Aplikasi Nonosoft

Aplikasi Nonosoft – To create hadith texts or other Arabic scripts, you will need additional applications. For a good display I chose the app

. To obtain this application, you can purchase it over the Internet. This is not a promotion, you know…I just want to spread kindness. I personally found this app very helpful.

Aplikasi Nonosoft

Aplikasi Nonosoft

This is different from the written verses of the Quran, where to get them, just click… click… click… For Arabic texts other than the Quran, you have to re-enter – okay. For those new to the Arabic alphabet, this can be difficult and time-consuming.

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However… I still want to share my experience with those who really want to be able to write Arabic texts themselves. The following is the sequence for creating an “image file” of Arabic text (used for writing hadiths, etc.), from the first writing process to becoming an “image file”.

Once the greeting text is formed, you can choose whether you want to immediately convert the above screen into an image file? Or do you want to add it to Indonesian text?

. Next, all you need to do is make it into a .JPG file, similar to the process of using a computer to make “image files” of Quranic verse text.

Arabic text written in the NonoSoft Khot V2.1 application can be copied and pasted into Microsoft Word with exactly the same writing results. In this way, you can write translations of hadith texts so that readers can better understand the meaning of the Arabic text you have written.

Tersebar: Software Mengetik Tulisan Arab: Nonosoft Khot

From NonoSoft Khot V2.1 application with background blur. You can view an example of this file on one of the pages of this blog.

Text you write in NonoSoft Khot V2.1 application to Microsoft Word. This is the difference taken from the Microsoft Word screen display:

If I can, why not? Yu… let’s keep working hard! Beautify your blog with Arabic text images! Let’s decorate the face of the world’s Internet with as much Arabic text display as possible! Very interesting too! !

Aplikasi Nonosoft

First: Open the Microsoft Word application on your computer. To start displaying Quranic text on your computer screen, select the menu

Cara Menulis Huruf Arab Dengan Nonosoftk

Third: Write down the letter names and verse numbers that appear on the screen. For example, I entered the selection of Surah Al-Baqoroh verse 121. Press OK, and Surah Al-Baqoroh verse 121 will appear, as follows:

Sixth: After entering Microsoft Pain, press the “Ctrl” key and the “V” key on the computer keyboard at the same time, and the Microsoft Pain image will appear, as shown below:

In order to make the image without Arabic text disappear (because all you need is Arabic text), you need to change the image. You crop the image so that only Arabic text remains in the image.

And change the image according to your needs. The image below shows an image taken with only Arabic text, anything other than Arabic text will be discarded as it is not needed.

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With Arabic text appearing on your blog, your blog will be more beautiful and your blog’s aura will be more Islamic.

“How do you get Arabic text to appear on your blog? I wrote it, but it always goes wrong!”

As a proof of love for those who would like to stop this blog, I have written the following so that you can also display verses from the Quran or Hadith texts on your blog.

Aplikasi Nonosoft

‘, the Arabic text is not visible, right? Therefore, especially for Arabic texts (extracts from scriptures, hadiths, etc.), which may be misleading, please publish them in image form (.jpg). All Arabic text that appears on this blog is the result of processing image files (.jpg).

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Bro…if you have a scanner, you can scan the “Arabic” image through that machine. Through this engine, you will have an “image file”. Next, all you have to do is organize your images and they will be instantly uploaded to your blog. It’s over, right? Well…try uploading it and see…the “Arabic text” appear on your blog!

My brother…, if you don’t have a scanner, or can’t find the Arabic text to use as an “image file”, you can create an Arabic text “image file” from your computer screen.

B. Another application for writing hadith texts. For example, to write a good Arabic text, I use an app

It’s time to try creating an “image archive” of Arabic text. But, sorry, you have to move to another window (How to Make an “Image File” of the Quranic Verse Text Using a Computer) and How to Make (Using a Computer to Make an “Image File” of the Hadith Text). I also wish everyone good luck, this time I (Mas Operator) try to review Nonosoft Khot Application, for those who don’t know what Nonosoft Khot Application is, I will briefly explain my version (haha). Nonosoft Khot application is a data (word) processing application like Ms. Word, the difference is that Nonosoft Khot is specifically designed for writing (writing) Arabic letters. The following is an introduction to the Nonosoft developer/creator version:

Jual Nonosoft Khot 3 V3.1.9 ( Software Editing Huruf Arab ) Full Version

“The Nonosoft KHOT program was created to help our Muslim brothers and sisters write the Quran, Hadith, prayers, Arabic lessons, books, articles and multimedia software in which they need to write Arabic words. I hope that Nonosoft KHOT will eliminate the perception that writing Arabic words on a computer Writing Arabic on the keyboard is difficult because you have to remember the position of the Arabic letters on the keyboard, or you have to copy/paste symbols from the character map to write special characters that are not on the keyboard. KHOT has a more natural shape Tool that automatically changes typed letters into one character.”

This app is perfect for people with printing/computer rentals, Islamic teachers, and even the general public. Since the developer/creator of this app is from Indonesia, all the menus of this app are in Indonesian language, making it very easy to learn/understand. The application also comes with a help menu that contains (Application User Guide) and User Information (Application User Name).

This is a review of Nonosoft Khot Arabic writing application. Friends who want to try or buy it can directly visit the official website or click this link: MEDIA JIFISA or download it here

Aplikasi Nonosoft

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