate in presidential and parliamentary elections. This is the first time to vote for the president and members of the parliament.

Abram did not have any difficulty in choosing the person he likes to be the president. His decision will depend on the person he thinks has influence and is approved by his father. He had a big problem choosing who to vote for in the parliamentary elections because the number of parliamentary candidates was different and not as popular as the presidential candidates.

Berita Korupsi Dpr

Berita Korupsi Dpr

Abram asked the question, “Which lawgiver will you choose?” in the family WhatsApp group. The man said, “It’s up to you to vote.” At this time, the woman said, “Try to know what you have done well.”

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Although it sounds very difficult, it is not difficult to follow Mrs. Ibram’s advice. Voters in this country often fail to understand that knowing who will represent us in parliament is as important as choosing the person who will elect the president. In fact, perhaps for people who think that Jokowi or Prabowo do not meet the criteria for election or re-election, electing legislators may be more important than winning votes in the presidential election.

The few councilors in the 2014-2019 period can be used as an example that voters should be careful when choosing who will be their representatives in the parliament. Especially if you don’t want to send rats to eat people’s money.

Indonesian Corruption Watch reported that 254 members of the DPR/DPRD have been suspected of corruption in the past five years; 22 of them are members of the Indonesian DPR. Instead, two of them are DPR Speaker Setya Novanto and DPR Deputy Speaker Taufik Kurniawan.

Setnov was a journalist for a long time on the subject of corruption “Dad wants shares”. He is believed to be using the name of President Joko Widodo in connection with the expansion of PT Freeport Indonesia.

Kasus Korupsi Rp 500 Juta Sekwan Dpr Papua Barat, Rekanan Ikut Jadi Tersangka

These news should not be too surprising, because Setnov was suspected of being involved in many corruption cases when he was elected as the chairman of the DPR. ICW records also state that 59 councilors who were elected at the time were suspected, accused and found guilty of corruption.

Three of them became suspects in their first term: Ardiansyah (PDIP group), Patrice Rio Kapella (NasDem group) and Dewi Yasin Limpo (Hanura group).

From the list of suspects, Setnov is not the only one with a long history as a party leader. There is PPP chairman M Romahurmuziy, who was arrested by the Anti-Corruption Commission in March last year for selling or buying and selling the positions of the head of the East Java regional office of the Ministry of Religion. District and head of the regional office of the Ministry of Religion in Gresik Regency.

Berita Korupsi Dpr

Along with Setnova, at least 52 DPR/DPRD members or former Golkar members were charged with corruption in 2015-2019.

Kpk Periksa Cak Imin Terkait Kasus Korupsi Di Kemnaker Besok

34 people from PDIP; 34 Democrats; 26 people from PAN; 22 people from Gerindra; 15 people from Hanuri; 12 people from PKB; and 12 people from PPP.

9 people from PKS; 5 people from PDS; 5 people from NasDem; Three people from PKPI; Two people from PKNU; 2 people from the UN; 2 people from PPRN; One person from PBN; One person from PBR; One person from PDK; and 7 people are unknown from the party.

More than 90 percent of DPR members are now running for re-election. Among the DPR Golkar is the party that makes the most corruption with 8 people. Followed by Democrat and PAN, who put 3 people each; PDIP and Hanura, 2 people each; and NasDem, PKB, PKS and PPP for one person each.

I Made Leo Wiratma, who is the director of the Indonesian Parliamentary Concerns Community Forum (Formappi), said that one of the things that has caused the DPR to not work well at the moment is the poor performance of the party organizations in their card building work.

Jejak Wakil Ketua Dpr, Azis Syamsuddin Dalam Kasus Korupsi

“Political education should be given to parties, but (political parties) come alive when the election is approaching. “The others are sleeping,” Made Leo said. This poor performance should serve as a reminder to the party in recruiting MPs and MLAs.

Formappi said at least 525 MPs are preparing for elections at this time. This means that more than 90 percent of those who want to become members of parliament.

In total, 349 MPs in their electoral district have also received number 1. This position gives them a chance to be re-elected.

Berita Korupsi Dpr

Mr. Leo believes that since there are no restrictions on competing for the position of the deputy leader, it is also very important for the party’s policy to name the deputy.

Ini Profil Ary Egahni, Anggota Komisi Iii Dpr Yang Ditetapkan Tersangka Oleh Kpk

DPP Golkar party chairman Ace Hasan Syadzily said that it is reasonable to choose the people who are in office in the election. Because they believe they have a proven foundation.

According to Ace, those currently in the legislature have a loyal following because they often interact with their constituents as legislators.

He said he believed that all political parties would not simply transfer their MPs who are currently in Parliament to contest the elections.

“The party has an internal investigation to send its cards to the region. From the internal investigation, the incumbents have a good reputation and full ambition,” Ace argued with the media in November 2018.

Sindografis: Menkominfo Johnny G Plate Tersangka Kasus Korupsi Bakti Kominfo

However, according to Mr. Leo, aside from making party cards, voters should be more careful about their choices. This is because, due to the current system, legislators are often more loyal to their parties than the people they represent.

There are still many councilors who do not want to disclose their wealth. One of the interesting things about ICW is the non-compliance of councilors in reporting the State Administrators Wealth Report (NASA) in the 2018-2019 season.

