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Berita Di Dunia Maya – Recently, there has been a lot of fake information and news, commonly known as “scams,” in cyberspace by a number of irresponsible individuals. It would be extremely harmful to victims of defamation. So how can you avoid being provoked?

There are five easy steps. That can help identify which news is fake and which news is real. The following is a description from Central Kalimantan Communications and Information Office Head Ir. Kherson B Aden, M.Si at a Public Safety and Command Seminar on the Impact of HOAX Reporting organized by Central Kalimantan POLDA. (28/3) in Palangkaraya city:

Berita Di Dunia Maya

Berita Di Dunia Maya

Hoax news often uses sensational headlines, such as pointing the finger directly at one side or another. Such content can be taken from official news media. Just change it to create the understanding the scammer wants.

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Therefore, if you come across news with sensational headlines, you should find similar news sources from the official website and compare the content to see if the content is similar or different. That way you’ll at least get a more balanced conclusion from the reader.

For information obtained from or including links, please pay attention to the URL of the site in question. If it comes from a site that has not been verified as an official media institution, such as using a blog domain. It can be said that the information is suspicious.

Of these, fewer than 500 sites are verified as official news sites, which means there are at least tens of thousands of sites with the potential to spread fake news online that you need to be aware of.

Pay attention to where the news comes from and who is the news source? Is it from an official institution like KPK or Polri? It is best not to be too quick to believe information coming from activists of mass organizations. Important political figures or observer

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Another thing worth noting is the difference between fact-based and opinion-based news. Facts are events that have occurred with evidence and evidence. While opinion is the opinion and impression of the news writer. Therefore, it is often a personal matter.

In the present era of digital technology Not only text content But it also includes other content in the form of photos or videos. There are times when fake news creators also edit images to excite readers.

A way to check the authenticity of a photo can be done using the Google search engine, namely by dragging and dropping it into the Google Images search column. The search results will show similar images found online to allow comparison.

Berita Di Dunia Maya

There are many anti-fraud fan pages and discussion groups on Facebook, such as the Indonesian Forum Against Defamation, Hoaxing and Fraud (FAFHH), “Hax Buster Fan Pages and Groups”. Indonesia’s “Fake Fan Page” and the Sekoji Group

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In these discussion groups Internet users can ask whether the information is a hoax or not. Including being able to view statements from other people. Every member can participate in making the group work like crowd funding that uses the energy of many people.

If you find false information How can you stop the spread? Internet users can report these scams through the facilities available on each medium.

For social media on Facebook, use the Report Status feature and categorize hoax information as hate speech/bullying/rude/threatening. or other appropriate categories. If there are many complaints from netizens, Facebook will normally delete such status.

For Google, you can use the feedback feature to report false information on the search results page. Twitter has a Report Tweet feature for reporting negative tweets, as does Instagram.

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Internet users can complain about negative content to the Ministry of Transport and Information by sending an email to How are you, friend? We hope you are in good health. This time at SIGMA we will discuss what HOAX is and how to deal with HOAX news. Let’s read the full story!

For nearly 30% of our daily activities, we carry our mobile phones, whether for voice, text, or social media communications.

When we open the doors of cyberspace There is one thing that must be in our mind, that is, not all the information we receive in cyberspace. (especially social networks) will be true The reason is quite simple. There is a lot of fake information or circulating news or scams. This happens because information spreads very easily on the internet.

Berita Di Dunia Maya

The word hoax comes from English. and is now frequently appearing in the media. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), hoaxes or hoaxes are considered fake news or news that has no source. Deception is information that is not true but is made to appear true.

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Deception is not only wrong; The information in fake news has no basis in reality. But it is presented as if it were a series of facts.

The first known medium for the spread of Internet scams was through email. There are often warnings about false claims. However, with the development of technology, especially smartphones and social media Different types of online scams So it becomes more and more dangerous.

Today, hoaxes are considered fake news that often appear on the internet and aim to spread panic and fear among the masses. Activities carried out by many irresponsible people

If you’re not careful Cyber ​​users or netizens can easily fall prey to these scams. They can also contribute to the spread of fraud. This will certainly harm victims of defamation. You should know about fake news that you need to know.

