Berita Kompas Tv Hari Ini


Adisty first entered as a journalist on TV in 2015. Now she hosts several programs such as Pagi, Sapa Pagi Weekend, Siang, Indonesia Update, Corona Update, Rumah Pilkada, Dunia and Kilas. An experience she will never forget when she was assigned the report to Lombok. At that time, she was only assigned for three days, but due to the eruption of Mount Agung, she was required to stay longer to cover the eruption of Mount Agung for ten days.

Berita Kompas Tv Hari Ini

Berita Kompas Tv Hari Ini

The journalist known as Andre Sinaga entered TV in 2011. He graduated from the University of Prof. Dr. Moestopo, who currently hosts the program Megapolitan Morning, Morning Sports and Afternoon Sports. The experience of reporting in various settings with varying levels of difficulty and tension is something he is used to dealing with. One of these occurred during coverage of the total solar eclipse in Palu, 2016.

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The Semarang born man started his career as a journalist in 2009. This communications graduate started joining TV starting with Java Tengah TV in 2011. The programs he brings are Update, Flash, Morning, Indonesia Update, World and House Title. One of his most memorable experiences on TV was when he was Field Producer on Brexit in 2016. At the time there was a long traffic jam at the East Brebes toll gate exit. For ten days, testify directly and provide information on the facts on the ground.

This former student of the London School of Public Relations started her career as a journalist on TV in 2013. While on TV, Audrey presented several programs, namely Pagi, Jakarta Today, Indonesia Update, Siang, Rumah Pemilu, Sapa Indonesia Pagi and Sapa Indonesia Siang. . She learned many interesting things during her time as a journalist, one of which was when he was assigned to cover the AirAsia plane crash, with no preparation or supplies, he and his cameraman had to leave immediately. Her life motto is to be grateful, do good and think positive.

This woman, born in Jakarta, September 27, 1981, has been working in the field of journalism since 2004. After a few years of rest from this field, Cynthia started her journalism career again in 2016 by joining TV. Some of the programs she brings are Afternoon, Berita Utama, Opini, Kopi and Dunya. Working on TV you learned to be a journalist capable of presenting various programs.

Being a television reporter took him to the Philippines to cover Typhoon Haiyan. This is one of Cindy’s most memorable experiences working in TV over the past nine years. An alumnus of the Faculty of Economics at Airlangga University, she began her career as a journalist in 2007. The programs she carries are Petang, Sore, Sore, Two Directions, 100, ianaTV, Live Report.

Jadwal Acara Kompas Tv Hari Ini: Aiman, Berita Utama, Kilas Kompas 8 Agustus 2022

This woman from Paris Java started her career as a journalist in 2012. This alumna of Padjadjaran University Faculty of Law earned the nickname “Mbak Pororo” from netizens when she covered the BAWASLU demo on May 22, 2019. She had several interesting experiences while working as a journalist on TV, including when she served as a “video journalist” during the president’s visit to the region affected by the 2018 Banten tsunami disaster, interviewing Abraham Samad exclusively on the plane in Jakarta. She -the Makassar route in 2015 and she covered the Thamrin bomb tragedy in 2016 and the Surabaya bomb tragedy in 2018.

Githa, a Computer Engineering graduate, has been on TV since 2013. Her current shows are Target and Sports. One of your most memorable experiences was when you were hit with urine by protesters and suffocated by tear gas while reporting breaking news. Her life motto is “Share kindness and tell me, I listen.”

Glenys Octania began her career in TV in 2015. Ever since she was in high school, she Glenys dreamed of becoming a journalist. Many despised him because she had Chinese origins, which did not stop him from giving up his profession as a journalist. Since high school she has often participated in various competitions in the field of journalism, although she often lost in competitions in this field, she has not lost.

Berita Kompas Tv Hari Ini

The man, born in Sydney, Australia, has been on TV since May 2011. This alumnus of Indonesia’s FISIP University of Political Sciences, began his career in journalism in 2004. Now he presents the program Dunya and Siang. While working on TV, Hardjuno experienced many unforgettable moments. Let’s build together constructively and monitor some important moments in Indonesia.