The level of compliance with the LHKPN report of April 11, 2019 has changed slightly until the final report on March 31, 2019.

Berita Korupsi Dpr

There are many who haven’t said anything about LHKPN. The following level of DPR members reached 65.58 percent showing 552 people, of which 362 reported and 190 did not report.

Salah] Dahsyat!! Dpr, Mpr Bersama Kpk Akan Periksa Jokowi, Gibran & Kaesang Terkait Kasus Korupsi & Tppu?

In addition, the rate of DPD members reporting their assets is 77.10 percent, with 131 reporting, 101 reporting, and 30 non-reporting.

Meanwhile, 72.15 percent of the members of the DPRD followed the obligation to report their assets, 17,810 people had to report, 12,850 reported and 4,960 did not.

“Ignoring the wishes of the members of the DPR in the reporting of the LHKPN is a bad record. “The reports of the LHKPN are not an annual monitoring report, but a commitment to be open to the Corruption Eradication Commission and public scrutiny, and to prevent corruption,” ICW wrote in ‘his words.

The General Election Commission, together with the KPK, uses the LHKPN as a way to prevent those who want to stand for parliament from engaging in corruption.

Sindografis: Kpk: Ada Sekitar 600 Politisi Terjerat Kasus Korupsi

Voters can also track the names of MPs who have not declared their LHKPN on the official KPK website. It also imposes more severe penalties on candidates who do not comply with the law until 7 days after the announcement of their nomination, to prevent them from being installed.

For a first-time voter like Ibram, the efforts of the Corruption Eradication Commission and the KPU have helped him do a bit of research to find out what his options are, although he admits that the cooperation in this regard has not been very deep.

“I’m sure there are many who don’t know how to find out how members of the DPR or their representatives are making laws. “But maybe it’s time for voters to check themselves,” said Ibram. .

Berita Korupsi Dpr

I made Leo Wiratma of Formappi has the same message: “This is the time for the voters to punish them, reward them with punishment. “If it’s good, re-elect, if it’s bad, don’t re-elect,” he added., JAKARTA – DPR time the term of office of the members for the period 2014-2019 will end shortly after the parliamentary elections in 2019. which will coincide with the presidential election on April 17.

Polda Tetapkan Anggota Dpr Papua Barat Fraksi Otsus Sebagai Tersangka Kasus Korupsi

Indonesia Corruption Watch and the Indonesian Budget Center (IBC) summarized the DPR’s actions during this period to promote good governance.

In addition, ICW noted that more than 90% of the 2014-2019 Members of the DPR 2019-2024 are also running to become members of the DPR 2019-2024 with the blessings of their parties. for a year.

On the part of anti-corruptionists, of course, there is a need for motivation to be enlightened, because this is the first known face of the legislative body in the next period. Will it change or will it change?

On Wednesday, (10.04.2019) there were probably the names of the officials who are known to the public at the moment, because they were arrested in the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in a case of suspected corruption and the role of a suspected person.

Sosialisasi Budaya Anti Korupsi Di Uper

They are the Vice Chairman of the DPR from the PAN group Taufik Kurniawan, Sukiman from the PAN group and Bowo Sidik Pangarso from the Golkar group. According to ICW records, the three are vying for re-election in their constituencies

The election of three members of the DPR, as well as the representatives of the parliament in 2019, also emphasizes that the DPR has one unanswered problem: corruption.

“This issue is not new because since the beginning of 2014-2019, corruption is a problem that has arisen in the DPR,” said Donal Fariz, coordinator of ICW’s Political Corruption Unit. 10/04/2019). ).

Berita Korupsi Dpr

Donal said at that time there were 6 elected MPs who were not elected because they were suspected of corruption. Corruption is believed to be one of the problems that cause people to lose faith in the DPR and political parties.

Mereka Yang Terancam Pusaran Kasus Korupsi Pltu Riau

According to him, this phenomenon, of course, is not a good thing, because people’s representatives should receive more people’s trust and recognition.

DPR RI appointed Setya Novanto as the chairman of DPR, although Setya is suspected of being involved in many corruption cases.

“It is not surprising that Setja Novanto finally received the position of suspect [in the electronic KTP case] in 2017. He was also involved in violating the DPR laws at least twice,” said Donal.

ICW said that so far there have been 22 members of the DPR RI for 2014-2019 who have been named as suspects in corruption cases by the KPK.

Nasional: Kpk Periksa Anggota Dpr Ri Dari Partai Demokrat Lasmi Indaryani

Three of them, Donal said, became suspects in their first year in office, namely Ardiansyah (PDIP group), Patrice Rio Kapella (Nasdem group) and Dewi Yasin Limpo (Hanura group).

Because it is not only a large number, but also the responsibility of the members. During this period, Setya Novanto and Taufik Kurniawan were suspected of fraud. In addition, he was the speaker and deputy speaker of the parliament at that time.

It does not end there, there are two people who are suspected of being the party’s chairman. Apart from Setya Novanto, who was the chairman of Golkar at the time. Recently there is also Romahurmuziy called Rommy as the general chairman of PPP. He was caught in a case of possible bribery when he held positions in the Ministry of Religion in 2018-2019.

Berita Korupsi Dpr

Donal said that in 2018, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) appointed several members of North Sumatra DPRD and former members (44 people), Malang City (41 people), Jambi (13)

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