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12. Customize images and subtitles The photos used are often old and from other events and the captions have been altered.

If you’re not careful Cyber ​​users or netizens can easily fall prey to these scams. You can also participate in spreading hoaxes, which will definitely harm the victims of defamation. You are here: Home 1 / Newspaper articles 2 / Technology 3 / Presenting “truth” in cyberspace

New innovations The abundance that creativity offers means that many human tasks can be completed easily and quickly.

Berita Di Dunia Maya

The use of AR technology in the game that can be downloaded through an application on this device manages to combine both 2D and 3D virtual world objects with real world reality.

Cegah Kejahatan Dunia Maya, Mahasiswa Hukum Kkn Undip Beri Edukasi Pentingnya Literasi Digital Kepada Warga Kelurahan Bringin

Additionally, this interactive technology can project virtual objects in real time so that they are linear with the real world.

It is not limited to gaming applications only. Augmented Reality can also be used in many sectors such as military, healthcare, manufacturing, and communications. A number of these areas are very important because they are very high risk and require additional counterfeit objects resembling the real object before they can be used.

For example, in the medical world, AR technology can be used to examine patients before undergoing surgery. With this technology Surgeons can view CT scan data directly and

AR technology was first used by the military. This technology allows cockpit visors and fighter pilot visors to display additional information that pilots need.

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The war simulation game system also uses augmented reality technology. With this technology Military members can see the activities of other units participating in the war simulation. In short, in the military world, this technology allows soldiers to see the movements of friends and enemies.

Researchers in the aerospace world are also using this technology to help technicians build aircraft airframes.

Simple forms of Augmented Reality are also used in entertainment and news, for example when news is linked to weather reports. Broadcasters may follow the report along with weather maps. The original image can be combined with a computer-generated map using a technique known as mapping.

Berita Di Dunia Maya

This technology works by detecting images used as markers. The working principle is that the camera is calibrated to detect a given mark. Then, once the mark pattern is known and marked

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If not then Marker data cannot be processed. But if appropriate, the 3D object or animation created before will immediately appear.

Whether we realize it or not This technology is becoming more and more complex. and aims to help people face everyday challenges. However, technology is like a weapon. If it is in the right hands, it can be beneficial to others. If it falls into the wrong hands, that’s another matter. Technologies expected to bring prosperity are instead causing disaster. Fadil Zumhana officially opens a workshop on the intersection of cybercrime and child exploitation and a FGD on cyber experiences and Discussion on the results of the US comparative study on Nusa Dua Renaissance Wednesday, January 18, 2023 At the opening ceremony of this workshop, Chief Prosecutor General of Bali Ade T Suthiavarman along with Bali’s Deputy Chief Prosecutor General Teguh Subroto, Assistant General Crime Sgt. and Special Crime Assistant The FGD workshops and activities organized by USDOJ/OPDAT aim to gain more knowledge about the management and management of electronic evidence and cybercrime. Including cases of child exploitation.

In his speech, Deputy Prosecutor General of the Indonesian Public Prosecution Office conveyed to the invitees and attendees the importance of understanding that good prosecution cannot be separated from good investigation. In every successful litigation Investigators will have to work hard. For this reason, collaboration between investigators and prosecutors is very important in case management. JAM Pidum RI Prosecutor’s Office also expresses its appreciation for the good cooperation established with USDOJ OPDAT and hopes that this workshop will be a good prescription for the participants in processing the disclosure of cases related to crimes in the world. cyber and child exploitation, as well as presenting these cases to the courts

425 20 June 2023 Kajati Bali has become a resource for FGD bad credit risk reduction and settlement mechanisms through Datun Sector Kejati Bali 324 20 June 2023 Kajati Bali provides guidance on successful technology implementation. Success in public service Role in supporting preparations for the 2024 DPT Election Review in Bali Province 296 19 June 2023 Visit from University: Bali Prosecutor’s Office receives visit from SMHI Faculty of Law, University of Erlanga 372 19 June 2023 Hearing Officer IX/Udaana Download pictures

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