Malam Ini,

An alumnus of International Relations at Parahyangan Catholic University in Bandung, she started her career in TV in August 2017. Currently, Iryanda hosts several programs including Morning, Sapa Indonesia Morning Weekend, Afternoon, Sapa Indonesia Afternoon, Dunia, Kilas , Update, Breaking. News and witness key. One of her interesting experiences was when she was assigned to cover the disaster in 2018, especially when she picked up the Black Box Lion Air PK-LQP that crashed into the Java Sea north of Karawang.

Ivo is a journalist graduated from D3 Informatics Management. He began his career as a radio announcer in 2001-2011. He joined TV on July 1, 2019. He currently actively presents the World program. He is very passionate about his work, especially when he reports and interviews non-famous but fantastic and inspiring people.

Jihan Novita has been on TV since 2019 and currently presents the program World, Update, Breaking News. Taking responsibility for the global agenda has made him more aware and understanding of the problems that exist abroad. While working in TV, he also learned a lot about how to be responsive, precise and accurate when he is suddenly faced with breaking news.

After graduating with a degree in Communication Studies, Lintang began his career as a television reporter in 2018. He is currently a host of SINGKAP, an investigative news program. Being an in-depth journalist covering various historical stories in Indonesia is very exciting, because he gets to visit and explore historical places.

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This woman, born in Jakarta, on December 9, 1989, has been a journalist since 2019. In 2012 Liviana began her career as a television presenter. Besides being a journalist, she also tried out for Miss Indonesia 2009, representing North Maluku at the time. An experience that was never forgotten during my time as a journalist is that when I covered the Thamrin bomb incident, I was also protested by the source that she was a member of the DPRD.

Maydop has been on TV since 2015. Featured programs such as Morning, Afternoon and Business are the programs currently hosted by Maydop. Following the HERCULES C 130 accident in Medan was an experience I will never forget. “I do my best, God does the rest” is the life motto of a woman born in Jakarta on July 9th.

Mercy is a journalist who graduated from IISIP Jakarta in 2005. She started her journalism career by going freelance on .com in 2010. Not long after getting involved in online media platforms, the mother of one, Cakrawala Samudra, tried to become a journalist. journalist. at ANTV from 2010 to April 2013. Joined since May 2013. Currently active as a news anchor for the Kilas program and producer of the Files program, an in-depth investigative program.

Berita Kompas Tv Hari Ini

This man, born in Jakarta, on August 26, 1990, has been on TV since October 2018. While working on TV, Reza presented several programs including Update, Siang, Sapa Isuk Weekend, Very Viral, Sapa Indonesia Sore and New Anno 2020.

Aiman Witjaksono, Baru Baru Ini Pindah Dari Kompas Tv

This Medan-born journalist has been working in the field of journalism for five years. He has had memorable experiences as a journalist. All the coverage, the interviews always provide new lessons. First, when he is assigned to cover live international events such as the WEF, the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and the IORA. In events like this, in addition to learning to understand the economic situation, you also have the opportunity to have direct interviews with influential economic figures.

This woman from Bali has been involved in the field of journalism since 2010. She started following TV from Biro TV Makassar. You have had several interesting experiences as a journalist, one of which was when you exclusively interviewed the police chief, General Tito Karnavian, while traveling by helicopter.

This Yogyakarta-born woman started her career as a journalist in 1999. Before joining TV in 2014, she Nina started working at TVRI Yogyakarta. This alumnus of Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta University, hosted the Sunday program and became the producer of several programs including Malam and the special program for presidential and vice-presidential candidates. Many things impressed him while doing his work in the field of journalism, such as; covering the 2004 Aceh tsunami tragedy, the most tense experience was traveling through the remote area caused by the Aceh tsunami, namely Leupung. Includes armed contact between RI and GAM. He’s in the middle of a fire war. Furthermore, he also covered the Yogyakarta earthquake.

Book, for presenter Nitia Anisa, has been his best friend since childhood. When she had to choose the world of journalism or music, Nitia finally chose the world of journalism. “To make music you don’t need a career. But to enter the world of journalism I have to follow the right path,” she said.

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Pascalis has been on TV since November 2015. She currently presents programs Business, Daytime and World. Reporting very complex economic and corporate news that is understandable to the public is a daily challenge for Pascalis.

This Bandung-born journalist started his career on TV in January 2013. He now presents the program Sore and Sore. A memorable experience for him was that moment

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